Horry County South Carolina Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Horry County South Carolina

Place USGS Topo Map
Airport Lagoon Wampee
Alligator Pond Hand
Allsbrook Pond Loris
Barnett Lake Centenary
Big Knife Lake Brittons Neck
Big Savannah Bluff Lake Hammond
Black Lake Yauhannah
Boat Lake Bayboro
Broad Lake Galivants Ferry
Bull Pond Duford
Canoe Lake Brittons Neck
Chapin Pond Hand
Clear Pond Nixonville
Clemons Pond Duford
Conway Oxidation Pond Number One Conway
Conway Oxidation Pond Number Two Conway
Cox Ferry Lake Conway
Dick Pond Myrtle Beach
Dogwood Lake Surfside Beach
Dunes Lake Hand
Eddy Lake Yauhannah
Flat Lake Hammond
Flat Lake Brittons Neck
Floral Lake Surfside Beach
Gerald Gut Galivants Ferry
Gerald Lake Galivants Ferry
Giles Lake Brittons Neck
Graham Mill Pond Galivants Ferry
Graham Pond Bayboro
Granddaddy Lake Conway
Granger Pond Duford
Granny Lake Galivants Ferry
Grassy Lake Nichols
Greenbriar Lake Calabash
Grissett Lake Nixonville
Gunter Lake Brittons Neck
Hodges Lake Galivants Ferry
Hoffman Pond Dam Adrian
Hog Lake Brittons Neck
Hooks Pond Duford
House Pond Hand
Howles Big Pond Galivants Ferry
Hughes Lake Galivants Ferry
Hughes Mill Pond Goretown
Indian Creek Lake Conway
Jack Lake Centenary
James Lake Dongola
Johnny Lake Galivants Ferry
Johnson Big Lake Brittons Neck
Jordan Lake Snow Island
Kinney Lake Centenary
Lake Arrowhead Hand
Lewis Lake Myrtle Beach
Lewis Pond Wampee
Little Barnett Lake Centenary
Live Oak Lake Hammond
Liza Lake Centenary
Long Pond Hand
Loris Oxidation Pond Loris
Lower Chesnut Lake Hand
Mack James Pond Dongola
Martin Duck Pond Dongola
Martins Fishing Pond Dongola
Mash Lake Nichols
Mears Pond Duford
Mills Pond Bucksville
Mishoe Pond Shell
Myrtle Beach Lagoon Myrtle Beach
Myrtle Beach National Golf Number 10 Pond Nixonville
Myrtle Beach National North Pond Nixonville
Newfound Lake Brittons Neck
Old Field Lake Nichols
Old Mill Lake Bucksville
Old River Nichols
Old River Lake Snow Island
Old Womans Lake Bucksville
Opening Pond Shell
Page Lake Dongola
Peachtree Lake Bucksville
Perch Lake Galivants Ferry
Phillips Lake Snow Island
Pigpen Lakes Centenary
Pitch Lake Nichols
Pitch Lodge Lake Conway
Prices Swamp Run Wampee
Rech Lake Nichols
Roe Pond Nixonville
Round Lake Centenary
Royal Oak Lake Nixonville
Sand Hill Lake Galivants Ferry
Sand Hill Pond Hand
Sandy Island Lake Dongola
Sandy Isle Lake Centenary
Sarvis Pond Bayboro
Scrogging Lake Galivants Ferry
Sessions Lake Nixonville
Small Pond Bayboro
Smith Pond Horry
Stringy Lakes Galivants Ferry
Strons Lake Bucksville
Stroud Pond Nichols
Tilly Lake Nixonville
Timber Lake Galivants Ferry
Tyler Ponds Shell
Union Lake Nixonville
Upper Chesnut Lake Hand
Vaught Lake Galivants Ferry
Vol Rowll Lake Nichols
Wadus Lake Conway
White Oak Lake Galivants Ferry
White Oak Lake Nichols

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Horry County, South Carolina. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.