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Park County Wyoming Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Park County Wyoming

Place USGS Topo Map
Alkali Creek Reservoir Eaglenest Basin
Alkali Lake Cody
Angle Detention Dam Badlands Hills
Back Scratcher Reservoir Stone Barn Camp
Badura Number 1 Reservoir Clark
Barbee Reservoir Irma Flats
Beartooth Lake Beartooth Butte
Beauty Lake Beartooth Butte
Beaver Lake Obsidian Cliff
Beaver Ponds Mammoth
Beck Lake Cody
Becker Lake Beartooth Butte
Belknap Creek Number 1 Reservoir Belknap Creek
Belknap Creek Number 4 Reservoir Belknap Creek
Belknap Creek Number 5 Reservoir Belknap Creek
Big Moose Lake Fossil Lake
Big Moose Lake Fossil Lake
Big Piney Reservoir North Fork Pickett Creek
Black Stone Lake Deep Lake
Blacktail Pond Blacktail Deer Creek
Blue Lake Deaver Reservoir
Buck Lake Mount Hornaday
Buck Springs Reservoir Badger Basin
Buffalo Bill Reservoir Irma Flats
Bugle Lake Jim Smith Peak
Buttercup Reservoir Corbett Dam
Cache Lake Quadrant Mountain
Canoe Lake Canoe Lake
Cascade Lake Cook Peak
Cat Track Reservoir Elk Basin SW
Cedar Ridge Reservoir Indian Pass
Chain Lakes Beartooth Butte
Christmas Lake Deep Lake
City Reservoir Cody
Clear Lake Canyon Village
Cliff Lake Beartooth Butte
Cody Municipal Reservoir Cody
Coe Enlargement Reservoir Horner Creek
Coe Reservoir Devils Tooth
Copper Lakes Geers Point
Crane Lake Beartooth Butte
Crazy Lakes Jim Smith Peak
Crazy Quilt Reservoir Stone Barn Camp
Cygnet Lakes Crystal Falls
Daphnia Lake Deep Lake
Darrah Number 1 Reservoir Devils Tooth
Darrah Number 2 Reservoir Devils Tooth
Darrah Number 3 Reservoir Devils Tooth
Deaver Reservoir Deaver Reservoir
Deaver Reservoir Deaver Reservoir
Deep Lake Deep Lake
Dewdrop Lake White Lake
Dick Creek Lakes Dick Creek Lakes
Divide Lake Divide Lake
Dollar Lake Deep Lake
Dry Creek Reservoir Horner Creek
Duck Lake Deep Lake
Eagle Lake Devils Tooth
Echo Lake Beartooth Butte
Eleanor Lake Sylvan Lake
Elk Lakes Dead Indian Meadows
Emerald Lake Beartooth Butte
Emma Lanchbury Reservoir Vocation
Enlargement Upper Sunshine Reservoir Sunshine Reservoir
Enright Reservoir Hillberry Rim
Fantan Lake Beartooth Butte
Fern Lake White Lake
First Enlargement Thomsen Reservoir Elk Butte
Floating Island Lake Tower Junction
Flora Lake Pinnacle Mountain
Fort Lake Deep Lake
Foster Number 3 Reservoir Devils Tooth
Foster Reservoir Devils Tooth
Frost Lake Cathedral Peak
Frost Reservoir Wapiti
Frozen Lake Deep Lake
Gallatin Lake Three Rivers Peak
Gardner Lake Deep Lake
Granite Lake Muddy Creek
Granite Lake Muddy Creek
Gray Lakes Norris Junction
Grayling Lake Beartooth Butte
Grebe Lake Cook Peak
Grizzly Lake Mount Holmes
Guitar Lake Pilot Peak
Hardpan Lake Ptarmigan Mountain
Hauser Lake Deep Lake
Heart Lake Beartooth Butte
Hidden Lake Devils Tooth
Highline Trail Lakes Deep Lake
Hogan Reservoir Bald Peak
Hopkins Reservoir Chapman Bench
Horse Creek Number 1 Reservoir Tonopah Ridge
Ice Lake Norris Junction
Indian Pond Lake Butte
Irma Lake Belknap Creek
Iron Creek Reservoir Eaglenest Basin
Iron Creek Reservoir Iron Creek
Island Lake Beartooth Butte
Ivy Lake Jim Smith Peak
Johnson Reservoir Number 2 Gilmore Hill SE
Jojo Lake Francs Peak
Lake of the Woods Obsidian Cliff
Lake Reno Muddy Creek
Lake WGN Deep Lake
Lemonade Lake Obsidian Cliff
Lily Lake Belknap Creek
Lily Lake Muddy Creek
Lilypad Pond Obsidian Cliff
Little Bear Lake Beartooth Butte
Little Glacier Lake Silver Run Peak
Little Moose Lake Jim Smith Peak
Lonesome Lake Silver Run Peak
Lonesome Lake Beartooth Butte
Long Lake Beartooth Butte
Losekamp Lake Deep Lake
Lost Lake Tower Junction
Lost Lake Muddy Creek
Lower Sand Coulee Reservoir Elk Basin SW
Lower Sunshine Reservoir Iron Creek
Luce Reservoir Bald Peak
Markham Lake Cody
Martin Lake North Fork Pickett Creek
Mary Lake Mary Lake
McBride Lake Lamar Canyon
McGee Reservoir Sheets Flat
McLean Gulch Reservoir Stone Barn Camp
Meadow Lake Beartooth Butte
Middle Sand Coulee Reservoir Elk Basin SW
Mirror Lake Pelican Cone
Mirror Lake Deep Lake
Modglin Reservoir Twin Creek
Mossy Pond Soapy Dale Peak
Native Lake Beartooth Butte
Newton Lakes Cody
Night Lake Beartooth Butte
Nina Reservoir Devils Tooth
Nuphar Lake Norris Junction
Nymph Lake Obsidian Cliff
Obsidian Lake Obsidian Cliff
Paint Creek Reservoir Badlands Hills
Paradise Lake Beartooth Butte
Phantom Lake Blacktail Deer Creek
Phelps Enlargement Thomas Reservoir Thomas Reservoir
Rainbow Lake Beartooth Butte
Rainy Lake Tower Junction
Ralston Reservoir Vocation
Ribbon Lake Canyon Village
Rock Reservoir Y U Bench NE
Rush Creek Reservoir Tonopah Ridge
Rye Pond Mammoth
Saver Reservoir Y U Bench NW
Sawtooth Lake Deep Lake
Second Enlargement Foster Number 1 Reservoir Horner Creek
Sheepherder Lake Beartooth Butte
Shoshone Number 1 Reservoir Devils Tooth
Shrimp Lake Mount Hornaday
Sieve Lake Norris Junction
Sill Lake Beartooth Butte
Snow Lake Beartooth Butte
Snyder Lake Beartooth Butte
Solar Lake Deep Lake
Sparhawk Lake Deep Lake
Stockade Lake Deep Lake
Stonebridge Reservoir Wapiti
Stonecup Lake Mount Chittenden
Sulphur Lake Geers Point
Sunshine Reservoir Sunshine Reservoir
Swamp Lake Windy Mountain
Swan Creek Number 2 Reservoir Belknap Creek
Swan Creek Number 7 Reservoir Belknap Creek
Swan Lake Mammoth
Sylvan Lake Sylvan Lake
Sylvan Reservoir Devils Tooth
T Lake Beartooth Butte
Tern Lake White Lake
Thomas Reservoir Thomas Reservoir
Three Falls Reservoir Badlands Hills
Tippecanoe Reservoir Chapman Bench
Top Lake Deep Lake
Trout Lake Mount Hornaday
Turbid Lake Lake Butte
Twin Lakes Obsidian Cliff
Twin Lakes Deep Lake
Upper Sand Coulee Reservoir Elk Basin SW
Wall Lake Beartooth Butte
Wapiti Lake White Lake
West Fork Sand Coulee Reservoir Badlands Hills
Whistle Creek Reservoir Gilmore Hill
White Lake White Lake
Wiley Lake Oregon Basin
Wiley Reservoir Eagle Pass
Wolf Lake Crystal Falls
Wrangler Lake Canyon Village

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Park County, Wyoming. Many are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topographical map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.