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Baldwin County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Baldwin County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aikin Creek Bay Minette North
Alabama River Bilbo Island
Allen Spring Branch Elsanor
Apalachee River Bridgehead
Bailey Creek Point Clear
Baker Branch Magnolia Springs
Baptizing Branch Hurricane
Barner Branch Magnolia Springs
Bat Creek The Basin
Bay Branch Stapleton
Bay Grass Creek Mobile
Bay Minette Creek Bridgehead
Bayou Avalon The Basin
Bayou Jessamine Stiggins Lake
Bayou Tallapoosa Stiggins Lake
Bear Branch Elsanor
Bear Creek Stiggins Lake
Bear Creek Bilbo Island
Bear Creek Gulf Shores
Beard Creek Vaughn
Beaverdam Creek Bay Minette North
Beetree Creek Elsanor
Beiser Branch Silverhill
Bellefontaine Creek Elsanor
Big Bay John Bridgehead
Big Beaver Creek Stiggins Lake
Big Briar Creek Hurricane
Big Lizard Creek Hurricane
Blackwater River Lillian
Blakeley Branch Bridgehead
Blakeley River Bridgehead
Bledsoe Branch Blacksher
Bluefield Branch Hurricane
Boggy Branch Bridgehead
Boggy Branch Bon Secour Bay
Boggy Branch Bridgehead
Boggy Branch Perdido
Bon Secour River Bon Secour Bay
Bottle Creek The Basin
Brickyard Creek Carlton
Brights Creek Gulf Shores
Buckhorn Branch Elsanor
Bull Branch Stapleton
Bull Pen Creek Barrineau Park
Burnstand Branch Elsanor
Bushy Creek Dyas
Caney Bayou Lillian
Caney Branch Lillian
Caney Branch Silverhill
Chicory Bayou Hurricane
Cole Branch Chrysler
Coleman Spring Branch Bridgehead
Conway Creek Bridgehead
Corn Branch Silverhill
Cotton Bayou Orange Beach
Cotton Creek Gulf Shores
Cowpen Creek Magnolia Springs
Cowpen Creek Elsanor
Crab Creek Bridgehead
D’Olive Creek Bridgehead
Davis Branch Seminole
Davis Branch Robertsdale
Deep Run Bay Minette North
Dennis Creek The Basin
Dodds Branch Enon
Doeneck Branch Stapleton
Dogwood Branch Dyas
Dogwood Creek Dogwood Creek
Dominic Creek The Basin
Dreddin Branch Enon
Dry Branch Gateswood
Duck Bayou The Basin
Duck Skiff Pass Bridgehead
Duff Branch Chrysler
Durbin Branch Dogwood Creek
Dyas Creek Dogwood Creek
Eightmile Creek Gateswood
Elam Creek Elsanor
Eslava Branch Magnolia Springs
Ewing Bayou Pine Beach
Farris Creek Vaughn
Fickling Branch Bridgehead
Fish River Magnolia Springs
Flat Branch Carlton
Flat Creek Bay Minette North
Flat Creek Steelwood Lake
Fletcher Creek Freemanville
Fly Creek Daphne
Footlog Branch Bridgehead
Fox Branch Steelwood Lake
Gibbons Branch Seminole
Globe Creek Stiggins Lake
Godbolt Creek Bay Minette North
Graham Bayou Orange Beach
Green Branch Lillian
Green Branch Magnolia Springs
Greenwood Spring Branch Steelwood Lake
Griffin Creek The Basin
Gum Branch Orange Beach
Halls Branch Robertsdale
Halls Creek Vaughn
Hammock Branch Bridgehead
Hammock Creek Orange Beach
Hog Bayou Saint Andrews Bay
Holley Creek Tensaw
Hollinger Creek Gateswood
Honeycut Creek The Basin
Horsecollar Branch Elsanor
Horseneck Creek Blacksher
Horseneck Creek Dyas
Hunawell Creek Stapleton
Hurricane Bayou Hurricane
Hurricane Creek Freemanville
Indian Creek Dogwood Creek
Ingram Bayou Orange Beach
Island Heads Branch Bay Minette North
Jergisin Branch Robertsdale
Jims Creek Hurricane
Joes Branch Bridgehead
Joes Creek Elsanor
Jordan Brook Bridgehead
Juniper Creek Steelwood Lake
Lake Slough Stiggins Lake
Lawrence Creek Elsanor
Lighter Knott Creek Bay Minette North
Limestone Branch Blacksher
Little Bay John Bridgehead
Little Bayou Jessamine The Basin
Little Briar Creek Hurricane
Little Halls Creek Vaughn
Little Lizard Creek The Basin
Little River Carlton
Little Turkey Creek Blacksher
Loggerhead Creek Barrineau Park
Long Bayou Bon Secour Bay
Long Branch Bay Minette South
Louis Bayou Hurricane
Louis Branch Magnolia Springs
Lower Crab Creek Bridgehead
Magnolia River Magnolia Springs
Majors Creek Tensaw
Mallard Fork Hurricane
Malone Creek Carlton
Manuel Bayou Perdido Bay
Maple Bayou The Basin
Mariah Branch Vaughn
Martin Branch The Basin
McCurtin Creek Dyas
McDowell Spring Branch Bay Minette North
Middle River Orange Beach
Miflin Creek Orange Beach
Mill Creek Robertsdale
Minnow Slough Stiggins Lake
Moccasin Bayou Orange Beach
Muddy Bayou Magnolia Springs
Muddy Branch Bridgehead
Mudhole Creek Bridgehead
Narrow Gap Creek Lillian
Negro Creek Elberta
Nelson Branch Gateswood
Noltie Creek Magnolia Springs
North Fork D’Olive Creek Bridgehead
North Fork Yancey Branch Bridgehead
Nuke Branch Steelwood Lake
Oak Bayou Hurricane
Oak Leaf Bayou Hurricane
Old River Perdido Bay
Onemile Bayou Bridgehead
Owens Bayou Orange Beach
Owl Creek The Basin
Palmetto Creek Orange Beach
Pensacola Branch Silverhill
Perone Branch Silverhill
Persimmon Creek Gateswood
Peterson Branch Lillian
Philip Creek Vaughn
Picard Branch Silverhill
Pine Log Creek Tensaw
Point Clear Creek Point Clear
Polecat Creek Magnolia Springs
Portage Creek Orange Beach
Proctor Creek Stiggins Lake
Raft River Mobile
Rains Creek The Basin
Red Hill Creek The Basin
Red Hill Creek The Basin
Red Hill Creek Vaughn
Reedy Branch Dyas
Reedy Creek Steelwood Lake
Rice Creek Stiggins Lake
Rices Branch Seminole
Roans Creek Steelwood Lake
Roberts Bayou Orange Beach
Rock Creek Daphne
Rock Creek Robertsdale
Rockhead Branch Silverhill
Sand Bayou Hurricane
Sand Bayou Bon Secour Bay
Sandy Creek Orange Beach
Sardine Pass Bridgehead
Schoolhouse Branch Magnolia Springs
Schoolhouse Branch Perdido
Seabury Creek Bay Minette North
Sevenmile Creek Blacksher
Shay Branch Bridgehead
Shellbank Bayou Bon Secour Bay
Shellbank River Bridgehead
Sibley Creek Bridgehead
Silver Creek Robertsdale
Six Bits Creek The Basin
Skunk Bayou Bon Secour Bay
Slaughter Branch Tensaw
Smith Bayou Hurricane
Smith Creek Blacksher
Snowden Branch Enon
Soldier Creek Perdido Bay
Soper Branch Seminole
Spanish Fort Branch Bridgehead
Spring Branch Orange Beach
Squirrel Bayou The Basin
Squirrel Bayou The Basin
Stage Stand Branch Perdido
Stanton Creek Gulf Shores OE S
Stauter Creek Hurricane
Steel Creek Perdido
Still Branch Silverhill
Still Branch Elsanor
Stone Quarry Bayou Orange Beach
Stony Hill Creek Hurricane
Styx River Seminole
Tensaw River Mobile
The Cutoff The Basin
Thompson Branch Walnut Hill
Thompson Spring Branch Bridgehead
Threemile Creek Bridgehead
Threemile Creek Elberta
Threemile Creek Stapleton
Tiawasee Creek Bridgehead
Turkey Branch Magnolia Springs
Turkey Branch Silverhill
Turkey Creek Tensaw
Turkey Creek Carlton
Wash Branch The Basin
Waterhole Branch Magnolia Springs
Waterhole Branch Elsanor
Watson Creek Vaughn
Weeks Branch Magnolia Springs
Weeks Creek Magnolia Springs
Whipstock Branch Carlton
Whitehouse Creek Stapleton
Whitney Mill Branch Chrysler
Wilkins Creek Bridgehead
Willie Lee Creek Carlton
Wilson Creek Bay Minette South
Wolf Creek Orange Beach
Wolf Creek Vaughn
Wolf Gut Tensaw
Worm Branch Silverhill
Yancey Bay Bridgehead
Yancey Branch Bridgehead

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Baldwin County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Baldwin County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.