Yakima County Washington Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Yakima County Washington

Place USGS Topo Map
American Lake Cougar Lake
Angel Lake Meeks Table
Apple Lake Spiral Butte
Art Lake Spiral Butte
Basin Lake Norse Peak
Bear Lake Tieton Basin
Bench Lake Mount Adams East
Berglund Lake Selah
Bird Lake Mount Adams East
Blakenship Lakes Spiral Butte
Blue Lake Darland Mountain
Bluff Lake Mount Adams East
Bos Lake Sunnyside
Boundary Lake Meeks Table
Bridgeman Pond Mabton West
Buck Lake Cougar Lake
Buck Lake Timberwolf Mountain
Bumping Lake Bumping Lake
Byron Ponds Mabton East
Cascade Mill Pond Yakima East
Cedar Lake Cougar Lake
Cirque Lake Jennies Butte
Clear Lake Spiral Butte
Cockleburr Lake Mabton West
Conrad Lake Pinegrass Ridge
Cougar Lake Cougar Lake
Crag Lake Cougar Lake
Cramer Lake Spiral Butte
Crescent Lakes Noble Knob
Crow Creek Lake Goose Prairie
Crow Lake Raven Roost
Dancing Lady Lake Spiral Butte
Deer Lake White Pass
Dewey Lake Cougar Lake
Diamond Lake Jennies Butte
Dog Lake Spiral Butte
Fish Lake Foundation Ridge
Fish Lake Windy Point
Fish Lake Cougar Lake
Flat Iron Lake Old Scab Mountain
Giffin Lake Mabton West
Ginnette Lake White Pass
Granite Lake Bumping Lake
Green Lake Darland Mountain
Heart Lake Mount Adams East
Hell Lake Pinegrass Ridge
Hill Lake Spiral Butte
Horseshoe Lake Mabton West
Horseshoe Pond Sunnyside
Howard Lake Jennies Butte
Kettle Lake Goose Prairie
Lake Corral Walupt Lake
Lake Myron Yakima West
LeConte Lake Walupt Lake
Leech Lake White Pass
Lightning Lake Rimrock Lake
Lily Lake Bumping Lake
Little Cougar Lake Cougar Lake
Little Lake Darland Mountain
Little Mud Lake Nile
Long John Lake Spiral Butte
Long Lake Foundation Ridge
Lost Lake Tieton Basin
Lower Cedar Lake Cougar Lake
Lutz Lake Old Snowy Mountain
Lynne Lake Tieton Basin
Mal Lake Meeks Table
McDaniel Lake Meeks Table
Mill Pond Yakima East
Miriam Lake Old Snowy Mountain
Mirror Lake Mount Adams East
Morgan Lake Mabton West
Mount Adams Lake Windy Point
Mud Lake Harrah SE
Mud Lake Milk Canyon
Oleys Lake Grandview
Olney Lake Toppenish Mountain
One Lake Cougar Lake
Otter Lake Spiral Butte
Parker Reservoir Wiley City
Pear Lake Spiral Butte
Phantom Lake Pinegrass Ridge
Pillar Lake Spiral Butte
Placer Lake Norse Peak
Pleasant Valley Lake Goose Prairie
Richmond Lake Timberwolf Mountain
Rimrock Lake Rimrock Lake
Root Lake Bumping Lake
Rotary Lake Selah
Round Lake Mabton West
Round Lake Spiral Butte
Sand Lake White Pass
Section 3 Lake Pinegrass Ridge
Shadow Lake Mount Adams East
Sheep Lake White River Park
Sheepherder Lake Goose Prairie
Shellrock Lake Spiral Butte
Shoe Lake Old Snowy Mountain
Slaughterhouse Lake Mabton West
Summit Lakes Spiral Butte
Surprise Lake Jennies Butte
Swamp Lake Cougar Lake
Tadpole Lake Stagman Butte
Thunder Lake Rimrock Lake
Tieton Pond Tieton Basin
Tim Ponds Tieton
Two Lakes Glaciate Butte
Two Lakes Cougar Lake
Ty Lake Tieton Basin
Warm Lake Walupt Lake
Warren Lake Mabton West
Wenas Lake Wenas Lake
White Swan Mill Ponds Medicine Valley
Wildcat Lake Cougar Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Yakima County, Washington. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.