Whatcom County Washington Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Whatcom County Washington

Place USGS Topo Map
Anderson Lake Kendall
Anderson Lakes Bacon Peak
Arbuthnet Lake Shuksan Arm
Atherns Pond Cavanaugh Creek
Austin Pass Lake Shuksan Arm
Azure Lake Mount Challenger
Baby Lake Baker Pass
Bagley Lakes Shuksan Arm
Baker Lake Welker Peak
Baker Reservoir Lummi Island
Bald Lake Glacier
Barrett Lake Ferndale
Bear Lake Mount Redoubt
Bearpaw Mountain Lake Bearpaw Mountain
Berdeen Lake Damnation Peak
Blaine Reservoir Blaine
Blue Lake Baker Pass
Blum Lakes Mount Blum
Bouck Lake Diablo Dam
Brennan Pond Ferndale
Bullard Lake Bellingham South
Cain Lake Lake Whatcom
Canyon Lake Canyon Lake
Canyon Lake Bearpaw Mountain
Cedar Lake Bellingham South
Church Lake Bearpaw Mountain
Copper Lake Copper Mountain
Damfino Lakes Bearpaw Mountain
Diablo Lake Ross Dam
Duck Pond Acme
East Lakes Mount Redoubt
Egg Lake Copper Mountain
Eiley Lake Mount Challenger
Elbow Lake Twin Sisters Mountain
Ferguson Ponds Acme
Fountain Lake Lynden
Fragrance Lake Bellingham South
Freezeout Lake Skagit Peak
Galena Chain Lakes Shuksan Arm
Goat Lakes Pasayten Peak
Gorge Lake Diablo Dam
Green Lake Lynden
Green Lake Bacon Peak
Hanging Lake Copper Mountain
Hayes Lake Shuksan Arm
Heavens-Lass Lagoon Bellingham North
Heide Pond Blaine
Heron Pond Bellingham North
Highwood Lake Shuksan Arm
Holiday Lake Lummi Island
Hozomeen Lake Hozomeen Mountain
Iceberg Lake Shuksan Arm
Ipsoot Lake Bacon Peak
Jeanita Lake Diablo Dam
Jerry Lakes Jack Mountain
Jorgensen Lake Canyon Lake
Judson Lake Sumas
Keefe Lake Bertrand Creek
Kendall Lake Kendall
Kidney Lakes Glacier
Lake Ann Shuksan Arm
Lake Doreen Twin Sisters Mountain
Lake Fazon Lawrence
Lake Hildebrand Twin Sisters Mountain
Lake Louise Lake Whatcom
Lake Padden Bellingham South
Lake Reveille Mount Redoubt
Lake Samish Bellingham South
Lake Terrell Lummi Bay
Lake Terrell Lummi Bay
Lake Whatcom Lake Whatcom
Lake Wiseman Twin Sisters Mountain
Lilypad Lake Welker Peak
Lonesome Pond Acme
Lost Lake Bellingham South
Lost Lake Kendall
Luna Lake Mount Challenger
Maiden Lake Shuksan Arm
Marona Mill Pond Acme
Marten Lake Shuksan Arm
Mazama Lake Shuksan Arm
Mazama Lake Baker Pass
Middle Lakes Mount Redoubt
Mirror Lake Acme
Mosquito Lake Canyon Lake
Mount Baker Lodge Lakes Shuksan Arm
Mud Lake Deming
Mud Lake Bellingham South
Noname Lake Pumpkin Mountain
Olason Reservoir Blaine
Panther Potholes Ross Dam
Picture Lake Shuksan Arm
Pine Lake Bellingham South
Pinus Lake Bearpaw Mountain
Pocket Lake Mount Sefrit
Pocket Lake Baker Pass
Price Lake Mount Shuksan
Pyramid Lake Ross Dam
Rainbow Lake Shuksan Arm
Reed Lake Lake Whatcom
Ridley Lake Hozomeen Mountain
Ross Lake Ross Dam
Shuksan Lake Mount Shuksan
Shull Lake Shull Mountain
Silver Lake Maple Falls
Silver Lake Mount Spickard
Simonson Pond Blaine
Skymo Lake Pumpkin Mountain
Smrekar Reservoir Blaine
Sourdough Lake Pumpkin Mountain
Sprague Lake Kendall
Squalicum Lake Lawrence
Squires Lake Lake Whatcom
Sulphide Lake Mount Shuksan
Sunrise Lake Shuksan Arm
Sunset Pond Bellingham North
Tapto Lakes Mount Redoubt
Taylor Pond Ferndale
Tennant Lake Ferndale
Terminal Lake Shuksan Arm
Thornton Lakes Mount Triumph
Thunder Lake Ross Dam
Tiny Lake Mount Redoubt
Toad Lake Bellingham North
Tomyhoi Lake Mount Larrabee
Triumph Lake Damnation Peak
Tuckway Lake Baker Pass
Twin Lakes Mount Larrabee
Unruh Reservoir Birch Point
Watson Lakes Bacon Peak
Whistler Lake Bearpaw Mountain
Wiley Lake Mount Challenger
Willey Lake Bertrand Creek
Williams Lake Deming
Willow Lake Hozomeen Mountain
Wiser Lake Lynden

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Whatcom County, Washington. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.