Bayfield County Wisconsin Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Bayfield County Wisconsin

Place USGS Topo Map
Adeline Lake Diamond Lake
Ahmeek Lake Iron Lake
Anderson Lake Delta
Angus Lake Hart Lake
Anodanta Lake Grandview NW
Armstrong Lake Drummond
Arrowhead Lake Grandview NW
Atkins Lake Grand View
Bailey Lake Hart Lake
Balsam Pond Drummond
Barnes Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Bass Lake Delta
Bass Lake Iron Lake
Bass Lake Brule
Bass Lake Island Lake
Bass Lake Cable
Bass Lake Diamond Lake
Bass Lake Grand View
Basswood Lake Delta
Bear Lake Delta
Bear Pond Delta
Beaver Lake Delta
Bell Lake Delta
Bellevue Lake Delta
Bibon Lake Port Wing
Big Brook Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Birch Lake Marengo Lake
Birch Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Birch Lake Lake Tahkodah
Bismarck Lake Iron Lake
Bladder Lake Hart Lake
Blue Lake Island Lake
Bog Lake Delta
Boggy Pond Grandview NW
Bony Lake Ellison Lake
Boris Lake Ino
Bradox Lake Delta
Breakfast Lake Island Lake
Broadax Lake Delta
Buck Lake Hart Lake
Buffalo Lake Clam Lake
Bufo Lake Delta
Bullhead Lake Drummond
Bullhead Lake Grand View
Buskey Bay Hart Lake
Cabin Lake Moquah NW
Cable Lake Cable
Camp Eleven Lake Iron Lake
Camp Eleven Lake Brule
Camp Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Camp Nine Lake Drummond NW
Camp One Lake Hart Lake
Camp Two Lake Iron Lake
Camp Two Lake Grandview NW
Canthook Lake Delta
Carroll Lake Brule
Carson Pond Delta
Cat Lake Iron Lake
Chelonia Lake Delta
Chippewa Lake Clam Lake
Cisco Lake Drummond
Cisco Lake 0.41 Drummond
Claire Lake Drummond NW
Clay Lake Delta
Club Lake Grand View
Coburn Lake Diamond Lake
Coffee Lake Marengo Lake
Connor Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Cranberry Lake Grandview NW
Cranberry Lake Ellison Lake
Cranberry Lake Grand View
Crane Lake Diamond Lake
Crooked Lake Hart Lake
Crystal Lake Iron Lake
Crystal Lake Mount Valhalla
Crystal Lake Lake Tahkodah
Dawn Lake Totagatic Lake
Dawn Lake Cable
Deep Lake Iron Lake
Deep Lake Grandview NW
Deer Lake Grand View
Deer Lick Lake Diamond Lake
Dells Lake Clam Lake
Devils Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Diamond Lake Diamond Lake
Drummond Lake Drummond
Drummond Lake 50 Drummond
Dry Well Lake Delta
Ducetts Lakes Drummond NW
Duck Lake Hart Lake
Duck Lake Clam Lake
Eagle Lake Delta
East Davis Lake Grand View
East Eightmile Lake Drummond NW
Egg Lake Drummond
Ellison Lake Ellison Lake
Emerson Lake Lake Tahkodah
Erick Lake Iron Lake
Esox Lake Drummond
Everett Lake Delta
Finger Lake Hart Lake
Fire Lake Iron Lake
Five Island Lake Hart Lake
Flakefjord Lake Delta
Flynn Lake Delta
Flynn Lake Drummond
Frels Lake Lake Tahkodah
Friedbauer Lake Grand View
Frog Lake Delta
Fuller Lake Totagatic Lake
Garden Lake Namekagon Lake
George Lake Island Lake
Getsey Lake Delta
Ghost Lake Namekagon Lake
Grass Lake Diamond Lake
Half Moon Lake Iron Lake
Hammil Lake Drummond
Happles Lake Delta
Hart Lake Hart Lake
Hay Lake Delta
Hay Lake Island Lake
Heart Lake Delta
Henderson Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Henry Lake Cable
Hicks Lake Hart Lake
Hidden Lake Lake Tahkodah
Hildebrand Lake Lake Tahkodah
Hildur Lake Delta
Hobbs Lake Hart Lake
Hoist Lake Moquah NW
Hollibar Lake Delta
Holmes Lake Grand View
Honey Lake Hart Lake
Horseshoe Lake Moquah NW
Hostrawser Lake Iron Lake
Idlewild Lake Ellison Lake
Inch Lake Delta
Indian Lake Marengo Lake
Iron Lake Iron Lake
Iron River Flowage 8.37 Iron Lake
Island Lake Hart Lake
Island Lake Island Lake
Jackman Lake Iron Lake
Jackson Lake Namekagon Lake
Jesse Lake Iron Lake
Jo Ann Lake Lake Tahkodah
Johnson Lake Hart Lake
Johnson Spring Flowage 1 Diamond Lake
Jones Lake Iron Lake
Jorgenson Lake Drummond
Kelly Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Kern Lake Grandview NW
Lake Bullhead Delta
Lake Delta Delta
Lake Dinner Camp Drummond
Lake Five Clam Lake
Lake Half Moon Drummond
Lake Holly Drummond
Lake Horseshoe Drummond
Lake Knotting Grand View
Lake Lenawee Moquah NW
Lake Lizzie Grand View
Lake Louise Moquah
Lake Millicent Hart Lake
Lake Nokomis Hart Lake
Lake Osborn Grand View
Lake Owen Diamond Lake
Lake Ree Diamond Lake
Lake Ruth Iron Lake
Lake Sixteen Drummond
Lake Sixteen Diamond Lake
Lake Tahkodah Lake Tahkodah
Lake Two Delta
Lake Wilipyro Drummond
Lamereau Lake Drummond NW
Lee Lake Delta
Lemon Lake Delta
Lerche Lake Cable
Lester Lake Hart Lake
Lindgren Lake Brule
Line Lake Grandview NW
Little Bass Lake Namekagon Lake
Little Hidden Lake Diamond Lake
Little Island Lake Ellison Lake
Little Rosa Lake Cable
Little Siskiwit Lake Cornucopia
Little Star Lake Grandview NW
Long Lake Mount Valhalla
Long Lake Hart Lake
Loon Lake Hart Lake
Lost Lake Iron Lake
Lucius Lake Island Lake
Lund Lake Delta
Marengo Lake Marengo Lake
McCarry Lake Hart Lake
McCloud Lake Namekagon Lake
McGinnis Lake Moquah
Middle Eau Claire Lake Ellison Lake
Middle Eau Claire Lake 57 Ellison Lake
Mill Pond Lake Iron Lake
Mill Pond Lake Drummond
Mill Pond Lake 45 Drummond
Mimi Lake Ellison Lake
Minor Lake Iron Lake
Mirror Lake Drummond
Mirror Lake Hart Lake
Moon Lake Iron Lake
Moose Lake Moquah NW
Moreland Lake Island Lake
Motyka Lake Cable
Mountain Lake Drummond
Muck Lake Delta
Mud Flat Lake Delta
Mud Lake Delta
Mud Lake Iron Lake
Mullenhoff Lake Iron Lake
Muskellunge Lake Delta
Muskie Springs Lake Clam Lake
Mystery Lake Delta
Namagosh Lake Delta
Namekagon 41 Reservoir Lake Tahkodah
Namekagon Lake Namekagon Lake
Nancy Lake Drummond NW
Nelson Lake Delta
Nestle Lake Iron Lake
Northeast Lake Diamond Lake
Nymphia Lake Grandview NW
Ole Lake Island Lake
Ole Lake Cable
Olson Lake Grand View
Orienta Flowage 148 Blaine Creek
Overby Lake Diamond Lake
Patsy Lake Hart Lake
Patsy Lake Namekagon Lake
Perch Lake Cornucopia
Perch Lake Iron Lake
Perch Lake Delta
Perry Lake Cable
Peterson Lake Iron Lake
Phantom Lake Delta
Physa Lake Delta
Pickerel Lake Ellison Lake
Picture Lake Cable
Pigeon Lake Drummond
Pike Lake Hart Lake
Pike Lake Chain of Lakes 13 Delta
Pine Lake Hart Lake
Pine Lake Moquah NW
Planorbis Lake Delta
Pond Lake Delta
Porcupine Lake Diamond Lake
Porter Lakes Cable
Pot Lake Diamond Lake
Pre-emption Creek Pond Grand View
Price Lake Cable
Priest Lake Lake Minnesuing
Rainbow Lake Delta
Rana Lake Drummond
Range Line Lake Clam Lake
Reynard Lake Delta
Rib Lake Moquah NW
Richardson Lake Iron Lake
Robinson Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Rock Lake Lake Tahkodah
Roger Lake Iron Lake
Roger Lake Diamond Lake
Rosa Lake Cable
Russell Lake Iron Lake
Ryberg Lake Diamond Lake
Sage Lake Diamond Lake
Samoset Lake Drummond
Sand Bar Lake Ellison Lake
Sand Lake Drummond NW
Sawdust Lake Hart Lake
Sawmill Lake Grandview NW
Shunenberg Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Siegal Lake Grand View
Silver Lake Drummond NW
Silver Sack Lake Hart Lake
Simpson Lake Iron Lake
Siskiwit Lake Bark Bay
Smear Lake Cable
Smith Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Southwest Lake Lake Tahkodah
Spider Lake Ino
Spider Lake Iron Lake
Spirit Lake Delta
Spring Lake Iron Lake
Spring Lake Lake Tahkodah
Spruce Lake Grand View
Spruce Lake Marengo Lake
Square Lake Delta
Star Lake Grandview NW
Steckbaur Lake Hart Lake
Steelhead Lake Delta
Stewart Lake Drummond
Stratton Ponds Delta
Sugar Bush Lake Diamond Lake
Summit Lake Ino
Sunken Camp Lake Moquah NW
Swede Lake Delta
Sweet Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Tank Lake Diamond Lake
Tank Lake Namekagon Lake
Tars Pond Upper Eau Claire Lake
Taylor Lake Grand View
Teacup Lake Delta
Three Lake Delta
Tomahawk Lake Ellison Lake
Toothpick Lake Hart Lake
Topside Lake Hart Lake
Totagatic Lake Totagatic Lake
Tower Lake Delta
Trail Lake Lake Tahkodah
Trapper Lake Grand View
Travers Lake Drummond NW
Trout Lake Drummond NW
Tub Lake Hart Lake
Turtle Lake Island Lake
Twin Bear Lake Hart Lake
Twin Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Twin Lakes Hart Lake
Twin Lakes Mount Valhalla
Twin Lakes Lake Tahkodah
Upper Eau Claire Lake Upper Eau Claire Lake
Wabigon Lake Delta
Wanoka Lake Hart Lake
Wentzel Lake Hart Lake
West Davis Lake Grand View
West Eightmile Lake Drummond NW
West Lake Delta
West Lake Cable
White Bass Lake Clam Lake
Wilderness Lake Drummond NW
Wiley Lake Cable
Wishbone Lake Delta
Wolf Lake Delta
Wright Lake Iron Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Bayfield County, Wisconsin. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.