Crenshaw County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Crenshaw County

Place USGS Topo Map
Austin Branch Moodys Crossroads
Bear Creek Gantt
Bear Creek Petrey
Beaver Branch Luverne
Beaver Branch Danielsville
Bee Creek Petrey
Bell Branch Leon
Berkley Mill Creek Lapine
Bess Branch Fullers Crossroads
Blaze Branch Danleys Crossroads
Blue Creek Bullock
Blue Creek Petrey
Boswell Branch Moodys Crossroads
Bradley Branch Leon
Briar Branch Fullers Crossroads
Brush Creek Luverne
Bryan Mill Creek Bullock
Buck Creek Brantley
Buck Creek Bullock
Burgan Branch Leon
Burgony Creek Sandy Ridge
Bushy Creek Brantley
Camp Creek Honoraville
Cane Creek Luverne
Cedar Creek Glenwood
Cedar Creek Luverne
Champion Branch Lapine
Chinquapin Creek Leon
Clansy Branch Luverne
Clayton Branch Grady
Cornett Mill Creek Luverne
Crooked Run Creek Brantley
Daniels Mill Branch Lapine
Devilin Branch Glenwood
Double Branch Brantley
Dry Creek Brantley
Dry Creek Petrey
East Fork Bradley Branch Leon
East Fork Dry Creek Luverne
Free Branch Moodys Crossroads
Gin Branch Petrey
Gin Creek Glenwood
Gin Creek Luverne
Gin House Creek Leon
Graydon Branch Honoraville
Henderson Creek Leon
Honey Creek Moodys Crossroads
Honey Jones Mill Creek Bullock
Hornet Creek Dozier
Horse Creek Luverne
Horse Creek Fullers Crossroads
Huckleberry Branch Fullers Crossroads
Indian Creek Leon
Ivy Creek Luverne
Jordan Branch Luverne
Jordan Creek Lapine
Little Creek Grady
Little Horse Creek Moodys Crossroads
Little Patsaliga Creek Luverne
Little Piney Woods Creek Leon
Long Branch Lapine
Mac Carter Creek Lapine
Maple Branch Danielsville
Merrill Creek Leon
Mill Creek Fullers Crossroads
Moody Mill Creek Bullock
Moseley Mill Creek Danielsville
Motes Mill Creek Petrey
Muck Creek Brantley
Mulberry Creek Leon
Nichols Branch Lapine
Oaky Woods Creek Leon
Olustee Creek Petrey
Owen Branch Leon
Panther Creek Moodys Crossroads
Parker Creek Danleys Crossroads
Patterson Branch Glenwood
Pigpen Creek Danleys Crossroads
Piney Woods Creek Leon
Piney Woods Creek Petrey
Poley Branch Glenwood
Poley Creek Petrey
Pond Creek Fullers Crossroads
Providence Creek Glenwood
Rabbit Branch Danielsville
Roberts Branch Lapine
Rock Branch Lapine
Ryals Mill Creek Lapine
Sally Branch Brantley
Sandy Creek Bullock
Sawyer Branch Leon
Shinglepile Branch Brantley
Sikes Mill Creek Luverne
Siloam Creek Luverne
Sina Creek Gantt
Skipper Mill Branch Honoraville
Spears Branch Leon
Sucker Creek Leon
Sweetwater Creek Fullers Crossroads
Tater Creek Fullers Crossroads
Threemile Creek Brantley
Tomlin Mill Creek Fullers Crossroads
Town Creek Fullers Crossroads
Tucker Creek Grady
Turkey Creek Petrey
West Fork Bradley Branch Leon
Wise Branch Luverne
Wolfpit Creek Dozier

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Crenshaw County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Crenshaw County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.