Sawyer County Wisconsin Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Sawyer County Wisconsin

Place USGS Topo Map
2 Reservoir Winter
235 Reservoir Blaisdell Lake
Adina Lake Reserve
Ashegon Lake Couderay
Balsam Creek Flowage Moose Lake
Balsam Lake Exeland
Barber Lake Blaisdell Lake
Barker Lake Barker Lake
Beaver Lake Barker Lake
Beaver Lake Lake Tahkodah
Bennett Lake Birchwood
Bentley Lake Clam Lake
Beverly Lake Couderay
Billy Boy Flowage Hauer
Billy Boy Flowage 110 Reservoir Hauer
Black Dan Lake Blaisdell Lake
Black Lake Blaisdell Lake
Black Lake 4 Blaisdell Lake
Blaisdell Lake Blaisdell Lake
Blue Gill Lake Blaisdell Lake
Blueberry Lake Chief Lake
Boos Lake Moose Lake
Boribo Lake Exeland
Brunet Flowage 30 Blaisdell Lake
Buff Lake Hauer
Bullhead Lake Hayward
Bullhead Lake Moose Lake
Bunker Lake New Post
Burd Lake Clam Lake SW
Burns Lake Seeley
Byrd Lake Spider Lake
Callahan Lake New Post
Callahan Lake New Post
Callahan Lake New Post
Camp Four Lake Lake Tahkodah
Camp Four Lakes Spider Lake
Carpenter Lake New Post
Catfish Lake Moose Lake
Cattail Lake Clam Lake SW
Champagne Lake Oxbo
Chief Lake Chief Lake
Chip Lake Moose Lake
Chippewa Flowage 763 Barker Lake
Chippewa Lake Barker Lake
Christner Lake Reserve
Christy Lake Clam Lake
Clear Lake Seeley
Clear Lake Spider Lake
Colbroth Lake Bean Lake
Connors Lake Oxbo
County Line Lake Birchwood
Cranberry Lake Barker Lake
Crane Lake Chief Lake
Crystal Lake New Post
Currier Lake Spider Lake
Davies Lake Spider Lake
Davis Lake Spider Lake
Dead Lake Spider Lake
Deer Lake Edgewater
Deer Lake 10 Edgewater
Delano Lake Clam Lake
Devils Lake Couderay
Durphee Lake Reserve
Eagle Nest Lake Spider Lake
Eddy Creek Pond Couderay
Evelyn Lake Namekagon Lake
Evergreen Lake Oxbo
Farnsworth Lake Seeley
Fawn Lake Barker Lake
Fawn Lake Spider Lake
Filing Shed Lake Lake Tahkodah
Fishtrap Lake Blaisdell Lake
Fishtrap Lake 161 Blaisdell Lake
Foo Lake Spider Lake
Garbutt Lake Birchwood
Ghost Lake Moose Lake
Ghost Lake 22 Moose Lake
Glover Lake New Post
Goodman Lake Moose Lake
Goodwin Lake Namekagon Lake
Goose Lake Barker Lake
Grant Lake Namekagon Lake
Green Lake Birchwood
Green Lake Chief Lake
Grimh Flowage Radisson
Grimh Flowage 149 Radisson
Grindstone Lake Reserve
Gurno Lake Chief Lake
Hadley Lake Clam Lake
Ham Lake Hauer
Hanson Lake Oxbo
Hayward Flowage 94 Hayward
Hayward Lake Hayward
Hegmeister Lake Ingram NE
Heron Lake Edgewater
Hess Lake Exeland
Holmes Lake Lake Tahkodah
Hope Lake Namekagon Lake
Horseshoe Lake Lake Tahkodah
Horseshoe Lake Lake Tahkodah
Hub Lake Reserve
Hungry Lake Hauer
Hunter Lake Blaisdell Lake
Ike Lake Clam Lake SW
Indian Lake Chief Lake
Indian School Lake Hayward
Island Lake Reserve
Island Lake Blaisdell Lake
Jacques Lake Exeland
James Lake New Post
James Slough New Post
Johnson Lake Reserve
Johnson Lake Lake Tahkodah
Kelly Lake Clam Lake SW
Knuteson Lake Edgewater
Kocmoud Lake Blaisdell Lake
Lac Courte Oreilles Reserve
Lake Chetac Edgewater
Lake Chippewa New Post
Lake Helane Spider Lake
Lake of the Pines Oxbo
Lake Placid Seeley
Lake Placid Seeley
Lake Twenty-seven Reserve
Lake Winter Lake Winter
Lake Winter 72 Lake Winter
Larson Lake Spider Lake
Lewis Lake Spider Lake
Little Cranberry Lake Barker Lake
Little Lac Courte Oreilles Reserve
Little Ole Lake Spider Lake
Little Round Lake Hayward
Little Round Lake Chief Lake
Little Sand Lake Stone Lake
Little Sissabagama Lake Stone Lake
Little Spring Lake Bean Lake
Loretta Lake Blaisdell Lake
Lost Lake Weirgor
Lost Lake Chief Lake
Lost Land Lake Spider Lake
Lovejoy Lake Seeley
Lower Clam Lake Clam Lake
Lower Clam Lake 16 Clam Lake
Lower Holly Lake Hauer
Lynch Creek Flowage Namekagon Lake
Lynch Lake Moose Lake
Mason Lake Oxbo
McClaine Lake Seeley
McClaine Lake Lake Tahkodah
McDermott Lake Birchwood
Meadow Lake Clam Lake SW
Miller Lake Exeland
Milny Lake Hayward
Minnemac Lake Reserve
Minnemac Lake Reserve
Mirror Lake Seeley
Moonshine Lake New Post
Moose Lake Moose Lake
Moose Lake 190 Moose Lake
Mossback Lake Cable
Mud Lake Bean Lake
Mud Lake Hauer
Mud Lake Stone Lake
Mud Lake New Post
Mud Lake Winter
Mud Lake Blaisdell Lake
Mukwonago Lake Spider Lake
Murphy Lake Exeland
Murry Lake Reserve
Nelson Lake Hayward
Nelson Lake 55 Stanberry East
Noble Lake Clam Lake
North Lake Spider Lake
Ole Lake Spider Lake
One Shoe Lake Spider Lake
Osgood Lake Hayward
Osprey Lake Chief Lake
Pacwawong Lake Cable
Partridge Crop Lake Clam Lake SW
Pearce Lake Hauer
Pelican Lake Oxbo
Perch Lake Blaisdell Lake
Perch Lake Moose Lake
Petty Lake Reserve
Phipps Flowage Hayward
Phipps Lake Reserve
Pickerel Lake Birchwood
Pike Lake Couderay
Pine Island Lake Chief Lake
Pokegama Lake New Post
Porcupine Lake Hayward
Radisson Flowage Radisson
Radisson Flowage 815 Radisson
Red Ike Lake Clam Lake
Reed Lake New Post
Rice Lake New Post
Ring Lake Reserve
Rogers Lake Hauer
Round Lake Seeley
Rush Lake Spider Lake
Sabin Lake Totagatic Lake
Saddle Lake Stone Lake
Sand Lake Hauer
Sand Lake 22 Hauer
Schoolhouse Lake Reserve
Scott Lake New Post
Shues Pond Hayward
Sickles Lake Spider Lake
Silverthorn Lake Cable
Sissabagama Lake Stone Lake
Smith Lake Hayward
Smith Lake Cable
Snag Lake Blaisdell Lake
Snipe Lake Moose Lake
South Barber Lake Lake Winter
South Lakes Exeland
Spider Lake Spider Lake
Spot Lake Clam Lake
Spring Lake Reserve
Spring Lake Spider Lake
Spruce Lake Moose Lake
Star Lake Lake Tahkodah
Stearns Lake Spider Lake
Summit Lake Hauer
Sunfish Lake Chief Lake
Swamp Lake Oxbo
Tamarack Lake Barker Lake
Teal Lake Moose Lake
Teal River Flowage Moose Lake
Thomas Lake Birchwood
Tiger Cat Flowage Seeley
Tiger Cat Flowage 47 Spider Lake
Tripp Lake Bean Lake
Trout Lake Spider Lake
Turtle Lake Moose Lake
Two Axe Lake Barker Lake
Two Boys Lake New Post
Two Deer Lake Moose Lake
Tyner Lake Chief Lake
Upper Holly Lake Hauer
Venison Lake Barker Lake
Villard Lake Exeland
Weirgor Lake Weirgor
Whiplash Lake Spider Lake
White Birch Lake Exeland
Whitefish Lake Hauer
Williams Lake Reserve
Wilson Lake Lake Tahkodah
Windfall Lake Exeland
Windigo Lake Reserve
Wise Lake Edgewater

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Sawyer County, Wisconsin. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.