Snohomish County Washington Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Snohomish County Washington

Place USGS Topo Map
Airplane Lake Gold Bar
Ashland Lakes Mallardy Ridge
Bald Mountain Lake Mallardy Ridge
Bandana Lake Meadow Mountain
Bannock Lakes Agnes Mountain
Barclay Lake Baring
Bath Lake Gamma Peak
Bath Lakes Gamma Peak
Bathtub Lakes Verlot
Batt Slough Snohomish
Bear Lake Mallardy Ridge
Beaver Lake White Chuck Mountain
Beaver Lake Lake Chaplain
Beaver Plant Lake Mallardy Ridge
Beverly Lake Everett
Bevis Lake Lake Roesiger
Big Greider Lake Mount Stickney
Blackmans Lake Snohomish
Blanca Lake Blanca Lake
Blue Lake Benchmark Mountain
Blue Pool Mount Higgins
Boardman Lake Mallardy Ridge
Bosworth Lake Granite Falls
Boulder Lake Mount Stickney
Boulder Lake Evergreen Mountain
Bowers Lake Granite Falls
Bowser Lake Blanca Lake
Box Mountain Lakes Lime Mountain
Boyd Lake Granite Falls
Bryant Lake Arlington West
Bullen Lake Whitehorse Mountain
Cadet Lake Sloan Peak
Camp Lake Glacier Peak West
Canyon Lake Mallardy Ridge
Canyon Lake Suiattle Pass
Carlson Pond Granite Falls
Cathcart Sanitary Landfill Holding Reservoir Maltby
Cecelia Lake Wallace Lake
Cedar Ponds Lake Sultan
Chain Lake Lake Roesiger
Chain Lakes Riley Lake
Chase Lake Edmonds East
Chitwood Lake Granite Falls
Clear Lake Mallardy Ridge
Clear Lake Mallardy Ridge
Coal Lake Silverton
Coney Lake Blanca Lake
Connor Lake Lake Stevens
Copper Lake Silverton
Cougar Lake Sloan Peak
Crabapple Lake Stanwood
Crescent Lake Maltby
Crystal Lake Mount Pugh
Crystal Lake Maltby
Cummings Lake Tulalip
Cup Lake Captain Point
Cutthroat Lakes Mallardy Ridge
Dagger Lake Sultan
Dahlbero Ponds Riley Lake
Devils Lake Maltby
Diamond Lake Lime Mountain
Dow Lake Labyrinth Mountain
Downey Lake Downey Mountain
Eagle Lake Baring
East Boardman Lake Mallardy Ridge
Echo Lake Maltby
Echo Lake Lake Chaplain
Edward Springs Reservoir Arlington West
Elder Reservoir Bothell
Emerald Lake Mount Pugh
Flowing Lake Lake Roesiger
Foggy Lake Monte Cristo
Fortson Mill Pond Fortson
Fortson Ponds Fortson
Fortune Ponds Benchmark Mountain
Fourth of July Lake Baring
Frog Lake Helena Ridge
Fryberg Lake Tulalip
Gardner Lake Granite Falls
Garhart Reservoir Bothell
Goat Lake Sloan Peak
Goblin Lake Blanca Lake
Goodman Lake White Chuck Mountain
Granite Falls Reservoir Granite Falls
Granite Lake Potholes Mount Higgins
Grass Lake Captain Point
Grizzly Lake Captain Point
Grouse Lake Captain Point
Gulch Lakes Monte Cristo
Gunn Lake Baring
Haleyon Lake Gold Bar
Hall Lake Edmonds East
Hanson Lake Verlot
Hanson Slough Snohomish
Hardtack Lake Glacier Peak West
Heather Lake Verlot
Helena Lake Helena Ridge
Hempel Lake Verlot
Hilton Lake Everett
Howard Lake Baring
Hubbard Lake Granite Falls
Hughes Lake Lake Roesiger
Ida Lake Lake Chaplain
Ida Lake Bedal
Image Lake Gamma Peak
Independence Lake Silverton
Indigo Lake Mount Pugh
Irvine Slough Stanwood
Island Lake Verlot
Island Lake Mallardy Ridge
Japanese Lake Lake Chaplain
Jay Lake Wallace Lake
Joan Lake Captain Point
John Sam Lake Marysville
Johnsons Swamp Monroe
Jordan Ponds Riley Lake
Kelcema Lake Silverton
Kellog Lake Lake Chaplain
Kid Pond Glacier Peak West
King Lake Arlington East
King Lake Monroe
King Pond Marysville
Kirk Lake Helena Ridge
La Barge Lake Riley Lake
Lake Agnes Tulalip
Lake Angeline Helena Ridge
Lake Armstrong Arlington East
Lake Ballinger Edmonds East
Lake Beecher Maltby
Lake Bronson Lake Chaplain
Lake Byrne Glacier Peak West
Lake Cassidy Lake Stevens
Lake Chaplain Lake Chaplain
Lake Cochran Lake Roesiger
Lake Elsie Sultan
Lake Evan Mallardy Ridge
Lake Fontal Monroe
Lake Goodwin Stanwood
Lake Hannan Monroe
Lake Howard Stanwood
Lake Isabel Index
Lake Janus Labyrinth Mountain
Lake Julia Verlot
Lake Ketchum Conway
Lake Ki Stanwood
Lake Loma Stanwood
Lake Martha Stanwood
Lake Metam White Chuck Mountain
Lake Roesiger Lake Roesiger
Lake Rowland Stanwood
Lake Serene Edmonds East
Lake Serene Index
Lake Shoecraft Stanwood
Lake Simms Baring
Lake Stevens Lake Stevens
Lake Stickney Wallace Lake
Lake Twentytwo Verlot
Lime Lake Lime Mountain
Little Blue Lake Benchmark Mountain
Little Cavanaugh Lake Gold Bar
Little Greider Lake Mount Stickney
Little Lake Maltby
Little Lake Arlington East
Little Menzel Lake Granite Falls
Little Pete Lake Captain Point
Long Lake Monroe
Lookout Lake Lime Mountain
Lost Lake Darrington
Lost Lake Lake Chaplain
Lost Lake Riley Lake
Lost Lake Bedal
Lost Lake Mallardy Ridge
Margaret Lake Captain Point
Martha Lake Lake Stevens
Martha Lake Bothell
Mary Shelton Lake Tulalip
Marysville Sewage Lagoon Marysville
McGlinchy Dam Everett
Meadow Lake Lake Roesiger
Meadow Lake Mount Pugh
Menzel Lake Granite Falls
Mica Lake Lime Mountain
Milard Lake Granite Falls
Milk Lake Lime Mountain
Milk Lakes Lime Mountain
Monroe Reservoir Monroe
Monte Cristo Lake Bedal
Mount Bullen Lakes Whitehorse Mountain
Mud Lake Arlington East
Mud Lake Riley Lake
Myrtle Lake Bedal
Nels Lake Sloan Peak
Noble Lake Whitehorse Mountain
North Lake Helena Ridge
Olson Lake Arlington East
One Acre Lake Mount Stickney
Panther Lake Snohomish
Pass Lake Silverton
Peach Lake Captain Point
Pear Lake Benchmark Mountain
Peek-a-boo Lake White Chuck Mountain
Pemmican Lake Bedal
Pete Lake Captain Point
Picnic Point Lake Mukilteo
Pilot Lake Downey Mountain
Pinnacle Lake Verlot
Powder Mill Gulch Retention Basin Mukilteo
Quartz Lake Blanca Lake
Quilceda Creek Reservoir Arlington West
Reiter-Skykomish Rearing Ponds Index
Reservoir Number Five Everett
Reservoir Number Four Everett
Reservoir Number Three Everett
Reservoir Number Two Everett
Riley Lake Riley Lake
Rivord Lake Lime Mountain
Rose Lake Mount Stickney
Ross Lake Marysville
Round Lake Monroe
Round Lake Sloan Peak
Ruby Lake Sloan Peak
Ruggs Lake Everett
Saddle Lake Meadow Mountain
Saucer Lake Captain Point
Scrabble Lake Captain Point
Scriber Lake Edmonds East
Shadow Lake Maltby
Shaw Lake Wallace Lake
Silver Lake Everett
Silver Lake Monte Cristo
Six Lake Verlot
Smelling Lake Granite Falls
Snowfall Lake Mount Stickney
South Lake Bedal
Spada Lake Wallace Lake
Stickney Lake Mukilteo
Stitch Lake Snohomish
Stone Lake Baring
Storm Lake Lake Roesiger
Sulphur Mountain Lake Lime Mountain
Sultan Mill Pond Sultan
Summit Lake Verlot
Sunday Lake Stanwood
Sunset Lake Baring
Sunup Lake Sloan Peak
Swartz Lake Granite Falls
Target Lake Prairie Mountain
Thomas Lake Bothell
Thornton Lake White Chuck Mountain
Three Lakes Lake Roesiger
Three Rivers Mill Pond Darrington
Tom Dick and Harry Lakes Baring
Tomtit Lake Sultan
Treen Lake Monroe
Trestle Swamp Monroe
Tucker Lake Whitehorse Mountain
Tulalip Salmon Rearing Pond Tulalip
Tupso Lake Meadow Mountain
Twin Falls Lake Mallardy Ridge
Twin Lakes Riley Lake
Twin Lakes Monte Cristo
Twin Lakes Lime Mountain
Van Lake Glacier Peak West
Virgin Lake Blanca Lake
Wagner Lake Lake Roesiger
Wallace Lake Wallace Lake
Weallup Lake Tulalip
Weeden Lake Monte Cristo
Wellin Lake Monroe
Wheeler Lake Meadow Mountain
White Chuck Lakes White Chuck Mountain
Windon Lake Helena Ridge
Winters Lake Lake Chaplain
Woodland Farm Reservoir Lake Stevens
Woods Lake Lake Chaplain

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Snohomish County, Washington. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.