Wayne County Pennsylvania Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Wayne County Pennsylvania

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Marsh Pond Galilee
Barkley Lake Damascus
Beach Lake White Mills
Beaver Lake Lakeville
Beaver Lake Galilee
Beaver Lake Aldenville
Beaver Pond Starrucca
Belmont Lake Orson
Beyea Pond Lake Ariel
Big Spring Pond Lakeville
Biglow Lake Orson
Bone Pond Orson
Brace Brook Reservoir Forest City
Bronson Pond Waymart
Brooks Lake Lakeville
Brussell and Brunner Reservoir Galilee
Bucks Cove Lake White Mills
Bunnells Pond White Mills
Burns Pond Honesdale
Butcher Pond White Mills
Butler Pond Lakeville
Cadjaw Pond Honesdale
Camp Cayuga Lake Aldenville
Carbondale Number Four Reservoir Waymart
Carr Pond Aldenville
Chestnut Lake White Mills
Clemo Pond Lakeville
Cline Pond Galilee
Cobb Pond Lakeville
Cooks Pond Lakeville
Coxton Lake Orson
Craft Pond Lakeville
Crockenburg Pond Honesdale
Crystal Lake Sterling
Curtis Pond Waymart
Day Pond Galilee
Deer Lake Lakeville
Deerfield Pond Waymart
Douglas Pond Aldenville
Duck Harbor Pond Long Eddy
Elk Lake Waymart
Fallsdale Pond Galilee
Finn Swamp Lakeville
Florence Lake Hawley
Fork Mountain Pond Lake Como
Freethy Pond White Mills
Galilee Pond Galilee
Glass Pond Number One Honesdale
Glass Pond Number Three Aldenville
Glass Pond Number Two Aldenville
Goose Pond Lakeville
Gredlein Pond Honesdale
Hankins Pond Forest City
Hempstead Lake Hancock
Hetzel Pond Waymart
Hiawatha Lake Hancock
Hickory Lake Orson
Hidden Lake Lakeville
High Lake Lake Como
Hoadley Pond Waymart
Honey Mud Pond Waymart
House Pond Hawley
Howell Pond Lake Como
Huff Pond White Mills
Independent Lake Orson
Island Lake Starrucca
Island Pond Starrucca
Justin Lake Aldenville
Keen Lake Waymart
Kinneyville Pond Lake Como
Kuehners Pond Lakeville
Lake Ariel Lake Ariel
Lake Cayuga Aldenville
Lake Charlotte Lake Como
Lake Como Lake Como
Lake Constance White Mills
Lake Elsie Aldenville
Lake Genero Lakeville
Lake Hamilton Lake Como
Lake Henry Lake Ariel
Lake Lacawac Lakeville
Lake Ladore Waymart
Lake Lehigh Tobyhanna
Lake Lorain Orson
Lake Quinn Waymart
Lake Shehawken Starrucca
Lake Wanoka Honesdale
Lake Watawga Tobyhanna
Laurel Lake Galilee
Lehigh Pond Sterling
Little Beach Pond Narrowsburg
Little Biglow Lake Lake Como
Little Hickory Lake Orson
Little Keen Pond Waymart
Little Mud Pond Long Eddy
Locklin Pond Lakeville
Long Pond Aldenville
Long Pond Lake Como
Long Ridge Pond White Mills
Lovelace Pond Galilee
Lower Klondike Pond Sterling
Lower Twin Lake Lake Como
Lower Wilcox Pond White Mills
Lower Woods Pond Aldenville
Mach Pond Starrucca
Mack Lake Ransom
Mang Pond Lakeville
Margaret Lake Long Eddy
Marsh Pond Lakeville
Meigs Pond Lake Ariel
Memory Lake Sterling
Mican Pond Honesdale
Miller Pond Aldenville
Miller Pond Galilee
Moc-a-Tek Lake Lakeville
Mud Pond Aldenville
Mud Pond Lake Como
Mud Pond Hancock
Mud Pond Orson
Mud Pond White Mills
Murray Pond Hawley
Nabbys Lake Hancock
Number Four Reservoir Waymart
Number Seven Reservoir Waymart
Open Woods Pond White Mills
Orson Pond Orson
Pa-420 Reservoir White Mills
Pa-447 Reservoir Newfoundland
Panther Bluff Pond Waymart
Panther Lake Narrowsburg
Paupackan Lake Lakeville
Perch Pond Hancock
Perkins Pond Narrowsburg
Peterson Lake Long Eddy
Pine Swamp Pond Starrucca
Pocono Peak Lake Sterling
Poyntelle Lake Orson
Preston Park Pond Hancock
Price Pond Long Eddy
Prompton Lake Honesdale
Randall Lake Hancock
Reining Pond Honesdale
Reservoir Number Seven Waymart
Roaming Woods Lake Lakeville
Robinson Lake Sterling
Robinson Pond Waymart
Rock Lake Lake Como
Rose Pond Galilee
Rosner Pond Aldenville
Shehawken Lake Starrucca
Siebecker Pond Newfoundland
Silver Lake Galilee
Sky Lake Galilee
Sly Lake Lake Como
Snag Pond Tobyhanna
Snyder Pond Long Eddy
Spruce Lake Orson
Spruce Pond Lake Como
Star Pond Starrucca
Starlight Lake Hancock
Sunset Lake Aldenville
Suydam Pond White Mills
Swago Pond Damascus
Tamarack Swamp Pond Orson
Telshaw Pond Waymart
Texas Rod Gun Club Lake Honesdale
Underwood Lake Lake Como
Ungers Lake Hawley
Union Lake Long Eddy
Upper Twin Lake Lake Como
Upper Wilcox Pond Galilee
Upper Woods Pond Lake Como
Waidler Lake Hancock
Wallerville Pond Lake Como
Wangum Lake Lakeville
Waynewood Lake Lakeville
White Oak Pond Forest City
Whitney Lake Lakeville
Wildwood Lake Lakeville
Williams Pond White Mills

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Wayne County, Pennsylvania. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.