Richland County South Carolina Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Richland County South Carolina

Place USGS Topo Map
Adams Pond Fort Jackson South
Alcohol and Drug Abuse Lake Fort Jackson North
Alligator Lake Fort Jackson South
Barnnets Pond Blythewood
Bells Pond Messers Pond
Big Goose Pond Fort Jackson South
Big Lake Wateree
Big Lake Southwest Columbia
Blue Hole Wateree
Boyden Arbor Lake Fort Jackson North
Boyden Arbor Pond Fort Jackson North
Boyds Pond Congaree
Boyds Pond Four Catawba
Boyds Pond One Fort Jackson North
Boyds Pond Three Fort Jackson North
Boyds Pond Two Fort Jackson North
Bruners Pond Fort Jackson North
Burnside Lake Fort Jackson North
Captain Jims Pond Fort Jackson South
Carys Lake Fort Jackson North
Carys Lakes Fort Jackson North
Cates Pond Eastover
Caughmans Pond Fort Jackson South
Caughmans Pond Fort Jackson South
Caughmans Pond Congaree
Chaver Pond Leesburg
Clark Pond Fort Jackson North
Clarks Lake Fort Jackson North
Clarkson Pond Gadsden
Cobbs Pond Messers Pond
Columbia Reservoir Columbia North
Coopers Lake Messers Pond
Coopers Pond Fort Jackson North
Coopers Pond Fort Jackson North
Cove Lake Eastover
Crescent Lake Blythewood
Davis Pond Leesburg
Drafts Pond Poinsett State Park
Drafts Pond Wateree
Drexel Lake Fort Jackson North
Duffies Pond Gadsden
Dupre Pond Messers Pond
Elders Pond Blythewood
Entrance Lake Fort Jackson North
F Coopers Pond Messers Pond
Forest Lake Fort Jackson North
Forest Lake Fort Jackson North
Goodwill Lake Eastover
Goodwill Pond Eastover
Goose Pond Saylors Lake
Green Hill Lake Saylors Lake
Griffin Lake Fort Jackson South
Gwinns Pond Congaree
Haithcock Pond Congaree
Harmons Pond Congaree
Hidden Acres Pond Blythewood
Hospitals Lake Blythewood
Hughes Pond Messers Pond
Jim Hammond Pond (historical) Fort Jackson North
Jordans Pond Congaree
Jordans Pond Congaree
Keels Lake Irmo NE
Krelldire Pond Eastover
Lake Columbia Blythewood
Lake Elizabeth Fort Jackson North
Lake in the Woods Fort Jackson North
Lake Katherine Fort Jackson South
Lake Katherine Fort Jackson North
Lake Rebecca Fort Jackson South
Lake Trotwood Fort Jackson South
Legion Lake Elgin
Little Goose Pond Fort Jackson South
Little Lake Wateree
Lotts Mill Pond Elgin
Lower Legion Lake Fort Jackson South
Lower Twin Lake Fort Jackson South
Meetze Pond Richtex
Messers Pond Messers Pond
Moores Pond Fort Jackson North
Morrells Pond Congaree
Mullers Lake Irmo NE
Murray Lake Eastover
Murray Pond Eastover
Myers Lake Eastover
North Spring Lake Blythewood
Odom Pond Messers Pond
Old Barstow Pond Messers Pond
Old Dead River Gadsden
Old Heises Pond Fort Jackson South
Otter Lake Leesburg
Pinewood Lake Fort Jackson South
Power Pool Columbia North
Reveres Pond Congaree
Roberts Pond Blythewood
Rockford Lake Fort Jackson North
Rocky Ford Lake Fort Jackson North
Roland Lake Fort Jackson South
Rotureau Lake Messers Pond
Roundabout Lake Saylors Lake
Ruthledges Pond Messers Pond
Rymers Pond Blythewood
Semmes Lake Fort Jackson North
Sesqui Fort Jackson North
Sesquicentennial Pond Fort Jackson North
Shimmys Pond Columbia North
Smith Pond Irmo NE
Spring Lake Fort Jackson North
Spring Valley Lake Fort Jackson North
Springwood Lake Fort Jackson North
Stevensons Lake Blythewood
Sun View Lake Fort Jackson South
Sunny Acres Pond Blythewood
Sunset Lake Fort Jackson South
Sunview Lake Rock Hill East
Tucker Lake Elgin
Twin Lakes Fort Jackson South
Ulmers Lake Fort Jackson South
Ulmers Pond Fort Jackson South
Upper Legion Lake Fort Jackson South
Upper Legion Lake Fort Jackson South
Upper Rocky Ford Lake Fort Jackson North
Washington Lake Fort Jackson South
Weston Lake Gadsden
Westons Pond Congaree
Westons Pond Messers Pond
Wildewood Pond Number Five Fort Jackson North
Williams Lake Eastover
Wilson Mill Pond Leesburg
Wilson Mill Pond Eastover
Windsor Lake Fort Jackson North
Winters Pond Columbia North
Wise Lake Gadsden
Wise Pond Messers Pond
Youngs Pond Congaree

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Richland County, South Carolina. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.