Skagit County Washington Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Skagit County Washington

Place USGS Topo Map
Arrowhead Lake Snowking Mountain
Bald Lake Sauk Mountain
Barney Lake Mount Vernon
Basin Lake Snowking Mountain
Bear Lake Twin Sisters Mountain
Bear Lake Snowking Mountain
Beaver Lake Sedro-Woolley South
Bee Lake Illabot Peaks
Bench Lake Downey Mountain
Big Lake Sedro-Woolley South
Bluff Lake Huckleberry Mountain
Bottomless Lake Sedro-Woolley North
Boulder Lake Huckleberry Mountain
Buller Lake Snowking Mountain
Cannery Lake Cypress Island
Careys Lake Hamilton
Caskey Lake Rockport
Chaval Lake Huckleberry Mountain
Clear Lake Sedro-Woolley South
Clear Lake Sauk Mountain
Cliff Lake Huckleberry Mountain
County Line Pond Oso
Cranberry Lake Sedro-Woolley North
Cranberry Lake Cypress Island
Crater Lake Huckleberry Mountain
Cub Lake Dome Peak
Cultus Mountain Reservoir Sedro-Woolley South
Cyclone Lake Snowking Mountain
Cypress Lake Cypress Island
Day Lake Day Lake
Devils Lake McMurray
Dixie Lake Haystack Mountain
Duck Lake Cypress Island
Edgar Lake Sauk Mountain
Enjar Lake Snowking Mountain
Everett Lake Lake Shannon
Falls Lake Illabot Peaks
Fly Lake Snowking Mountain
Foss Lake Snowking Mountain
Found Lake Snowking Mountain
Found Lakes Snowking Mountain
Frailey Ponds Stimson Hill
Gages Lake Mount Vernon
Gee Point Lake Gee Point
Gordon Lake Haystack Mountain
Grandy Lake Grandy Lake
Granite Lake Mount Higgins
Granite Lakes Snowking Mountain
Hamar Lake Snowking Mountain
Harry Lake Fortson
Hawkins Lake Mount Higgins
Heart Lake Deception Pass
Heart Lake Twin Sisters Mountain
Hidden Lake Sonny Boy Lakes
Hilt Lake Rockport
Horse Lake Downey Mountain
Hyas Lake Huckleberry Mountain
Illabot Lake Snowking Mountain
Itswoot Lake Dome Peak
Jordan Lakes Snowking Mountain
Jordan Lakes Snowking Mountain
Josephine Lakes Hamilton
Judy Reservoir Sedro-Woolley South
Jug Lake Snowking Mountain
King Lake Snowking Mountain
Kitling Lake Mount Arriva
Klawatti Lake Forbidden Peak
Kool-Aid Lake Cascade Pass
La Rush Lake Big Devil Peak
Lake Campbell Anacortes South
Lake Cavanaugh Stimson Hill
Lake Erie Deception Pass
Lake Kawkawak Huckleberry Mountain
Lake Louise Illabot Peaks
Lake McMurray McMurray
Lake Number 1 Snowking Mountain
Lake Number 1 Sonny Boy Lakes
Lake Number 2 Snowking Mountain
Lake Number 2 Sonny Boy Lakes
Lake Shannon Lake Shannon
Lake Stilwell Sauk Mountain
Lake Toketie Huckleberry Mountain
Lake Tupso Illabot Peaks
Lake Tyee Grandy Lake
Larch Lake Oso
Lewis Lake Mount Arriva
Lily Lake Bellingham South
Little Gee Lake Gee Point
Lizard Lake Bellingham South
Long Gone Lake Sonny Boy Lakes
Lower Granite Lake Snowking Mountain
Lower Jordan Lake Snowking Mountain
Lower Jug Lake Illabot Peaks
Lower Snowy Lake Washington Pass
Marten Lake Illabot Peaks
McGillicuddys Duck Pond Mount Higgins
Minkler Lake Lyman
Monogram Lake Big Devil Peak
Moraine Lake Forbidden Peak
Mud Lake Sedro-Woolley South
Mud Lake Deception Pass
Mule Lake Dome Peak
Myrtle Lake Mount Higgins
Neori Lake Snowking Mountain
Olson Lake Marblemount
Palmer Lake Lake Whatcom
Pass Lake Deception Pass
Pear Lake Huckleberry Mountain
Prairie Mountain Lakes Prairie Mountain
R B Lake Haystack Mountain
Sauk Lake Sauk Mountain
Seabury Pond McMurray
Segelsen Lake Fortson
Shelf Lake Mount Higgins
Shiner Lake Sedro-Woolley South
Sixteen Lake Conway
Skagit Lake Grandy Lake
Skaro Lake Snowking Mountain
Slide Lake Snowking Mountain
Slim Lake Dome Peak
Snowking Lake Snowking Mountain
Snowy Lakes Washington Pass
Sonny Boy Lakes Sonny Boy Lakes
South Cascade Lake Dome Peak
Spire Lake Dome Peak
Springsteen Lake Grandy Lake
Stout Lake Eldorado Peak
Summer Lake McMurray
Ten Lake Conway
Texas Pond Darrington
Three Lakes Twin Sisters Mountain
Thunder Lakes Lake Shannon
Trafton Lake Deception Pass
Twin Sisters Pit Number Two Hamilton
Upper Falls Lake Illabot Peaks
Upper Granite Lake Snowking Mountain
Upper Jordan Lake Snowking Mountain
Upper Snowy Lake Washington Pass
Victoria Heights Reservoir Conway
Vogler Lake Grandy Lake
Wagner Lake Haystack Mountain
Whale Lake Snowking Mountain
Whistle Lake Anacortes South
Wilcox Lakes Eldorado Peak
Wing Lake Mount Arriva
Woods Lake Dome Peak

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Skagit County, Washington. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.