Langlade County Wisconsin Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Langlade County Wisconsin

Place USGS Topo Map
1 Reservoir Black Brook
1 Reservoir Black Brook
25 Reservoir Bryant
Ada Lake Reservoir Pond
Airhole Lake Elcho
Alga Lake Kempster
Alta Lake Kempster
Anderson Lake Pearson
Aninnan Lake Post Lake
Antigo Lake Antigo
Apple Lakes Elcho
Baker Lake Pickerel
Bear Lake Aniwa
Beaver Lake Kempster
Berendsen Lake Mole Lake
Big Twin Lake Pickerel
Birch Lake Kempster
Black Oak Lake Kempster
Bog Lake Enterprise
Bogus Lake Kempster
Borth Lake Kempster
Bullhead Lake Bavaria
Camp Lake Enterprise
Clear Lake Kempster
Clubhouse Springpond Polar
Crooked Lake Kempster
Dark Lake White Lake
Deadman Lake Mole Lake
Deep Wood Lake Kempster
Demlow Lake Mattoon
Diene Lake Langlade
Dodge Lake Polar
Duck Lake Elcho
Dynamite Lake Bavaria
Eagle Lake Bavaria
East Apple Lake Elcho
East Florence Lake Zoar
Elder Lake Kempster
Elton Springpond Polar
Enterprise Lake Elcho
Evangeline Lake Kempster
Ferguson Pond Pearson
Fischer Lake Pickerel
Flora Lake White Lake
Florence Lake Zoar
Fox Lake Kempster
Gabriel Lake Kempster
Galyan Springs White Lake
Game Lake Pearson
Gilkey Lake Pearson
Glade Lake Reservoir Pond
Gleason Flowage 2 Doering
Goto Lake Polar
Greater Bass Lake Kempster
Hatton Springs Polar
Hazel Lake Kempster
High Lake Pearson
High Lake Pearson
High Lake Kempster
Hilger Lake Mattoon
Hilson Lake Elcho
Hindu Lake Pickerel
Hoglot Springs Polar
Hollister Lake Mole Lake
Horseshoe Lake Mole Lake
Horseshoe Lake Bavaria
Horseshoe Lake Enterprise
Indian Lake Kempster
Jack Lake Pearson
Jessie Lake Reservoir Pond
Jordan Lake Elcho
Joyce Lake Polar
Karbergers Springs Polar
Kellog Pond 35.2 Antigo
Kennedy Lake Mattoon
Kettle Lake Kempster
Kimball Lake Kempster
Krause Springs Polar
Lady Lake Kempster
Lake Agnes Mole Lake
Lake Ethel Pickerel
Lake One Parrish
Lake Two Parrish
Lawrence Lake Pickerel
Leonard Nixon Springs Polar
Little Bass Lake Parrish
Little Partridge Lake Bavaria
Little Pike Lake Kempster
Little Rose Lakes Langlade
Little Twin Lake Pickerel
Little Twin Lakes Pickerel
Long Lake White Lake
Long Lake Kempster
Loon Lake Post Lake
Lost Lake Post Lake
Low Lake Pearson
Lower Bass Lake Kempster
Lower Clear Lake Kempster
Lower Demlow Lake Mattoon
Lower First Lake Elcho
Lower Hiwanka Lake Reservoir Pond
Lower Post Lake Post Lake
Lower Wolf Lake Bavaria
Mable Lake White Lake
Mary Lake Reservoir Pond
McGee Lake Polar
Meyer Lake Mattoon
Minito Lake Enterprise
Miniwakan Lake Post Lake
Moccasin Lake Enterprise
Moose Lake Mattoon
Mud Lake Langlade
Mud Lake Perote Lake
Mud Lake Mattoon
Mueller Lake Polar
Nelson Lake Elcho
Niobe Lake Zoar
Nixon Springs Polar
Noboken Lake Kempster
North Neva Lake Pearson
Norway Lake Polar
Ormsby Pond Bavaria
Ormsby Pond 18 Bavaria
Otter Lake Elcho
Otter Lake Parrish
Our Lake White Lake
Partridge Lake Bavaria
Pence Lake Pearson
Perch Lake Mattoon
Perch Lake Post Lake
Perch Lake Post Lake
Perch Lake Kempster
Perch Lake Enterprise
Perch Lake Parrish
Peters Lake Pearson
Phlox Lake Mattoon
Phlox Pond 13 Mattoon
Pine Lake Elcho
Pine Springs Polar
Pohaida Lake Elcho
Porkey Lake White Lake
Rabe Lake Polar
Rogers Lake Pearson
Rolling Stone Lake Mole Lake
Rose Lake Langlade
Round Lake Enterprise
Saddlebag Lake Bavaria
Sasacat Lake Reservoir Pond
Sawyer Lake White Lake
Schmuhl Lake Bryant
Section Ten Lake Reservoir Pond
Setting Lake Reservoir Pond
Shanty Bottom Lake Kempster
Shoestring Lake Kempster
Snag Lake Kempster
South Neva Lake Pearson
Spider Creek Flowage Post Lake
Spring Lake Langlade
Spring Lake Pickerel
Spring Lake Pickerel
Squaw Lake Kempster
Stevens Pond Parrish
Stillhouse Springs White Lake
Sucker Lake Kempster
Summit Lake Kempster
Sunfish Lake Kempster
Susan Lake Kempster
Sylan Lake Polar
Tekakwitha Lake Mole Lake
Thompson Lake Mattoon
Town Line Lake White Lake
Townline Lake Enterprise
Trout Lake (historical) Mattoon
Turtle Lake Pickerel
Twin Hill Lake White Lake
Two Island Lake Parrish
Typner Lake Kempster
Tyra Lake Lily
Upper Demlow Lake Mattoon
Upper First Lake Elcho
Upper Hiwanka Lake Reservoir Pond
Upper Lake Post Lake
Upper Post Lake Post Lake
Upper Ventor Lake Pearson
Upper Wolf Lake Bavaria
Ventor Lake Pearson
Wamin Lake Post Lake
Water Power Lake Kempster
West Apple Lake Enterprise
West Lake White Lake
White Lake White Lake
Woods Flowage Polar

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Langlade County, Wisconsin. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.