Douglas County Wisconsin Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Douglas County Wisconsin

Place USGS Topo Map
Alexander Lake Chittamo
Amnicon Lake Amnicon Lake
Anderson Lake Lake Minnesuing
Apple Lake Minong Flowage
Arrowhead Lake Gordon
Bass Lake Gordon
Bass Lake Solon Springs
Bear Lake Amnicon Lake
Beauregard Lake Ellison Lake
Beglinger Lake Gordon
Big Lake Island Lake
Bird Sanctuary Lake Solon Springs
Black Fox Lake Ellison Lake
Black Lake Black Lake
Bluegill Lake Gordon
Bond Lake Gordon
Boot Lake Metzger Lake
Breitzman Lake Patzau
Buffalo Lake Gordon
Catherine Lake Ellison Lake
Cedar Island Ponds Island Lake
Chain Lakes Chittamo
Cheney Lake Lake Minnesuing
Clear Lake Gordon
Clyde Lake Chittamo
Coffee Lake Lake Minnesuing
Cranberry Creek Flowage 8.3 Lyman Lake
Cranberry Lake Minong Flowage
Cream Lake Lake Minnesuing
Crooked Lake Chittamo
Crotty Lake Gordon
Crystal Lake Minong Flowage
Deer Lake Minong Flowage
Deer Lake Lake Minnesuing
Deer Lake Lyman Lake
Deer Print Lake Ellison Lake
Dowling Lake Amnicon Lake
Eau Claire River Flowage 33 Gordon
Ferguson Lake Solon Springs
Flamang Lake Metzger Lake
Flat Lake Metzger Lake
Frahm Lake Chittamo
Gander Lake Lake Minnesuing
Gilbert Lake Bennett
Goose Lake Chittamo NE
Grover Lake Gordon
Harriet Lake Gordon
Haugen Lake Chittamo
High Life Lake Ellison Lake
Hoodoo Lake Brule
Hopkins Lake Ellison Lake
Horseshoe Lake Lake Minnesuing
Interfalls Lake Sunnyside
Island Lake Solon Springs
Jack Pine Lake Ellison Lake
Kreide Lake Gordon
Lake Minnesuing Lake Minnesuing
Lake Nebagamon Lake Nebagamon
Lake Newman Amnicon Lake
Lake of the Woods Bennett
Lake Seventeen Patzau
Leader Lake Gordon
Little Simms Lake Metzger Lake
Little Steele Lake Lake Nebagamon
Long Lake Solon Springs
Long Lake Lyman Lake
Loon Lake Minong Flowage
Loon Lake Island Lake
Lower Eau Claire Lake Ellison Lake
Lower Eau Claire Lake 55 Ellison Lake
Lower Ox Lake Solon Springs
Lucius Lake Island Lake
Lund Lake Ellison Lake
Lydon Lake Lake Nebagamon
Lyman Lake Lyman Lake
Mahogany Marsh Lake Chittamo
Metzger Lake Metzger Lake
Mills Lake Bennett
Minnow Lake Lake Nebagamon
Mirror Lake Ellison Lake
Moose Branch Flowage Buckety Creek
Moose Lake Lyman Lake
Muck Lake Gordon
Muck Lake Island Lake
Mud Lake Ellison Lake
Mud Lake Amnicon Lake
Mulligan Lake Chittamo
Murray Lake Ellison Lake
Muskrat Lake Solon Springs
Olson Meadows Flowage Solon Springs
One Buck Lake Amnicon Lake
One Mile Lake Gordon
Paradise Lake Ellison Lake
Park Creek Pond Solon Springs
Park Creek Pond 3 Solon Springs
Person Lake Minong Flowage
Peterson Lake Gordon
Pickerel Lake Minong Flowage
Pine Lake Lake Nebagamon
Plate Lake Lake Minnesuing
Poplar River Pond 28 Poplar
Radigan Flowage Dairyland
Radigan Flowage 41 Dairyland
Rainbow Lake Gordon
Red Lake Gordon
Reichuster Lake Amnicon Lake
Rock Lake Ellison Lake
Round Lake Minong Flowage
Round Lake Lyman Lake
Rush Lake Island Lake
Saint Croix Flowage Solon Springs
Saint Croix Flowage 282 Buckety Creek
Sand Lake Island Lake
Sauntrys Pocket Lake Chittamo
Sawyer Lake Chittamo
Scott Lake Minong Flowage
Scout Lake Amnicon Lake
Shoberg Lake Lake Minnesuing
Simms Lake Metzger Lake
Smith Lake Lake Minnesuing
Snake Lake Chittamo
Snipe Lake Minong Flowage
Spider Lake Minong Flowage
Stateline Flowage 3 Black Lake
Steele Lake Poplar
Sucker Lake Island Lake
Sullivan Lake Gordon
Summit Lake Patzau
Sunfish Lake Lake Minnesuing
Swenson Lake Metzger Lake
Thorn Lake Chittamo
Three Bucks Lakes Lyman Lake
Twin Lakes Metzger Lake
Twin Lakes Bennett
Two Mile Lake Gordon
Upper Ox Lake Metzger Lake
Upper Saint Croix Lake Solon Springs
Wagner Lake Gordon
Wascott Lake Gordon
Webb Lake Minong Flowage
Whisky Lake Lake Minnesuing
Whitefish Lake Gordon
Whiteside Lake Metzger Lake
Wilson Lake Minong Flowage
Yoekel Lake Gordon

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Douglas County, Wisconsin. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.