Lackawanna County Pennsylvania Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Lackawanna County Pennsylvania

Place USGS Topo Map
Aylesworth Creek Lake Carbondale
Bassett Pond Dalton
Baylors Mud Pond Dalton
Baylors Pond Dalton
Bear Lake Pleasant View Summit
Belmont Lake Waymart
Belmont Reservoir Waymart
Benjamin Pond Moscow
Big Bass Lake Sterling
Brownell Reservoir Waymart
Capouse Reservoir (historical) Scranton
Chapman Lake Carbondale
Cooling Pond Scranton
Cordner Pond Dalton
Covey Swamp Avoca
Crystal Lake Clifford
Cummings Pond Scranton
Curtis Reservoir Olyphant
Deer Lake Dalton
District Number Fifty-Nine Reservoir Avoca
Duck Pond Dalton
Dunmore Reservoir Number Four Olyphant
Dunmore Reservoir Number One Olyphant
Dunmore Reservoir Number Three Olyphant
Edgerton Reservoir Carbondale
Elmhurst Reservoir Moscow
Fall Brook Lake Carbondale
Falling Springs Reservoir Ransom
Finn Pond Lenoxville
Fords Lake Ransom
Glenburn Pond Dalton
Grassy Pond Thornhurst
Gravel Pond Scranton
Graves Pond Carbondale
Griffin Reservoir Dalton
Haas Pond Sterling
Half Moon Lake Lake Ariel
Handsome Pond Dalton
Hazard Pond Moscow
Heart Lake Carbondale
Henry Lake Sterling
Hollister Reservoir Sterling
Interlaken Lake Scranton
Joslyn Pond Ransom
Kasulaitis Lake Thornhurst
Kizer Pond Lake Ariel
Kizers Little Lake Lake Ariel
Lackawanna Lake Dalton
Lake Champagne Thornhurst
Lake Henry Sterling
Lake Kewanee Dalton
Lake Scranton Scranton
Lake Sheridan Factoryville
Lance Pond Scranton
Larsen Lake Sterling
Laurel Run Reservoir Olyphant
Lily Lake Dalton
Manataka Lake Dalton
Maple Lake Scranton
Maple Lake Moscow
Marshwood Reservoir Olyphant
Moosic Lakes Olyphant
Mountain Lake Scranton
Mountain Mud Pond Carbondale
Mud Pond Dalton
Mud Pond Clifford
Mud Pond Olyphant
Nesbitt Reservoir Avoca
Newton Lake Clifford
Nines Pond Thornhurst
Number Seven Reservoir Olyphant
Number Seven Reservoir Olyphant
O and W Reservoir Carbondale
O’Conner Reservoir Olyphant
Olyphant Reservoir Number 1 Olyphant
Olyphant Reservoir Number 2 Olyphant
Olyphant Reservoir Number 3 Olyphant
Pa-5 Reservoir Avoca
Rocky Glenn Pond Avoca
Rush Brook Reservoir Carbondale
Scranton Water Company Reservoir Olyphant
Sicklers Pond Carbondale
Silver Lake Olyphant
Spangenberg Lake Lake Ariel
Spring Brook Intake Avoca
Stark Reservoir Avoca
Stevenson Pond Dalton
Summit Lake Scranton
Sweeny Pond Factoryville
Trostle Pond Dalton
Upper Klondike Pond Sterling
Upper Wilcox Pond Sterling
Watres Reservoir Moscow
Westend Pond Tobyhanna
White Oak Reservoir Olyphant
Williams Bridge Reservoir Olyphant

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.