Warren County New York Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Warren County New York

Place USGS Topo Map
Alligator Pond Chestertown
Andrew Pond Chestertown
Antler Lake North Creek
Austin Pond North Creek
Bear Pond Lake George
Bear Pond Stony Creek
Beaver Pond Lake George
Beaver Pond Brant Lake
Bennett Pond Brant Lake
Berry Pond Warrensburg
Big Hollow Reservoir Warrensburg
Bird Pond North Creek
Bloody Pond Lake George
Botheration Pond Gore Mountain
Brant Lake Brant Lake
Brindle Pond Brant Lake
Brown Pond Silver Bay
Buck Meadow Flow Bullhead Mountain
Bullhead Pond Lake Luzerne
Burnt Pond Brant Lake
Butler Pond Glens Falls
Butler Storage Reservoir Glens Falls
Buttermilk Pond Silver Bay
Carter Pond Gore Mountain
Chatiemac Lake Gore Mountain
Chub Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Clear Pond Gore Mountain
Cod Pond South Pond Mountain
Coon Pond The Glen
Crab Pond Pharaoh Mountain
Crane Mountain Pond Johnsburg
Cross Pond North Creek
Crystal Lake Brant Lake
Daggett Pond The Glen
Densmore Pond Chestertown
Dipper Pond North Creek
Dippikill Pond Johnsburg
Dream Lake Lake George
Duck Pond Brant Lake
Eagle Pond Bakers Mills
Echo Lake Warrensburg
Edgecomb Pond Bolton Landing
Eli Pond Chestertown
Faxons Pond Chestertown
Fish Ponds Bakers Mills
Forest Lake The Glen
Fourth Lake Lake Luzerne
Friends Lake Chestertown
Fuller Pond North Creek
Garnet Lake Bakers Mills
Gay Pond Warrensburg
Glen Lake Glens Falls
Harrisburg Lake Harrisburg
Hidden Lake Warrensburg
Hidden Lake North Creek
Hour Pond Bullhead Mountain
Indian Pond Brant Lake
Island Pond Brant Lake
Jabe Pond Silver Bay
Keenan Intake Reservoir Glens Falls
Keenan Reservoir Lake Luzerne
Kellum Pond The Glen
Kibby Pond Bakers Mills
Lake Allure Lake Luzerne
Lake Forest Lake Luzerne
Lake George Shelving Rock
Lake Luzerne Lake Luzerne
Lake Sunnyside Lake George
Lake Vanare Lake Luzerne
Lens Lake Harrisburg
Lily Pond Brant Lake
Little Jabe Pond Silver Bay
Little Pond Johnsburg
Little Pond Harrisburg
Lizard Pond Bakers Mills
Long Pond Brant Lake
Long Pond Gore Mountain
Loon Lake Chestertown
Luzerne Reservoir Lake Luzerne
Martin Pond North Creek
Meade Pond Chestertown
Middle Flow Harrisburg
Mountain Spring Lake Chestertown
Mud Pond The Glen
Mud Pond Gore Mountain
Mud Pond Johnsburg
Mud Pond Gore Mountain
Mud Ponds South Pond Mountain
New Lake Griffin
North Creek Reservoir Gore Mountain
North Pond Silver Bay
North Pond Bullhead Mountain
Number Nine Pond Stony Creek
Ordway Pond Gore Mountain
Oven Mountain Pond North Creek
Pack Forest Lake The Glen
Palmer Pond Chestertown
Peaked Mountain Pond Bullhead Mountain
Penny Pond The Glen
Poker Pond The Glen
Pole Hill Pond Brant Lake
Puffer Pond Bullhead Mountain
Rabbit Pond Gore Mountain
Racket Pond Brant Lake
Round Pond Glens Falls
Round Pond Brant Lake
Round Pond Bakers Mills
Round Pond Gore Mountain
Rush Pond Glens Falls
Saint John Lake Harrisburg
Second Lake Lake Luzerne
Second Pond Gore Mountain
Sherman Lake Brant Lake
Shiras Pond Griffin
Siamese Ponds South Pond Mountain
Smith Pond Chestertown
Snowshoe Pond Johnsburg
Spectacle Pond Silver Bay
Springhill Ponds Graphite
Stewart Lake Warrensburg
Stones Pond Lake Luzerne
Streeter Pond Brant Lake
Sullivan Pond Chestertown
Swede Pond Silver Bay
The Marsher Brant Lake
The Vly Gore Mountain
Third Lake Lake Luzerne
Thirteenth Lake Bullhead Mountain
Tripp Pond The Glen
Trout Lake Bolton Landing
Twin Ponds Bullhead Mountain
Upper Dam Pond Gore Mountain
Valentine Pond Chestertown
Viele Pond Warrensburg
Waldron Pond North Creek
Warner Pond Chestertown
Wilcox Lake Griffin
Wilkie Intake Reservoir Glens Falls
Wilkie Reservoir Lake Luzerne
Windover Lake Gore Mountain
Wing Pond Bolton Landing
Wintergreen Lake Graphite
Wolf Pond Silver Bay
Wolf Pond Stony Creek

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Warren County, New York. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.