Stevens County Washington Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Stevens County Washington

Place USGS Topo Map
Ansaldo Lake Belshazzar Mountain
Bass Lake Marcus
Bayley Lake Cliff Ridge
Beitey Lake Valley
Benjamin Lake Benjamin Lake
Benson Lake Nelson Peak
Black Lake Park Rapids
Blue Gulch Reservoir Kettle Falls
Blue Lake Valley
Blue Lake Arden
Boise Cascade Mill Waste Pond Kettle Falls
Bowen Lake China Bend
Browns Lake Waitts Lake
Buck Lake Addy
Buhrig Lake Bossburg
Buzzard Lake Nelson Peak
Cedar Lake Leadpoint
Cedar Lake Leadpoint
Clark Lake Cedonia
Coffin Lake Lake Gillette
Dailey Lake Addy Mountain
Dawn Mine Tailings Pond Ford
De Hart Lake White Mud Lake
Deep Lake Deep Lake
Deer Lake Deer Lake
Dilly Lake Bossburg
Doe Lake Addy
Douglass Lake White Mud Lake
Dry Lake Echo Valley
Easter Sunday Lake Churchill Mountain
Elbow Lake Belshazzar Mountain
Erickson Lake Arden
Evans Pond Marcus
First Thought Lake Laurier
Fourmile Lake Waitts Lake
Fuhrman Lake Kettle Falls
Gilbert Lake Laurier
Gillette Lake Lake Gillette
Glasgo Lakes Bossburg
Hansen Lake Waitts Lake
Harlin Lake Marcus
Hatch Lake Addy Mountain
High Lake Addy
Hill Lake Marcus
Hirsch Pond Valley
Hooknose Lake Abercrombie Mountain
Horseshoe Lake Goddards Peak
Hunters Pond Hunters
Hyatt Lake Marcus
Johnson Lake Goddards Peak
Jumpoff Jim Lake Valley
Jumpoff Joe Lake Valley
Keogh Lake White Mud Lake
Lake City Lakes Echo Valley
Lake Heritage Aladdin Mountain
Lake Thomas Lake Gillette
Lamar Lake Churchill Mountain
Lee Lake Colville
Lenhard Reservoir Clayton
Lenz Lake Arden
Little Falls Reservoir Little Falls
Little Pend Oreille Lakes Aladdin Mountain
Little Pierre Lake Laurier
Little Twin Lakes Park Rapids
Long Lake Addy Mountain
Loon Lake Deer Lake
May Lake Colville
McCoy Lake McCoy Lake
McDowell Lake Cliff Ridge
Meadow Pond Waitts Lake
Meyers Falls Reservoir Kettle Falls
Miller Reservoir Dunn Mountain
Mission Lake Kettle Falls
Mitchell Lake Rice
Mud Lake Chewelah
Mudgett Lake Hunters
Nelson Lake Nelson Peak
Nettleton Lake Rice
Newbill Lake Hunters
O’Toole Lake China Bend
Peery Lake White Mud Lake
Pepoon Lake Belshazzar Mountain
Perkins Lake Bossburg
Phalon Lake China Bend
Phillips Lake Northport
Phillips Lake Calispell Peak
Pierce Lake Cliff Ridge
Pierre Lake Laurier
Pittman Lake Laurier
Ponderosa Lake Fan Lake
Quinns Meadows Spirit
Red Lake Tumtum
Reeder Lake Echo Valley
Rigley Lake Echo Valley
Rocky Lake Addy Mountain
Rolly Lake Arden
Ryan Lake Bossburg
Sherry Lake Lake Gillette
Sherwood Project Tailings Dam Turtle Lake
Silver Crown Lake Northport
Snook Lake Hunters
Sowers Reservoir Springdale
Spokane River Arm McCoy Lake
Starvation Lake Cliff Ridge
Summit Lake Laurier
Swede Lake Waitts Lake
Taylor Lake Laurier
Thompson Lake White Mud Lake
Turtle Lake Marcus
Turtle Lake Turtle Lake
Twin Lakes Park Rapids
Waitts Lake Waitts Lake
White Lake White Mud Lake
White Mud Lake White Mud Lake
Williams Lake China Bend
Winslow Lake Cliff Ridge

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Stevens County, Washington. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.