Orange County New York Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Orange County New York

Place USGS Topo Map
Adolphs Pond West Point
Aleck Meadow Reservoir Cornwall-on-Hudson
Amdur Park Lake Monroe
Art Fords Lake Unionville
Arthurs Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Barnes Lake Popolopen Lake
Beaverdam Lake Cornwall-on-Hudson
Big Pond Port Jervis North
Binnewater Pond Otisville
Blendale Lake Monroe
Blythea Lake Monroe
Boehmler Pond Port Jervis North
Bog Meadow Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Breeds Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Brooks Lake Peekskill
Brookside Pond Newburgh
Browns Pond Maybrook
Browns Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Bull Pond Popolopen Lake
Cahoonzie Lake Port Jervis North
Cascade Lake Greenwood Lake
Chadwick Lake Newburgh
Cindy Linda Lake Greenwood Lake
Coronet Lake Monroe
Cragston Lakes Peekskill
Cranberry Lake Popolopen Lake
Cranberry Pond Popolopen Lake
Crest View Lake Maybrook
Cromwell Lake Monroe
Crystal Lake Cornwall-on-Hudson
Crystal Lake Peekskill
Dassori Pond West Point
Delafield Pond West Point
Eagle Lake Sloatsburg
Earl Reservoir Monroe
Echo Lake Middletown
Echo Lake Monroe
Elm Lake Otisville
Filers Lake Popolopen Lake
Forest Lake Popolopen Lake
Forest Road Lake Monroe
Garrison Pond Peekskill
Glenmere Lake Warwick
Goshen Number Two Reservoir Warwick
Goshen Reservoir Goshen
Green Pond Sloatsburg
Greenwood Lake Greenwood Lake
Guymard Lake Otisville
Harrison Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Hawthorne Lake Otisville
Heintein Pond Port Jervis South
Highland Lake Middletown
Hill Lake Warwick
Hillside Lake Monroe
Holleys Pond Otisville
Island Pond Monroe
Jims Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Kloibers Pond Monroe
Korby Lake Maybrook
Lake Arkin Unionville
Lake Askoti Thiells
Lake Cohasset Popolopen Lake
Lake Frederick Popolopen Lake
Lake Georgina Popolopen Lake
Lake Helen Otisville
Lake Henneside Wurtsboro
Lake Hildegard Maybrook
Lake Kanawauke Thiells
Lake Marling Port Jervis North
Lake Massawippa Popolopen Lake
Lake Nawahunta Popolopen Lake
Lake Osiris Walden
Lake Pocatello Middletown
Lake Sapphire Monroe
Lake Skannatati Thiells
Lake Skemonto Sloatsburg
Lake Stahahe Sloatsburg
Lake Te-Ata Popolopen Lake
Lake Tiorati Popolopen Lake
Lake Washington Cornwall-on-Hudson
Lake Winape Monroe
Lebanon Lake Monroe
Leighfs Pond Newburgh
Little Cedar Pond Greenwood Lake
Little Dam Lake Monroe
Little Falls Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Little Long Pond Sloatsburg
Little Pond Port Jervis North
Lockenhurst Pond Unionville
Long Pond Popolopen Lake
Lower Twin Lake Popolopen Lake
Lusk Reservoir West Point
Martin Lake Port Jervis North
Maybrook Rerservoir Walden
McAlister Lake Port Jervis North
Merriewold Lake Monroe
Mill Pond Otisville
Mine Lake Popolopen Lake
Mitigation Pond Maybrook
Mombasha Lake Monroe
Monhagen Lake Middletown
Monroe Ponds Monroe
Mount Hope Reservoir Otisville
Mountain Lake Sloatsburg
Mountain Lakes Monroe
Muchattoes Lake Cornwall-on-Hudson
Orange Lake Newburgh
Orange-Rockland Lake Monroe
Peckermans Pond Popolopen Lake
Pells Pond Peekskill
Placid Pond Monroe
Popolopen Lake Popolopen Lake
Prospect Lake Port Jervis North
Queensboro Lake Popolopen Lake
Reservoir Number One Port Jervis North
Reservoir Number Three Port Jervis North
Reservoir Number Two Port Jervis North
Restoration Pond Maybrook
Ridgebury Lake Middletown
Rings Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Rio Reservoir Pond Eddy
Roe Pond Peekskill
Roe Pond Peekskill
Round Lake Monroe
Round Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Saltzmans Lake Monroe
Sand Pond Port Jervis North
Sandy Beach Lake Greenwood Lake
Shadow Lake Monroe
Shadowmere Lake Monroe
Shawangunk Lake Otisville
Silver Lake Middletown
Silver Mine Lake Popolopen Lake
Snyder Pond Port Jervis South
Sphagnum Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Spring Lake Popolopen Lake
Spruce Pond Sloatsburg
Sterling Forest Lake Greenwood Lake
Sterling Lake Greenwood Lake
Stilwell Lake Popolopen Lake
Summit Lake Popolopen Lake
Sutherland Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Tamarack Pond Cornwall-on-Hudson
Tomahawk Lake Maybrook
Toro Hill Pond Maybrook
Turkey Hill Pond Popolopen Lake
Tuxedo Lake Sloatsburg
Upper Lake Cohasset Popolopen Lake
Upper Reservoir Cornwall-on-Hudson
Upper Twin Lake Popolopen Lake
Walls Pond Otisville
Walton Lake Monroe
Warwick Reservoir Greenwood Lake
We-Wah Lake Sloatsburg
Weyants Pond Popolopen Lake
Wickham Lake Warwick
Willow Lake Unionville
Winona Lake Newburgh
Zwarts Pond Walden

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Orange County, New York. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.