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Rusk County Wisconsin Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Rusk County Wisconsin

Place USGS Topo Map
0.2 Reservoir Weyerhaeuser
Amacoy Lake Bruce
Atwood Lake Chain Lake
Audie Lake Bucks Lake
Bass Lake Bruce
Bass Lake Crane
Bass Lake Exeland
Bass Lake Weyerhaeuser
Bear Lake Chain Lake
Beauty Lake Chain Lake
Big Bowker Lake Strickland
Big Falls Flowage Big Falls Dam
Big Falls Flowage 1894 Big Falls Dam
Bog Lake Fireside Lakes
Bollman Lake Flambeau Ridge
Boot Lake Fireside Lakes
Bruce Lake Bruce
Bruno Lake Ladysmith
Brush Lake Chain Lake
Bucks Lake Bucks Lake
Bull Moose Lake Fireside Lakes
Cadotte Lake Chain Lake
Caley Lake Bruce
Clear Lake Chain Lake
Coon Lake Chain Lake
Corbett Lake Ladysmith
Cranberry Lake Weyerhaeuser
Dairyland Reservoir Exeland SE
Dead Goose Lake Chain Lake
Dickey Lake Chain Lake
Dump Lake Thornapple
Fireside Lakes Fireside Lakes
Fish Lake Moose Ear Lake
Galky Lake Chain Lake
Goose Lake Fireside Lakes
Hawkins Millpond Hawkins
Hill Trail Flowage Bucks Lake
Hogskin Lake Chain Lake
Horseshoe Lake Moose Ear Lake
Hungry Lake Chain Lake
Island Lake Fireside Lakes
Koehler Lake Moose Ear Lake
Ladysmith Flowage 1940 Ladysmith
Lake Four Chain Lake
Lake La Verne 13 Ingram
Lake LaVerne Ingram
Lake One Chain Lake
Lake Three Chain Lake
Lake Two Chain Lake
Lea Flowage Exeland SE
Lea Lake 13 Exeland SE
Little Bear Lake Chain Lake
Little Bowker Lake Strickland
Long Lake Thornapple
Lost Lake Bucks Lake
Lost Mans Lake Weyerhaeuser
MacDonald Lake Chain Lake
Marsh Lake Fireside Lakes
Mathy Lake Chain Lake
McCann Lake Chain Lake
McGee Lake Big Falls Dam
Murphy Flowage Bucks Lake
Muskrat Lake Chain Lake
North Cummings Lake Chain Lake
North Lake Weyerhaeuser
Park Lake Exeland SE
Perch Lake Bucks Lake
Pickerel Lakes Weyerhaeuser
Pigeon Creek Flowage Edgewater
Pine Lake Chain Lake
Pine Lake Bucks Lake
Potato Creek Flowage Chain Lake
Potato Lake Chain Lake
Pulaski Lake Fireside Lakes
Rock Lake Chain Lake
Round Lake Fireside Lakes
Rusk Lake Chain Lake
Sand Lake Fireside Lakes
Saxton Lake Thornapple
School Lake Fireside Lakes
Shamrock Lake Hawkins
Shamrock Lake 4 Hawkins
Skinner Creek Flowage Kennan NW
South Cummings Lake Chain Lake
Star Lake Chain Lake
Star Lake Bucks Lake
Styles Lake Weyerhaeuser
Sugar Lake Chain Lake
Sunfish Lake Thornapple
Thornapple Flowage 1965 Thornapple
Three Lakes Bucks Lake
Two Bear Lake Chain Lake
Washington Creek Flowage Flambeau Ridge
Whiplash Lake Chain Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Rusk County, Wisconsin. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.