Torrance County New Mexico Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Torrance County New Mexico

Place USGS Topo Map
Addison Tank Round Top
Alvas Tank Santo Nino Canyon
Apodaca Tank Pinavete Canyon
Archuleta Tank Palma
Ardans Tanks Milagro Spring
Baca Dirt Tank Tajique
Bales Lake Milagro Spring
Barber Tank Rayo Hills
Baumgartner Tank Mesa Draw
Bear Tank Palma
Bell Tank Progresso
Bessie Tank Round Top
Big Seco Tank Bigbee Draw
Big Southwest Tank Round Top
Bigbee Tank Bigbee Draw
Bigger Tank Potrillo Hill
Bog Hole Progresso SE
Bonito Tank Milagro Spring
Bryan Tank Rayo Hills
Burro Tank Camaleon Draw East
Canoncito Tank Santo Nino Canyon
Canyon Tank Round Top
Carrizo Tank Palma
CC Tank Progresso
Cedar Lake Round Top
Charles Tank Round Top
Chavez Red Tank Pinavete Canyon
Chilton Tank Abo
Cistern Tank Mesa Draw
Corner Tank Bigbee Draw
Corona Lake Tank Cedarvale
Corona Trick Tank Cedarvale
Cueva Tank Chupadera
Demesio Tank Pinavete Canyon
Diablo Tank Pinavete Canyon
Dirt Tank Manzano Peak
Dirt Tank Manzano Peak
Drum Tank Round Top
Dry Trick Tank Progresso SE
Du Bois Trick Tank Progresso SE
DuBois Tank Progresso SE
DuBois West Tank Progresso SE
East Latigo Tank Abo
East Willard Tank Progresso
El Represar de la Bolsa El Cabo
Empedrados Tank Jacinto Mesa
Espinosa Lake Gran Quivira
Estancia Park Lake Estancia
Fain Lake Round Top
Far South Tank Milagro Spring
Fence Line Tank Bigbee Draw
Fence Tank Clines Corners
Fish Tank Milagro Spring
Forest Tank Cedarvale
Frank Tapia Tank Clines Corners
Gas Line Tank Bigbee Draw
Gate Tank Round Top
Gonzales Tank Palma
Guadalupe Tank Palma
Guys Tank Round Top
Haygood Tank Gran Quivira
Highway Tank Clines Corners
Horse Pasture Tank Progresso SW
Indian Tank Round Top
Indio Tank Duran NE
Jog Tank Bigbee Draw
Joselino Tank Santo Nino Canyon
La Cueva Tank Chupadera
Lackey Tank Progresso SE
Laguna Blanca Clines Corners
Laguna Colorado Clines Corners
Laguna del Perro Laguna Del Perro North
Lee Tank Corona North
Little Cougar Tank Cedarvale
Little Dry Tank Progresso SE
Little Seco Tank Bigbee Draw
Little West Tank Progresso SE
Lobo Tank Cedarvale
Longhorn Reservoir Longhorn Reservoir
Medders Tanks Mesa Draw
Mesa Draw Tank Mesa Draw
Mesa Tank Mesa Draw
Mesa Tank Round Top
Mesa Tank Mesa Draw
Mesa Trick Tank Progresso SW
Mescalero Reservoir Moriarty South
Mexican Tank Scholle
Middle Tank Milagro Spring
Middle Tank Cedarvale
Midway Tank Mesa Draw
Mule Tank Milagro Spring
North Canyon Tank Bigbee Draw
North Simpson Tank Corona North
North Tank Progresso SE
Ojo la Casa Lake Capilla Peak
Ortiz Tank Jacinto Mesa
Phister Tank Abo
Pino Tank Tajique
Pogue Tank Bigbee Draw
Posodera Tank Palma
Potrillo Tank Potrillo Hill
Powerline Tank Progresso
Prairie Tank Palma
Progresso West Tank Progresso
Prudencia Tank Pinavete Canyon
Red Tank Pinavete Canyon
Represar del Empedrado El Cabo
Rock Canyon Tank Round Top
Rock House Tank Palma
Rock Lake Round Top
Rock Lake Rock Lake
Round Top Tank Progresso SE
Ruins Tank Progresso
Salina Lake Laguna Del Perro South
Sanchez Tank Duran
Santa Barbara Lake Santa Barbara Lake
Sawmill Tank Progresso SE
Shartzer Tank Corona North
Sotol Tank Camaleon Draw East
Sotol Tank Camaleon Draw East
South Tank Milagro Spring
Southwest Tank Bigbee Draw
Squatty Tank Abo
Tapia Tank Number 1 El Cabo
Telephone Lake Camaleon Draw East
Texas Lake Rock Lake
Torcido Tank Chupadera
Trail Tank Bigbee Draw
Trigo Tank Chupadera
Twin Tank Jacinto Mesa
West Douglas Tanks Lobo Hill SE
West Latigo Tank Abo
White Tank Abo
White Tank Tajique
Willard Tank Round Top
Wiltbank Tank Progresso
Wire Lake Progresso SW
Wyatt Lake Gran Quivira

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Torrance County, New Mexico. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.