Henderson County Texas Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Henderson County Texas

Place USGS Topo Map
Abernathy Lake Mabank
Adams Lake Athens
Anderson Marsh Moore Station
Arms Lake Murchison East
Athens Fish and Game Club Lake Athens
Bagley Lake Moore Station
Bailey Branch Reservoir Murchison East
Barnes Lake Malakoff
Berry Lake Styx
Black Lake Coon Creek Lake
Caddo Creek Lake LaRue
Cartwright Lake Coon Creek Lake
Catfish Creek Ranch Lake Coon Creek Lake
Cedar Creek Reservoir Tool
Chalmers Lake Athens
Chapman Lake Murchison East
City Lake Malakoff
Coon Creek Lake Coon Creek Lake
Cox Lake Murchison West
Creslenn Ranch Lake Creslenn Ranch
Darby Farms Lake Athens
Dennis Lake LaRue
Dillard Lake Murchison West
Dodd Lake Mallard Hill
Dogwood Acres Lake Leagueville
Dragert Lake Murchison West
Echo Lake Leagueville
Echols Lake Murchison East
Farmer Lake Leagueville
Fincastle Lake LaRue
Flag Lake Malakoff
Flag Lake Tool
Fly-In-Lake Stockard
Forest Grove Reservoir Mallard Hill
Frontier City Lake Moore Station
Frontier City Lake Moore Station
Gallimo Lake Creslenn Ranch
Gileon Lake Murchison East
Grass Lake LaRue
Greenbrier Lake LaRue
Hall Lake Creslenn Ranch
Hallmark Lake LaRue
Harris Lake Leagueville
Harten Slough Murchison East
Hollywood Lake Mallard Hill
Hume Lake Leagueville
Hurts Lake Moore Station
Jackson Lake Creslenn Ranch
Jackson Lake Murchison West
John Santerre Lake Mabank
Johns Lake LaRue
Johnson Lake Athens
Jones Lake Leagueville
Jonnson Lake Cross Roads
Kemp Lake Athens
Kidd Lake Moore Station
Kline Lake Cross Roads
Lake Athens Leagueville
Lake Mawsy LaRue
Lake Palestine Saline Bay
Lee Lake Murchison West
Leo A Smith Lake LaRue
Lock Lake Leagueville
Long Lake Creslenn Ranch
Mabank City Lake Mabank
McElvaney Lake Cross Roads
Mixon Lake Poynor
Moonshine Creek Lake No1 Athens
Moonshine Creek Lake Number 2 Athens
Morrison Lake Creslenn Ranch
Morrow Lake Athens
Mud Lake Tool
Murchison Lake Coon Creek Lake
Nichols Lake Cross Roads
North Lake LaRue
North Nichols Lake Athens
Old Lake Coon Creek Lake
Old Lake Coon Creek Lake
Perryman Lake Cross Roads
Pharris Lakes LaRue
Rainbo Lake LaRue
Rainbo Lake LaRue
Raines Lake Murchison East
Roberson Lake Murchison East
Rodgers Lake Moore Station
Round Lake Creslenn Ranch
Scott Marsh Murchison East
Shelton Lake Coon Creek Lake
Site C Reservoir LaRue
Slaughter Lake Cross Roads
Slaughter Lakes Coon Creek Lake
Smith Lake Athens
Soil Conservation Service Site 1 Reservoir Creslenn Ranch
Soil Conservation Service Site 3 Reservoir Creslenn Ranch
Soil Conservation Service Site 4 Reservoir Creslenn Ranch
South Nichols Lake Athens
Soutter Lake Coon Creek Lake
Sportsmans Lake Henderson
Steele Lakes Leagueville
Stephens Lake Creslenn Ranch
Stroube Lake Number 1 Coon Creek Lake
Stroube Lake Number 2 Athens
Tarr Lake Cross Roads
Terra Verda Lake Coon Creek Lake
Tex Iron Incorporated Reservoir Number 1 Moore Station
Tex Iron Incorporated Reservoir Number 2 Moore Station
Texas Power and Light Company Lake Malakoff
Thomas Lake Stockard
Tindel Lake Leagueville
Tiner Lake Murchison West
Trinidad Lake Creslenn Ranch
Twin Lakes Kerens
Waldrip Lake Murchison East
White Lake Cross Roads
Wilson Lake Cross Roads

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Henderson County, Texas. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.