Susquehanna County Pennsylvania Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Susquehanna County Pennsylvania

Place USGS Topo Map
Acre Pond Lenoxville
Ball Lake Thompson
Beaver Meadow Pond Montrose East
Bel-Air Lake Franklin Forks
Big Elk Lake Montrose West
Blanding Lake Harford
Booth Millpond Montrose West
Brewster Pond Montrose East
Broadhead Pond Springville
Brushville Lake Great Bend
Bush Pond Montrose West
Butler Lake Thompson
Carlin Pond Auburn Center
Carmault Lake Friendsville
Carpenter Pond Hop Bottom
Choconut Lake Friendsville
Churchill Lake Susquehanna
Clark Pond Hop Bottom
Comfort Lake Susquehanna
Cope Pond Montrose West
Cord Pond Hop Bottom
Coterell Lake Clifford
Courtland Birchard Pond Friendsville
Cranberry Lake Laurel Lake
Darrow Pond Franklin Forks
Devils Punch Bowl Susquehanna
Dora Pond Laurel Lake
DuBois Reservoir Franklin Forks
Dunn Pond Orson
East Lake Great Bend
Elbow Pond Montrose East
Ely Lake Montrose East
Fiddle Lake Thompson
Forest Lake Laurel Lake
Foxton Lake Susquehanna
Fullers Lake Great Bend
Gillespies Pond Harford
Griffith Pond Thompson
Hall Pond Springville
Harding Pond Lenoxville
Hartley Pond Lenoxville
Hathaway Lake Thompson
Heart Lake Montrose East
Holley Pond Hop Bottom
Horton Lake Lenoxville
Hunt Lake Harford
Indian Lake Montrose West
Jeffers Pond Lenoxville
Johnson Pond Montrose East
Jones Lake Montrose East
Lake Chrisann Montrose East
Lake Crystella Springville
Lake Idlewild Clifford
Lake Marge Laurel Lake
Lake Montrose Montrose East
Lake Of Meadows Little Meadows
Lake Raylean Montrose East
Lake Roy Franklin Forks
Lake Sophia Laurel Lake
Lake Stanmor Laurel Lake
Lake Timberline Laurel Lake
Lake Walter Springville
Lake White Lark Thompson
Lakeside Pond Hop Bottom
Laurel Lake Laurel Lake
Lewis Lake Clifford
Little Butler Lake Harford
Little Elk Lake Montrose West
Longford Lake Laurel Lake
Loomis Lake Lenoxville
Loomis Lake Montrose East
Lord Pond Hop Bottom
Lott Pond Auburn Center
Lowe Lake Thompson
Lower Alford Pond Montrose East
Lower Lake Montrose East
McKinney Pond Montrose East
Meeker Lake Laurel Lake
Middle Lake Montrose East
Mingo Lake Franklin Forks
Minkler Lake Friendsville
Moore Pond Little Meadows
Mud Pond Hop Bottom
Mud Pond Auburn Center
Mud Pond Clifford
Nick Pond Auburn Center
North Pond Montrose East
Oteyokwa Lake Franklin Forks
Pa-467 Reservoir Harford
Pa-468 Reservoir Montrose East
Page Lake Harford
Payne Pond Harford
Pickering Pond Thompson
Polk Pond Harford
Pollywog Pond Springville
Pops Hobby Lake Laurel Lake
Post Pond Montrose East
Potter Lake Thompson
Quaker Lake Laurel Lake
Reynolds Pond Montrose East
Rigsby Pond Lawton
Roberts Pond Thompson
Robinson Lake Lenoxville
Romobe Lake Thompson
Rose Pond Franklin Forks
Ross Lake Clifford
Ross Pond Susquehanna
Round Pond Lenoxville
Schooley Pond Hop Bottom
Silver Lake Laurel Lake
Sinkhole Swamp Thompson
Stanley Lake Friendsville
States Mill Pond Springville
Stearns Lake Thompson
Stillwater Lake Forest City
Stone Pond Montrose East
Stump Pond Harford
Tanner Pond Hop Bottom
Tea Pond Lenoxville
Thomas Pond Springville
Tiffany Pond Montrose East
Tingley Lake Harford
Tripp Lake Franklin Forks
Tuscarora Lake Auburn Center
Tyler Lake Harford
Upper Alford Pond Montrose East
Upper Lake Montrose East
Warner Pond Montrose East
Warriner Pond Montrose East
Weirs Pond Susquehanna
White Pond Auburn Center
Williams Pond Montrose East
Willis Lake Thompson
Wrighter Lake Orson
Zlotucha Pond Montrose East

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.