Rutland County Vermont Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Rutland County Vermont

Place USGS Topo Map
Austin Pond Bomoseen
Beaver Meadow Bomoseen
Beaver Meadows Mount Carmel
Beaver Pond Pico Peak
Beaver Pond Proctor
Beebe Pond Bomoseen
Big Mud Pond Danby
Billings Marsh Whitehall
Black Pond Bomoseen
Breese Pond Bomoseen
Bullhead Pond Benson
Burnell Pond Brandon
Burr Pond Chittenden
Burr Pond Sudbury
Butler Pond Proctor
Chipman Lake Middletown Springs
Chittenden Reservoir Chittenden
Coggman Pond Whitehall
Colton Pond Pico Peak
Combination Pond Rutland
Cooks Pond Killington Peak
Danby Pond Dorset
Doughty Pond Orwell
Dunklee Pond Rutland
Echo Lake Bomoseen
Eddy Pond Rutland
Elfin Lake Wallingford
Fifield Pond Wallingford
Glen Lake Bomoseen
Halfmoon Lake Bomoseen
High Pond Bomoseen
High Pond Sudbury
Hinkum Pond Sudbury
Howard Pond Benson
Huff Pond Sudbury
Inman Pond Benson
Johnson Pond Killington Peak
Jones Mill Pond Brandon
Kent Pond Pico Peak
Lake Bomoseen Bomoseen
Lake Hortonia Sudbury
Lake Ninevah Mount Holly
Lake Saint Catherine Wells
Lefferts Pond Chittenden
Lily Pond Wells
Lily Pond Bomoseen
Little Lake Wells
Little Mud Pond Danby
Little Rock Pond Wallingford
Long Hole Danby
Lost Pond Danby
Loves Marsh Bomoseen
Mill Pond Benson
Moscow Pond Bomoseen
Mud Pond Benson
Mudd Pond Bomoseen
Muddy Pond Proctor
North Pond Chittenden
Old Marsh Pond Benson
Olympus Pool Proctor
Patch Pond Chittenden
Perch Pond Orwell
Pico Pond Pico Peak
Piedmont Pond Rutland
Pine Pond Bomoseen
Reynolds Reservoir Proctor
Roach Pond Bomoseen
Rocky Pond Proctor
Root Pond Benson
Rutland City Reservoir Chittenden
Said Pond Bomoseen
Sargent Pond Proctor
Schoolhouse Marsh Whitehall
Sheldon Pond Benson
Smith Pond Proctor
South Pond Pico Peak
Spring Lake Wallingford
Spring Pond Brandon
Star Lake Mount Holly
Strong Swamp Benson
Sugar Hollow Pond Brandon
Sugar Hollow Pond Proctor
Sunrise Lake Orwell
Sunset Lake Orwell
Tiny Pond Ludlow
Upper Eddy Pond Rutland
Walker Pond Bomoseen
Wallingford Pond Wallingford
Warrior Lakes Sudbury
Youngs Brook Reservoir West Rutland

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Rutland County, Vermont. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.