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Lakes in Oklahoma County Oklahoma

Place USGS Topo Map
Bear Fall Coon Creek Site 32 Reservoir Arcadia
Belle Isle Lake Britton
Blue Stem Lake Britton
Booher Lake Horseshoe Lake
Choctaw Sewage Lagoon Oklahoma City
Deer Creek Farms Lake Bethany NE
Dry Creek Dentention Reservoir Britton
Eagle Lake Bethany
East Twin Lake Britton
Horseshoe Lake Horseshoe Lake
J W Quillian Reservoir Britton
J-M Ranch Lake Bethany NE
Johnson Lake Piedmont
Knight Lake Bethany
Lake Aluma Spencer
Lake Arcadia Arcadia
Lake Arcadia Spencer
Lake Hefner Britton
Lake Hiwassee Arcadia
Lake Leven Britton
Lake Leven Britton
Lansbrook Lake Britton
Lightning Creek Holding Pond B Oklahoma City
Lightning Creek Holding Pond C Oklahoma City
Mary Mahoney Reservoir Jones
Masseys Lake Spencer
Northeast Lake Spencer
NW Oklahoma City Sludge Lagoon Britton
Oknoname 1 Reservoir Harrah
Oknoname 10 Reservoir Bethany
Oknoname 109019 Reservoir Bethany NE
Oknoname 11 Reservoir Bethany
Oknoname 12 Reservoir Bethany
Oknoname 13 Reservoir Bethany
Oknoname 14 Reservoir Bethany
Oknoname 15 Reservoir Luther
Oknoname 16 Reservoir Bethany NE
Oknoname 17 Reservoir Bethany NE
Oknoname 18 Reservoir Piedmont
Oknoname 19 Reservoir Bethany NE
Oknoname 2 Reservoir Harrah
Oknoname 20 Reservoir Piedmont
Oknoname 21 Reservoir Britton
Oknoname 22 Lake Mustang
Oknoname 23 Lake Choctaw
Oknoname 24 Reservoir Britton
Oknoname 25 Lake Britton
Oknoname 26 Reservoir Britton
Oknoname 3 Reservoir Oklahoma City
Oknoname 4 Reservoir Choctaw
Oknoname 5 Reservoir Midwest City
Oknoname 6 Reservoir Harrah
Oknoname 7 Reservoir Jones
Oknoname 8 Lake Fort Reno NE
Oknoname 8 Reservoir Jones
Oknoname 9 Reservoir Spencer
Pate Lake Jones
Regal Lake Bethany
Roy Brown Reservoir Britton
Saint Francis West Lake Bethany
Shepherd Lake Britton
Silver Lake Bethany
Silver Lake Bethany
Ski Island Lake Britton
Sportsmans Club Lake Britton
Ten Acre Lake Oklahoma City
The Pines East Lake Britton
The Pines West Lake Bethany
Thompson Lake Midwest City
Twin Bridges Lake Edmond
Twin Lakes Britton
West Twin Lake Bethany
Willow Lake Bethany
Wolf Ridge Lake Horseshoe Lake
Woodlake Apartments Lake Bethany

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.