Grant County Washington Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Grant County Washington

Place USGS Topo Map
Alkali Lake Park Lake
Ancient Lake Babcock Ridge
Artesian Lake Wilson Creek SW
Babcock Ridge Lake Babcock Ridge
Banks Lake Steamboat Rock SW
Billy Clapp Lake Wilson Creek NW
Black Lake Wilson Creek SW
Black Rock Lake Wilson Creek SE
Blue Lake Park Lake
Bluff Lake Park Lake
Blythe Lake O'Sullivan Dam
Burke Lake Babcock Ridge
Cabin Lake Evergreen Ridge
Caliche Lakes Evergreen Ridge
Canal Lake Soda Lake
Carnation Waste Pond Sieler
Carnation Waste Pond Number Five Bassett Junction
Carnation Waste Pond Number Six Sieler
Cascade Lake Babcock Ridge
Castle Lake Coulee City
Chukar Lake O'Sullivan Dam
Cliff Lake Babcock Ridge
Coffee Lake Steamboat Rock SE
Corral Lake O'Sullivan Dam
Coulee Lake Coulee City
Crater Lake Babcock Ridge
Cree Lake Evergreen Ridge
Crescent Bay Grand Coulee Dam
Crescent Lake Soda Lake
Crystal Lake Babcock Ridge
Cup Lake Babcock Ridge
Deep Lake Coulee City
Devils Punch Bowl Steamboat Rock SE
Dot Lake Babcock Ridge
Dry Falls Lake Coulee City
Dusty Lake Babcock Ridge
Evergreen Reservoir Babcock Ridge
Falcon Lake O'Sullivan Dam
Fish Lake Electric City
Flat Lake Babcock Ridge
Frenchman Hills Lake Frenchman Hills Lake
Garland Lake Hartline SW
George Lake George
Glyn Lake Gloyd
Goldeneye Lake O'Sullivan Dam
Green Lake Coulee City
H Lake Babcock Ridge
Hampton Lake Soda Lake
Heart Lake Soda Lake
Henning Lakes Steamboat Rock SE
Heron Lake O'Sullivan Dam
Higginbotham Reservoir Steamboat Rock SW
Hillton Lake Evergreen Ridge
Judith Pool Babcock Ridge
Junction Lake Coulee City
Lake Lyon Gloyd
Lena Lake Coulee City
Lenice Lake Beverly SE
Lenore Lake Little Soap Lake
Little Soap Lake Little Soap Lake
Long Lake Soda Lake
Long Lake Grand Coulee Dam
Lower Goose Lake O'Sullivan Dam
Marsh Unit One O'Sullivan Dam
Martha Lake George
Meadow Lake Coulee City
Merry Lake Beverly SE
Mirror Lake Park Lake
Moran Slough Priest Rapids
Moses Lake Moses Lake North
North Teal Lake Soda Lake
Northrup Lake Electric City
Nunnally Lake Beverly
Osborn Bay Lake Electric City
Para Lake Soda Lake
Park Lake Park Lake
Perch Lake Coulee City
Pillar Lake Soda Lake
Pit Lakes Soda Lake
Potholes Reservoir Moses Lake South
Priest Rapids Lake Priest Rapids
Quincy Lake Babcock Ridge
Rainbow Lake Coulee City
Red Alkali Lake Coulee City
Red Rock Lake Wahatis Peak
Round Lake Little Soap Lake
Saddle Mountain Lake Vernita Bridge
Sage Lakes Soda Lake
Sand Hollow Lake Smyrna
Sand Lake Frenchman Hills Lake
Soap Lake Soap Lake
Soda Lake Soda Lake
Soda Lake Wilson Creek
South Teal Lake Soda Lake
South Willow Lake Gloyd
Spring Lakes Babcock Ridge
Stan Coffin Lake Babcock Ridge
Table Lake Coulee City
Thompson Lake Steamboat Rock SW
Trail Lake Coulee City
Upper Goose Lake O'Sullivan Dam
Widgeon Lake Soda Lake
Williams Lake Coulee City
Willow Lake Gloyd
Willow Lake Steamboat Rock SE
Windmill Lake Soda Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Grant County, Washington. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.