Kittitas County Washington Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Kittitas County Washington

Place USGS Topo Map
Alaska Lake Chikamin Peak
Baker Lake Stampede Pass
Beaver Lake Snoqualmie Pass
Big Lake Teanaway
Box Canyon Lake Chikamin Peak
Bullfrog Pond Ronald
Cabin Lake Teanaway
Camp Lake Teanaway Butte
Chikamin Lake Chikamin Peak
Circle Lake Mount Daniel
Cle Elum Lake Cle Elum Lake
Cooper Lake Polallie Ridge
Cottonwood Lake Lost Lake
Deadhead Lake Mount Daniel
Deep Lake Mount Daniel
Deer Lakes Mount Daniel
Devils Slide Lake Cliffdell
Diamond Lake Polallie Ridge
Divide Lake Snoqualmie Pass
Escondido Lake Polallie Ridge
Frog Lake Snoqualmie Pass
Gallaher Head Lake Mount Stuart
Glacier Lake Chikamin Peak
Gold Lake Chikamin Peak
Hibox Lake Chikamin Peak
Hyak Lake Snoqualmie Pass
Hyas Lake The Cradle
Hyas Lake Mount Daniel
Joe Lake Chikamin Peak
Kachess Lake Kachess Lake
Keechelus Lake Stampede Pass
Kendall Peak Lakes Snoqualmie Pass
Lake Ann Mount Stuart
Lake Camp Fire Girls Mount Stuart
Lake Easton Easton
Lake Ivanhoe Mount Daniel
Lake Laura Chikamin Peak
Lake Lillian Chikamin Peak
Lake Rebecca Mount Daniel
Lake Rowena Mount Daniel
Lake Terence Davis Peak
Lake Vicente Mount Daniel
Lake Yvonne Chikamin Peak
Lavender Lake Easton
Lila Lake Chikamin Peak
Lily Pond Lake Quartz Mountain
Little Joe Lake Polallie Ridge
Little Kachess Lake Kachess Lake
Little Lake Teanaway
Lost Lake Lost Lake
Lost Lake Frost Mountain
Manastash Lake Manastash Lake
Mardee Lake Snoqualmie Pass
Margaret Lake Chikamin Peak
Michael Lake Davis Peak
Milk Lake Manastash Lake
Milk Pond Cliffdell
Mill Pond Swauk Prairie
Mirror Lake Lost Lake
Moonshine Lake Davis Peak
Opal Lake Davis Peak
Park Lakes Chikamin Peak
Peggys Pond Mount Daniel
Pete Lake Polallie Ridge
Rachel Lake Chikamin Peak
Rampart Lakes Chikamin Peak
Reimer Pond Reecer Canyon
Resort Creek Pond Stampede Pass
Ridge Lake Chikamin Peak
Robin Lakes The Cradle
Rock Rabbit Lakes Stampede Pass
Salmon La Sac Davis Peak
Shoestring Lake Quartz Mountain
Shovel Lake Mount Daniel
Spade Lake Mount Daniel
Spectacle Lake Chikamin Peak
Squaw Lake The Cradle
Squitch Lake The Cradle
Stirrup Lake Lost Lake
Stonesthrow Lake Chikamin Peak
Summit Chief Lake Big Snow Mountain
Swamp Lake Stampede Pass
Swan Lake Chikamin Peak
Taneum Lake Quartz Mountain
Thorp Lake Kachess Lake
Three Queens Lake Chikamin Peak
Tjossem Pond Ellensburg South
Tuck Lake The Cradle
Tucks Pot The Cradle
Tucquala Lake The Cradle
Twin Lakes Lost Lake
Twin Lakes Chikamin Peak
Venus Lake Mount Daniel
Wanapum Lake Beverly
Waptus Lake Mount Daniel

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Kittitas County, Washington. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.