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Bryan County Oklahoma Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Bryan County Oklahoma

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Lake Roberta
Blue Lake Yuba
Boatner Lake Roberta
Callaway Lake Roberta
Callaway Lake Roberta
Carman Lake Number 2 Telephone
Carmen Lake Number 1 Yuba
Casteel Lake Roberta
Cherokee Lake Bennington South
Clear Lake Bentley
Conditt Lake Roberta
Crane Lake Direct
Currie Lake Lebanon
Cutoff Lake Yuba
Dunegan Lake Blue
Eagle Lake Yuba
Edwards Lake Blue
Edwards Lake Durant South
Farrell Lake Roberta
Fowler Lake Blue
Frank Lake Bokchito
Garner Lake Kemp
Gordon Lake Durant South
Gregory Lake Bennington South
H L D M Farms Incorporated Lake Roberta
Ham Lake Achille
Harris Lake Durant South
Isom 3 Lake Roberta
Isom I Lake Roberta
Isom Lake Roberta
Kemp Lake Achille
Lewis Eastwood Reservoir Lake West
Lower Clear Boggy Site Number 38 Reservoir Caney
Lunt Lake Yuba
Martin Lake Caddo NW
Martingly Lake Number 1 Roberta
Mattingly Lake Number 2 Roberta
McCarley Lake Achille
McCarley Lake Achille
McGee Lake Number 1 Blue
McGee Lake Number 2 Blue
McIntire Lake Bennington South
Mitchell Lake Yuba
Mossy Lake Bentley
Musgrove Lake Blue
Musgrove Lake Number 1 Yuba
Musgrove Lake Number 2 Yuba
Nickles Lake Caney
Oberlin Lake Direct
Oknoname 013001 Reservoir Yuba
Oknoname 013002 Reservoir Achille
Oknoname 013003 Reservoir Platter
Oknoname 013005 Reservoir Lake West
Oknoname 013006 Reservoir Lake West
Oknoname 013007 Reservoir Roberta
Oknoname 013008 Reservoir Durant North
Oknoname 013009 Reservoir Lake West
Oknoname 013010 Reservoir Yuba
Oknoname 013011 Reservoir Yuba
Oknoname 013012 Reservoir Platter
Oknoname 013013 Reservoir Kemp
Oknoname 013014 Reservoir Kemp
Oknoname 013015 Reservoir Caddo NW
Oknoname 013016 Reservoir Caddo NW
Oknoname 013017 Reservoir Bennington North
Oknoname 013018 Reservoir Little City
Oknoname 013019 Reservoir Roberta
Oknoname 013020 Reservoir Bokchito
Oknoname 013021 Reservoir Lake West
Oknoname 013022 Reservoir Roberta
Oknoname 031004 Reservoir Roberta
Osborne Lake Yuba
Osborne Lake Number 1 Yuba
Osborne Lake Number 2 Yuba
Page Lake Bennington South
Prentice Lake Bennington North
Roberts Lake Number 1 Roberta
Roberts Lake Number 2 Roberta
Robinson Lake Kemp
Rodgers Lake Number 3 Kemp
Shellenburger Lake Yuba
Shepard Lake Roberta
Shepard Lake Roberta
Simmons Lake Caddo South
Sims Number 1 Reservoir Achille
Sims Number 2 Reservoir Achille
Teal Lake Lake West
Webb Lake Durant South
Weder Number 1 Reservoir Little City

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Bryan County, Oklahoma. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.