Jefferson County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Jefferson County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abes Creek Irondale
Allen Brook Greenwood
Barton Branch Irondale
Bear Branch Concord
Beaver Creek Pinson
Big Branch Gilmore
Big Branch Oak Grove
Big Branch Cahaba Heights
Big Indian Creek Burchfield Store
Black Branch Concord
Black Creek Sylvan Springs
Black Creek Sylvan Springs
Black Creek Helena
Black Creek Gardendale
Black Creek McCalla
Black Creek Birmingham North
Black Creek Adamsville
Blue Creek Concord
Bob George Branch Greenwood
Brewer Creek Warrior
Brushy Branch Oak Grove
Burke Branch Burchfield Store
Burnt Bridge Branch McCalla
Burton Branch Burchfield Store
Camp Branch Birmingham South
Camp Branch Adamsville
Campbell Creek Brookside
Cane Creek Dora
Cane Creek Warrior
Cane Creek Sylvan Springs
Cane Creek Sylvan Springs
Canoe Branch Burchfield Store
Cantrell Branch Oak Grove
Cedar Creek Oak Grove
Chicken House Creek Creel
Clear Branch Greenwood
Clear Branch Argo
Coal Branch Cahaba Heights
Coal Creek Gilmore
Coal Creek Sylvan Springs
Cold Branch Burchfield Store
Corbet Branch Adamsville
Cow Branch Brookside
Cox Spring Branch McCalla
Crooked Creek Creel
Cunningham Creek Gardendale
Dick Gut Branch Oak Grove
Dillashaw Branch Argo
Dolly Brook Birmingham South
Double Branch Gilmore
Dry Branch Concord
Dry Branch Sylvan Springs
Dry Creek Oak Grove
Dry Creek Pinson
Dry Creek Argo
Dry Creek Irondale
Falls Creek Dora
Fields Branch Adamsville
Fishtrap Branch Sylvan Springs
Fivemile Creek Dora
Fivemile Creek Concord
Flat Creek Gardendale
Fleming Branch Cahaba Heights
Fox Creek Burchfield Store
Fuller Creek Cahaba Heights
Gin Branch Oak Grove
Glaze Creek Gilmore
Griffin Brook Birmingham South
Gumsuck Branch Cahaba Heights
Gurley Creek Warrior
Gutters Branch Gilmore
Halfway Branch Gardendale
Halls Creek Bessemer
Hogpen Branch Irondale
Huckleberry Branch Oak Grove
Huckleberry Branch Birmingham South
Hurricane Branch Birmingham South
Hurricane Creek Gilmore
Jess Branch Oak Grove
Joe Branch Burchfield Store
Johnson Branch Concord
Jordan Spring Branch Oak Grove
Kitty Branch Gilmore
Knox Branch Argo
Lick Branch Concord
Lick Branch Oak Grove
Lick Branch McCalla
Lick Creek Warrior
Lick Creek Concord
Little Blue Creek Concord
Little Cahaba Creek Leeds
Little Cahaba River Cahaba Heights
Little Creek Bessemer
Little Lick Creek Concord
Little Shades Creek Birmingham South
Little Shades Creek Greenwood
Little Shoal Creek Tutwiler School
Locust Fork Gilmore
Lost Branch Concord
Lost Creek Concord
Lye Branch Abernant
McCombs Branch Leeds
Mill Creek Dora
Mill Creek Argo
Moore Brook McCalla
Moulton Branch Oak Grove
Mud Creek Oak Grove
Mulga Creek Sylvan Springs
Nabors Branch Bessemer
Nellie Branch Oak Grove
Newfound Creek Brookside
North Creek Pinson
O’Bar Branch Leeds
Obes Creek Dora
Opossum Creek Bessemer
Panther Branch Gilmore
Pinchgut Creek Leeds
Prescott Creek Gilmore
Prudes Creek Brookside
Raccoon Branch Concord
Rice Creek Greenwood
Rock Creek Concord
Rock Creek Sylvan Springs
Rocky Brook Greenwood
Roscoe Spring Branch Concord
Sanders Creek Oak Grove
Scout Creek Helena
Second Creek Adamsville
Sectionline Creek Gardendale
Self Creek Warrior
Sextons Branch Gilmore
Shephard Branch Vandiver
Sherret Branch Concord
Shoal Creek Burchfield Store
Short Creek Sylvan Springs
Simmons Branch Concord
Skelton Creek Gilmore
Sleepy Hollow Branch Brookside
Spring Branch Burchfield Store
Stanley Branch Oak Grove
Stinking Creek Leeds
Stinking Creek Irondale
Suck Branch McCalla
Tan Troff Branch Burchfield Store
Tantrough Branch Oak Grove
Tarrant Spring Branch Irondale
Thomas Creek Warrior
Trouble Creek Brookside
Turkey Branch Gilmore
Turkey Creek Warrior
Valley Creek Gilmore
Venison Branch Adamsville
Village Creek Sylvan Springs
Ward Creek Creel
Watkins Brook Birmingham South
Whites Creek Brookside
Wildcat Branch Burchfield Store
Willowstump Branch Burchfield Store
Wolf Branch Dora
Woods Creek Oak Grove
Works Branch Burchfield Store

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Jefferson County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Jefferson County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.