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Marion County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Marion County

Place USGS Topo Map
Antioch Branch Hackleburg
Aston Branch Detroit
Austin Branch Phil Campbell
Baggett Branch Hackleburg
Barn Creek Hamilton NE
Barnesville Creek Detroit
Beaver Dam Branch Vina
Big Branch Hamilton
Big Branch Hackleburg
Biggerstaff Branch Hamilton
Bluegut Creek Detroit
Bluegut Creek Vina
Bluff Spring Branch Hackleburg
Boardtree Creek Bexar
Bony Bluff Branch Hodges
Bostick Creek Gold Mine
Brown Branch Hamilton
Brush Creek Hackleburg
Bull Mountain Creek Smithville
Burnett Branch Hamilton
Camp Branch Hamilton NE
Camp Creek Hamilton NE
Clark Creek Henson Springs
Clear Running Branch Hodges
Clifty Creek Hamilton
Clifty Creek Glen Allen
Clifty Creek Haleyville West
Cook Branch Hamilton NE
Cooper Branch Hackleburg
Cooper Creek Winfield
Cow Branch Hackleburg
Cox Branch Hamilton
Craft Pour-Off Haleyville West
Crooked Creek Gold Mine
Dickenson Creek Winfield
Dogwood Branch Winfield
Donaldson Branch Haleyville West
Dry Branch Hamilton
Dry Creek Detroit
Dry Creek Bexar
Dry Creek Gold Mine
Dry Creek Vina
Dugan Creek Henson Springs
Duncan Branch Henson Springs
East Branch Luxapallila Creek Winfield
Evans Branch Hackleburg
Factory Creek Detroit
Falls Creek Phil Campbell
Flat Creek Phil Campbell
Flurry Branch Hamilton SW
Fowler Branch Hodges
Gann Branch Weston
Gann Branch Hodges
Gin Creek Hamilton
Glenn Creek Hamilton
Good Forty Branch Haleyville West
Goodwin Creek Brilliant
Gowder Branch Hamilton
Green Branch Hamilton NE
Green Spring Branch Hodges
Grizzard Branch Hamilton SW
Hamilton Mill Creek Detroit
Harpers Branch Hamilton
Hill Spring Branch Hackleburg
Hobson Creek Haleyville West
Holloway Branch Hodges
Howard Branch Hackleburg
Hughes Branch Guin
Hurricane Creek Bexar
Jim Branch Vina
Kelly Mill Creek Haleyville West
Key Branch Hamilton
Kimbrough Cove Creek Haleyville West
King Branch Hackleburg
Lane Branch Vina
Latchie Branch Vina
Lawler Mill Branch Hodges
Little Camp Creek Hamilton NE
Little Creek Shottsville
Little Creek Guin
Little Dry Creek Detroit
Little Goodwin Creek Glen Allen
Little New River Glen Allen
Long Branch Gold Mine
Loyd Mill Branch Vina
Mallards Creek Glen Allen
March Branch Hackleburg
Mayfield Branch Henson Springs
McConegal Creek Shottsville
McKay Branch Guin
McNair Branch Hackleburg
Mill Branch Vina
Mill Creek Vina
Mill Creek Glen Allen
Mill Creek Phil Campbell
Mill Gann Branch Hodges
Miller Branch Hodges
Mitchell Spring Branch Hackleburg
Mixon Springs Branch Hackleburg
Moore Creek Haleyville West
Mulberry Branch Haleyville West
Mule Stable Branch Vina
Neeley Branch Phil Campbell
Nettles Branch Vina
New Hope Creek Hamilton
New River Glen Allen
Nix Branch Hackleburg
North Fork Creek Hamilton
Pearces Mill Creek Brilliant
Polebridge Branch Hodges
Possum Branch Hamilton NE
Purcell Branch Hackleburg
Purgatory Creek Guin
Ragsdale Creek Hamilton
Rason Branch Weston
Raven Den Branch Haleyville West
Reedy Branch Guin
Reese Branch Weston
Rideout Branch Hamilton
Robinson Branch Hodges
Rock Quarry Branch Hackleburg
Rocky Branch Detroit
Rocky Branch Glen Allen
Rocky Branch Hodges
Rocky Branch Hackleburg
Scott Branch Hackleburg
Sell Branch Henson Springs
Sevenmile Creek Hamilton
Shirley Branch Phil Campbell
Skirum Creek Vina
State Branch Phil Campbell
State Rock Branch Hamilton
Stevens Creek Hamilton
Summers Branch Hamilton SW
Thompson Branch Glen Allen
Toms Den Branch Hamilton
Trace Branch Hodges
Trace Branch Phil Campbell
Turkey Creek Vina
Twomile Creek Hodges
Tyre Mill Creek Hamilton NE
Watts Creek Weston
West Branch Buttahatchee River Gold Mine
West Gowder Branch Hodges
Whitley Creek Hamilton SW
Wickett Creek Guin
Wildcat Branch Hackleburg
Williams Creek Hamilton
Woods Creek Hamilton SW
Wylie Branch Haleyville West
Yielding Mill Creek Hamilton NE

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Marion County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Marion County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.