Suffolk County New York Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Suffolk County New York

Place USGS Topo Map
Agawan Lake Shinnecock Inlet
Airport Pond Gardiners Island East
Alcotts Pond Quogue
Alewife Pond Gardiners Island West
Argyle Lake Bay Shore West
Artist Lake Middle Island
Athasca Lake Bay Shore East
Avon Lake Amityville
Barlow Pond Mystic
Beach Pond Mystic
Beaverdam Pond Eastport
Bellows Pond Mattituck
Belmont Lake Bay Shore West
Big Fish Creek Pond Bellport
Big Fresh Pond Southampton
Big Reed Pond Montauk Point
Birch Creek Pond Mattituck
Black Pond Sag Harbor
Blanchard Lake Northport
Brickyard Pond Mystic
Budds Pond Southold
Camps Pond Sag Harbor
Canaan Lake Patchogue
Cascade Lakes Bay Shore West
Cedar Pond Gardiners Island West
Cedar Pond Riverhead
Channel Pond Sag Harbor
Cheney Pond Riverhead
Cherry Hill Pond Gardiners Island West
Cold Spring Pond Southampton
Conoe Lake Wading River
Coopers Neck Pond Shinnecock Inlet
Corey Pond Wading River
Cranberry Pond Wading River
Crooked Pond Sag Harbor
Crystal Lake Lloyd Harbor
Dam Pond Orient
Deep Pond Wading River
Division Pond Mattituck
Duck Pond Wading River
Duck Pond Bay Shore East
Dunton Lake Bellport
East Millpond Moriches
East Pond Bay Shore East
Elda Lake Bay Shore West
Fairfield Pond Sag Harbor
Far Pond Southampton
Flax Pond Saint James
Forest Pond Wading River
Fort Pond Montauk Point
Fox Pond Wading River
Fresh Pond Southampton
Fresh Pond Napeague Beach
Fresh Pond Greenport
Fresh Pond Northport
Fresh Pond Lloyd Harbor
Fresh Pond Gardiners Island East
Gales Pond Gardiners Island East
Gardiners Creek Greenport
Gaylor Hole Gardiners Island East
Georgica Pond East Hampton
Gibbs Pond Central Islip
Goldfish Pond Sag Harbor
Gould Pond Patchogue
Grass Pond Mattituck
Grassy Pond Wading River
Great Patchogue Lake Patchogue
Great Pond Gardiners Island East
Great Pond Southold
Greenes Lake Sayville
Guggenheim Lakes Bay Shore West
Haines Pond Sag Harbor
Hallocks Pond Mattituck
Halsey Neck Pond Shinnecock Inlet
Hashamomuck Pond Southold
Hawleys Lake Bay Shore West
Home Pond Gardiners Island East
Hook Pond East Hampton
Horn Pond Wading River
Hot Water Pond Moriches
House Pond Mattituck
Ice Pond Mystic
Inlet Pond Southold
Island Pond Mystic
Jones Pond Wading River
Jule Pond Sag Harbor
Kellis Pond Sag Harbor
Knapps Lake Bay Shore East
Lake Capri Bay Shore West
Lake Montauk Montauk Point
Lake Panamoka Wading River
Lake Ronkonkoma Patchogue
Laurel Lake Mattituck
Lawrence Lake Bay Shore West
Lilly Pond Southold
Lily Pond East Hampton
Lily Pond Gardiners Island East
Lily Pond Sag Harbor
Lily Pond Mattituck
Linus Pond Wading River
Little Fish Creek Pond Bellport
Little Fresh Pond Southampton
Little Long Pond Sag Harbor
Little Long Pond Sag Harbor
Little Pond Gardiners Island East
Little Poxabogue Pond Sag Harbor
Little Reed Pond Montauk Point
Little Round Pond Sag Harbor
Long Pond Sag Harbor
Long Pond Sag Harbor
Lotus Lake Sayville
Lower Cascade Lake Bay Shore West
Lower Lake Bellport
Lower Pond Bay Shore East
Lower Winganhauppauge Lake Bay Shore East
Main Pond Central Islip
Marion Lake Orient
Marratooka Pond Mattituck
McKay Lake Wading River
Merritts Pond Riverhead
Miamogue Lagoon Mattituck
Middle Farms Pond Mystic
Middle Pond Southampton
Mill Pond Northport
Mill Pond Sag Harbor
Mill Pond Moriches
Mill Pond Sayville
Millers Pond Central Islip
Mills Pond Saint James
Mirror Lake Bay Shore West
Money Pond Mystic
Money Pond Montauk Point OE E
Mooney Pond Patchogue
Mud Pond Mystic
Munn Lake Orient
Napeague Pond Gardiners Island East
New Millpond Central Islip
North Pond Wading River
North Pond Wading River
North Pond Quogue
Nosreka Lake Bay Shore West
O-co-nee Lake Bay Shore West
Ogden Pond Quogue
Old Fort Pond Southampton
Old Ice Pond Quogue
Old Town Pond Sag Harbor
Orowoc Lake Bay Shore East
Otter Pond Sag Harbor
Oyster Pond Montauk Point
Pardees Ponds Bay Shore East
Peasys Pond Wading River
Peconic Lake Riverhead
Penny Pond Mattituck
Phillips Millpond Central Islip
Phillips Pond Sag Harbor
Pine Lake Middle Island
Poxabogue Pond Sag Harbor
Prestons Pond Wading River
Pussys Pond Gardiners Island West
Red Creek Pond Mattituck
Robinson Pond Bellport
Round Pond Sag Harbor
Round Pond Wading River
Sagaponack Pond Sag Harbor
Sandy Pond Wading River
Sandy Pond Wading River
Sanford Lake Bay Shore East
Sans Souci Lakes Patchogue
Sayre Pond Sag Harbor
Scallop Pond Southampton
Scoy Pond Gardiners Island West
Sears Pond Mattituck
Setauket Millpond Port Jefferson
Seven Ponds Sag Harbor
Shorts Pond Sag Harbor
Silver Lake Greenport
Slade Pond Central Islip
Slate Pond Sag Harbor
Southards Pond Bay Shore West
Spectacle Pond Central Islip
Spring Lake Bellport
Squire Pond Mattituck
Swan Lake Bellport
Swan Pond Riverhead
Swan Pond Wading River
Sweezy Pond Riverhead
Tarkill Pond Wading River
Tobaccolot Pond Gardiners Island East
Town Pond East Hampton
Treasure Pond Mystic
Trout Pond Sag Harbor
Twin Ponds Wading River
Twin Ponds Middle Island
Two Holes Pond East Hampton
Upper Cascade Lake Bay Shore West
Upper Lake Bellport
Upper Winganhauppauge Lake Bay Shore East
Vail Pond Central Islip
Wainscott Pond East Hampton
Webster Pond Central Islip
Weeks Pond Bellport
Wehrman Pond Mattituck
West Brook Pond Bay Shore East
West Lake Patchogue
West Millpond Moriches
Wickapogue Pond Sag Harbor
Wildwood Lake Riverhead
Willow Pond Central Islip
Wolf Pit Lake Mattituck Hills
Woodchoppers Pond Wading River
Woods Hole Pond Bellport
Wooley Pond Southampton
Wunneweta Pond Southampton
Wyandanch Spring Lake Greenlawn
Zeeks Pond Wading River

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Suffolk County, New York. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.