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Lewis County New York Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Lewis County New York

Place USGS Topo Map
Alexander Pond Page
Ashcraft Pond Natural Bridge
Barnes Lake Woodgate
Beach Millpond Crystal Dale
Beaver Lake Number Four
Beaver Pond Natural Bridge
Belfort Pond Belfort
Benton Pond Lake Bonaparte
Big Hill Pond Harrisville
Bills Pond Number Four
Blanchard Pond Natural Bridge
Bloodsucker Lake Point Rock
Brantingham Lake Brantingham
Bullhead Pond Lake Bonaparte
Burnt Pond Lake Bonaparte
Burnt Pond Natural Bridge
Calfhead Pond Crystal Dale
Carthage Reservoir Belfort
Catspaw Lake Brantingham
Chase Lake Crystal Dale
Chase Upper Lake Crystal Dale
Clark Pond Natural Bridge
Clear Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Cleveland Lake Crystal Dale
Copper Lake Copper Lake
Croghan Reservoir Belfort
Crooked Lake Soft Maple Reservoir
Crooked Pond Natural Bridge
Crystal Lake Crystal Dale
Crystal Pond Lowville
Deer Pond Oswegatchie SW
Doherty Pond Natural Bridge
Duck Pond Harrisville
East Pine Pond Copper Lake
East Pond Number Four
Effley Falls Pond Belfort
Elijah Lake Oswegatchie SW
Elmer Falls Pond Belfort
Evies Pond Crystal Dale
Fish Pond Crystal Dale
Fitzgerald Pond Natural Bridge
Francis Lake Number Four
French Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Goose Pond Copper Lake
Gourd Lake Crystal Dale
Green Pond Harrisville
Haber Pond Page
Halfmoon Lake Crystal Dale
High Falls Pond Belfort
Hinchings Pond Crystal Dale
Hogsback Pond Natural Bridge
Hopsicker Pond Crystal Dale
Huckleberry Lake Crystal Dale
Indian Lake Lake Bonaparte
Indian Pond Lake Bonaparte
Johnson Pond Natural Bridge
Lake Bonaparte Lake Bonaparte
Lanes Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Little Mouldy Pond Oswegatchie SW
Little Otter Lake Brantingham
Little Pine Lake Copper Lake
Little Punky Pond Crystal Dale
Little Rocks Ponds Natural Bridge
Little Silver Dawn Lake Oswegatchie SW
Long Lake Crystal Dale
Long Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Lost Lake Copper Lake
Lowville Reservoir Crystal Dale
Mahan Pond Crystal Dale
Marsh Pond Lake Bonaparte
McCabe Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
McCarthys Lake Florence
Meister Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Mikes Pond Number Four
Mouldy Pond Oswegatchie SW
Mud Lake Point Rock
Mud Lake Lake Bonaparte
Mud Pond Harrisville
Mud Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Mudhole Pond Copper Lake
Narrow Lake Lake Bonaparte
Norman Pond Remington Corners
North Pond Number Four
Onjebonge Pond Natural Bridge
Panther Pond Number Four
Parsons Pond Crystal Dale
Payne Lake Crystal Dale
Pine Lake Copper Lake
Pleasant Lake Brantingham
Powlish Pond Florence
Quackenbush Pond Natural Bridge
Quarry Pond Natural Bridge
Rock Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Round Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Sand Pond Brantingham
Sand Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Sears Pond Sears Pond
Silver Dawn Lake Oswegatchie SW
Snake Pond Lake Bonaparte
Snider Pond Soft Maple Reservoir
Soft Maple Reservoir Soft Maple Reservoir
South Greek Lake Oswegatchie SW
Steam Mill Pond Natural Bridge
Stewart Pond Crystal Dale
Stone Pond North Osceola
Stony Lake Number Four
Taylorville Pond Belfort
The Inlet Crystal Dale
Trout Lake Oswegatchie SW
Trout Pond Number Four
Turin Reservoir Glenfield
Twin Ponds Soft Maple Reservoir
Twin Sister Lake Woodgate
West Pine Pond Copper Lake
West Ponds Soft Maple Reservoir
Woodwardia Pond Number Four

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Lewis County, New York. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.