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Essex County New York Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Essex County New York

Place USGS Topo Map
Adjidaumo Flow Newcomb
Alder Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Alford Pond McKenzie Mountain
Arbutus Pond Newcomb
Arnold Pond Eagle Lake
Ash Craft Pond Witherbee
Augur Lake Port Douglass
Avalanche Lake North Elba
Bailey Pond Minerva
Balfour Lake Dutton Mountain
Barnes Pond Minerva
Bartlett Pond McKenzie Mountain
Bartlett Pond Witherbee
Bass Lake Paradox Lake
Bates Pond Newcomb
Bear Pond Graphite
Beaver Flow Vanderwhacker Mountain
Beaver Pond Mount Adams
Beaver Ponds Bad Luck Mountain
Belden Lake Newcomb
Berrymill Pond Paradox Lake
Berrymill Pond Graphite
Big Cherrypatch Pond Lake Placid
Big Lock Pond Witherbee
Big Marsh Blue Ridge
Big Marsh Pond Blue Ridge
Big Pond Lewis
Big Pond Schroon Lake
Big Sherman Pond Minerva
Bigsby Pond Minerva
Birch Pond Underwood
Bissell Pond Dutton Mountain
Black Brook Ponds Eagle Lake
Black Pond Cheney Pond
Black Pond Street Mountain
Black Pond Santanoni Peak
Bloody Pond Paradox Lake
Boreas Ponds Mount Marcy
Boundary Pond Newcomb
Bradley Pond Mount Adams
Brother Ponds Underwood
Buck Mountain Pond Crown Point
Bullet Pond Schroon Lake
Bullet Pond Underwood
Bullhead Pond Dutton Mountain
Bullpout Pond Witherbee
Bullpout Pond Underwood
Bumbo Pond Paradox Lake
Burge Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Burris Pond Eagle Lake
Butternut Pond Port Douglass
Calahan Pond Minerva
Calamity Pond Mount Adams
Cameras Pond Street Mountain
Carey Marsh Paradox Lake
Cedar Bridge Pond Eagle Lake
Cedar Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Center Pond Minerva
Challis Pond Paradox Lake
Chapel Pond Rocky Peak Ridge
Cheney Pond Newcomb
Cheney Pond Cheney Pond
Cheney Pond Mount Adams
Clap Pond Underwood
Clark Pond Clintonville
Clark Pond Clintonville
Clear Pond Clintonville
Clear Pond Graphite
Clear Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Clear Pond Blue Ridge
Clements Pond Keene
Coffee Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Coldspring Pond Lake Placid
Connery Pond Lake Placid
Coonrod Pond Lewis
Cooper Kill Pond Wilmington
Copper Pond Clintonville
Copperas Pond Lake Placid
Corner Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Cotters Pond Paradox Lake
Courtney Pond Underwood
Crab Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Cranberry Marsh Graphite
Cranberry Pond Underwood
Crane Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Deer Pond Dun Brook Mountain
Deer Pond Kempshall Mountain
Deer Pond Mount Marcy
Devils Washdish Graphite
Dial Pond Dix Mountain
Dipper Rocky Peak Ridge
Dix Pond Dix Mountain
Duck Pond Minerva
Dudley Pond Eagle Lake
Dunk Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Eagle Lake Eagle Lake
Eagles Nest Pond Witherbee
East Lake Lake Placid
Echo Lake Lake Placid
Eighth Lake Newcomb
Elk Lake Dix Mountain
Ensign Pond Witherbee
Essex Chain Lakes Newcomb
Feeder Pond Witherbee
Fifth Lake Newcomb
Fifth Pond Witherbee
First Pond Mount Marcy
Fish Pond Dutton Mountain
Flemings Pond Paradox Lake
Florence Pond Port Douglass
Flowed Lands Mount Marcy
Fly Pond Cheney Pond
Fourth Lake Newcomb
Frances Pond Lewis
Frank Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Franklin Falls Pond Franklin Falls
Gero Pond Paradox Lake
Giant Washbowl Rocky Peak Ridge
Glidden Marsh Pharaoh Mountain
Goodnow Flowage Newcomb
Goodnow Pond Newcomb
Goose Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Gooseneck Pond Graphite
Goosepuddle Pond Eagle Lake
Grass Pond Bloomingdale
Grassy Pond Dutton Mountain
Grizzle Ocean Graphite
Gui Pond Underwood
Gull Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Hadley Pond Port Douglass
Hammond Pond Paradox Lake
Harkness Lake Mount Adams
Harris Lake Newcomb
Harrison Marsh Pharaoh Mountain
Hatch Pond Paradox Lake
Hatching Pond Witherbee
Haymeadow Pond Graphite
Heart Lake North Elba
Heart Pond Graphite
Henderson Lake Mount Adams
Hewitt Pond Minerva
Highlands Forge Lake Port Douglass
Holcomb Pond Lake Placid
Holiday Pond Underwood
Honey Pond Graphite
Horseshoe Pond Schroon Lake
Horseshoe Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Hotwater Pond Dutton Mountain
Howard Pond Underwood
Hunter Pond Street Mountain
Huntley Pond Dutton Mountain
Huse Pond Eagle Lake
Hyslop Pond Vanderwhacker Mountain
Jackson Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Joe Pond Underwood
Johnson Pond Paradox Lake
Jug Pond Underwood
Keenan Pond Port Douglass
Knob Pond Eagle Lake
Kumph Pond Eagle Lake
Lake Andrew Mount Adams
Lake Arnold North Elba
Lake Colden Mount Marcy
Lake Eaton Au Sable Forks
Lake Jimmy Mount Adams
Lake Placid Lake Placid
Lake Sally Mount Adams
Lake Stevens Franklin Falls
Lake Tear of the Clouds Mount Marcy
Latham Pond Kempshall Mountain
Lawson Pond Lewis
Ledge Pond Underwood
Lester Flow Cheney Pond
Lillypad Pond Underwood
Lilypad Pond Graphite
Lilypad Pond Dun Brook Mountain
Lincoln Pond Elizabethtown
Little Cherrypatch Pond Lake Placid
Little Howard Pond Underwood
Little Marsh Pond Blue Ridge
Little Meadows Keene Valley
Little Pond Elizabethtown
Little Rankin Pond Dutton Mountain
Little Rock Pond Graphite
Little Sherman Pond Minerva
Livingston Pond Mount Marcy
Loch Bonnie Lake Placid
Lockart Pond Clintonville
Lodo Pond Newcomb
Lonesome Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Long Pond Port Douglass
Long Pond Lake Placid
Lost Pond Underwood
Lost Pond Graphite
Lost Pond Dutton Mountain
Lost Pond Minerva
Lost Pond Jay Mountain
Lost Pond Street Mountain
Lower Asuable Lake Dix Mountain
Lower Cascade Lake Keene Valley
Lower Pond Street Mountain
Makomis Pond Underwood
Marie Louise Pond Rocky Peak Ridge
Marion Pond Cheney Pond
Marsh Pond Schroon Lake
Marsh Pond Lake Placid
Martin Pond Eagle Lake
McKenzie Pond McKenzie Mountain
Military Lake Newcomb
Military Pond Newcomb
Mill Pond Port Henry
Mill Pond Witherbee
Minerva Lake Minerva
Mink Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Mirror Lake Lake Placid
Moody Pond McKenzie Mountain
Moose Mountain Pond Paradox Lake
Moose Pond McKenzie Mountain
Moose Pond Santanoni Peak
Moose Pond Vanderwhacker Mountain
Moose Pond Street Mountain
Moriah Pond Witherbee
Moss Pond Mount Marcy
Moss Ponds Underwood
Moxham Pond Minerva
Mud Pond Clintonville
Mud Pond Lewis
Mud Pond Eagle Lake
Mud Pond Eagle Lake
Mud Pond Graphite
Mud Pond Witherbee
Mud Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Mud Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Mud Pond Dun Brook Mountain
Mud Pond Cheney Pond
Mud Pond North Elba
Muller Pond Minerva
Munson Pond Underwood
Murrey Pond Witherbee
Nate Pond Dutton Mountain
Nesbit Pond Clintonville
New Pond Underwood
Newcomb Lake Mount Adams
Newport Pond Witherbee
Nichols Pond Elizabethtown
North Pond Schroon Lake
North Pond Graphite
North Pond Elizabethtown
Oliver Pond Minerva
Ore Bed Pond Lewis
Otter Pond Graphite
Otter Pond Newcomb
Overshot Pond Eagle Lake
Owen Pond Lake Placid
Oxshoe Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Palmer Pond Paradox Lake
Paradox Lake Paradox Lake
Parch Pond Witherbee
Pat Pond Schroon Lake
Peaked Hill Pond Paradox Lake
Penfield Pond Eagle Lake
Perch Pond Vanderwhacker Mountain
Pharoah Lake Pharaoh Mountain
Pine Lake Bad Luck Mountain
Pine Pond Witherbee
Preston Ponds Street Mountain
Proctor Pond Paradox Lake
Putnam Pond Graphite
Pyramid Lake Pharaoh Mountain
Rankin Pond Dutton Mountain
Rhododendron Pond Underwood
Rich Lake Newcomb
Rock Pond Graphite
Rockport Pond Witherbee
Rogers Pond Westport
Roper Pond Dutton Mountain
Round Lake North Elba
Round Pond Clintonville
Round Pond Eagle Lake
Round Pond Underwood
Round Pond Underwood
Russett Pond Witherbee
Sand Pond Cheney Pond
Sanford Lake Mount Adams
Sawmill Pond Eagle Lake
Schofield Pond Paradox Lake
Schroon Lake Schroon Lake
Scott Pond Street Mountain
Second Lake Rock Lake
Second Pond Mount Marcy
Secret Pond Underwood
Seventh Lake Newcomb
Shaw Pond Santanoni Peak
Sherman Lake Eagle Lake
Shingletree Pond Underwood
Sixth Lake Newcomb
Smith Pond Witherbee
Snake Pond Eagle Lake
Snake Pond Eagle Lake
Snake Pond Eagle Lake
Spectacle Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Split Rock Pond Bad Luck Mountain
Stevens Pond Paradox Lake
Stony Pond Minerva
Stump Pond Underwood
Tanaher Pond Witherbee
Third Lake Dun Brook Mountain
Third Pond Mount Marcy
Thumb Pond Dutton Mountain
Thurman Pond Schroon Lake
Tom Peck Pond Lake Placid
Triangle Pond Underwood
Trout Pond Clintonville
Trout Pond Witherbee
Trout Pond Eagle Lake
Trout Pond Vanderwhacker Mountain
Tub Mill Pond Witherbee
Turtle Pond McKenzie Mountain
Twentyninth Pond Dutton Mountain
Twin Pond Underwood
Twin Ponds Underwood
Upper Ausable Lake Dix Mountain
Upper Cascade Lake North Elba
Upper Feeder Pond Witherbee
Upper Pond Street Mountain
Vanderwhacker Pond Vanderwhacker Mountain
Wallface Ponds Street Mountain
Ward Pond Santanoni Peak
Warren Pond Lake Placid
Warrens Pond Minerva
West Lake Lake Placid
White Lily Pond Mount Marcy
Whortleberry Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Wilcox Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Winch Pond Lake Placid
Wolf Pond Graphite
Wolf Pond McKenzie Mountain
Wolf Pond Santanoni Peak
Wolf Pond Cheney Pond
Woodruff Pond Newcomb
Worcester Pond Crown Point
Zack Pond Newcomb

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Essex County, New York. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.