Shelby County Tennessee Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Shelby County Tennessee

Place USGS Topo Map
Asa B Douglas Lake Southeast Memphis
Barnishee Bayou Locke
Beaver Lake Northeast Memphis
Boyle Investment Company Lake Collierville
Camp Haiyaka Lake Locke
Camp Lake Number One Locke
Camps Lakes Locke
Casper Lake Brunswick
Chase Lake Number One Locke
Chase Lake Number Three Locke
Chase Lake Number Two Locke
Cockleburr Lake Fletcher Lake
Colonial Country Club Sixteenth Hole Lake Ellendale
Coro Lake Southwest Memphis
Doctor H E Atherton Lake Arlington
Downing Lake Brunswick
Drane Lake Locke
Eagle Lake Locke
Edwards Lake Locke
Fisher Lake Eads
Fogelman Lake Eads
Glen Echo Lake Germantown
Glynnwood Lake Collierville
Gordon Gordons Lake Northeast Memphis
Grassy Lake Locke
Great American Mortgage Lake Ellendale
Guymon Lake Eads
Hamilton Lake Germantown
Hopefield Chute Northwest Memphis
Houston Levee Golf Course Lake Collierville
Hunt Lake Germantown
Island Forty Chute Jericho
J C May Lake Southwest Memphis
J D Williams Lake Arlington
James Lake Collierville
Jamieson Lake Germantown
Johnson Lake Millington
Lake McKellar Southwest Memphis
Lake Site Number Eleven Collierville
Lake Windermere Northeast Memphis
Lakeland Lake Eads
Lakeland Sewage Pond Ellendale
Lochnevin Lake Northeast Memphis
Lyle Lake Locke
Lyles Lake Locke
Mallard Lake Fletcher Lake
Marie Lake Locke
Marys Creek Lake Number Eight Eads
Marys Creek Lake Number Five Eads
Marys Creek Lake Number Four Eads
Marys Creek Lake Number Nine Eads
McAlexander Lake Number One Locke
McKeller Park Lake A Southeast Memphis
McKeller Park Lake B Southeast Memphis
Memphis Lake Northeast Memphis
Memphis Union Mission Lake Northwest Memphis
Milton Schaeffers Lake Collierville
Mitchell Lake Number One Millington
Mitchell Lake Number Three Millington
Mosquito Lake Northwest Memphis
Nolan Lake Germantown
Norfleet Turner Lake Germantown
North Horn Lake Fletcher Lake
Old Optimist Boys Camp Lake Germantown
Otter Lake Northeast Memphis
Paradise Lake Eads
Penal Farm Lake Number Four Ellendale
Penal Farm Lake Number One Ellendale
Penal Farm Lake Number Three Ellendale
Penal Farm Lake Number Two Ellendale
Piersol Lake Locke
Piersol Lake Locke
Poplar Tree Lake Locke
Rebecca Lake Locke
Ridgeway Country Club Lake Collierville
Robco Lake Southwest Memphis
Robert G Drewrys Lake Arlington
Robertson Lake Locke
Robinson Lake Ellendale
Round Lake Fletcher Lake
Round Pond Locke
Rowe Lake Big Junction
Sky Lake Northeast Memphis
Spring Lake Ellendale
Spring Lake Ellendale
Stotts Lake Eads
Tanya Lake Brunswick
Thomas A Gemignani Lake Collierville
Tompkins Lake Millington
Walnut Grove Lake Germantown
Williams Lake Millington
Willow Lake Locke
Wolf River Lagoon Northwest Memphis

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Shelby County, Tennessee. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.