Tuscaloosa County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Tuscaloosa County

Place USGS Topo Map
Allgood Branch Windham Springs
Arthur Creek Fosters
Banks Creek Woodstock
Barbee Creek Gin Creek
Bear Creek Duncanville
Bear Creek Berry SE
Bear Creek Windham Springs
Beatty Branch Coaling
Beaver Pond Creek Lake Nicol
Beaverdam Branch Romulus
Bee Branch Cottondale
Big Coal Bed Branch Burchfield Store
Big Creek Coker
Big Creek Burchfield Store
Big Sandy Creek Englewood
Big Yellow Creek Burchfield Store
Binion Creek Lake Tuscaloosa North
Black Branch Brookwood
Black Creek Coaling
Blanchet Branch Coaling
Blue Creek Windham Springs
Bluff Creek Lake Nicol
Boley Creek Wiley
Boone Creek Berry SE
Box Creek Elrod
Bradbottom Branch Burchfield Store
Brand Branch Berry SE
Brush Creek Lake Nicol
Brush Creek Lake Tuscaloosa South
Buffalo Creek Abernant
Bunch Creek Duncanville
Burchfield Branch Burchfield Store
Burnside Creek Brookwood
Butler Branch Pearson
Camp Creek Tutwiler School
Cane Creek Brookwood
Carroll Creek Lake Tuscaloosa South
Carthage Branch Fosters
Cedar Creek Berry SE
Charley Spring Branch Windham Springs
Clark Branch Brookwood
Clear Branch New Lexington
Clifty Creek Tutwiler School
Cooley Creek McCalla
Cooper Slough Elrod
Cotton Creek Brownville
Cottondale Creek Cottondale
Counters Branch Duncanville
Cribbs Mill Creek Tuscaloosa
Cripple Creek Lake Tuscaloosa North
Cunningham Creek Englewood
Cypress Creek Englewood
Cypress Creek Lake Nicol
Daly Creek Coaling
Daniel Creek Lake Nicol
Darden Branch Duncanville
Davis Creek Windham Springs
Deerlick Branch Lake Nicol
Devils Den Branch Burchfield Store
Dillard Branch Romulus
Dorsey Creek Lake Tuscaloosa South
Douthys Spring Branch Lake Nicol
Dry Branch Gin Creek
Dry Branch Berry SE
Dry Creek Fosters
Dry Creek Romulus
Dry Creek Lake Tuscaloosa North
Dry Creek Wiley
Duck Creek Englewood
Dunn Creek Elrod
East Fork Clifty Creek Tutwiler School
Eightmile Branch Elrod
Elrod Creek Romulus
Engine Creek Romulus
Espy Creek Gin Creek
Finley Branch Berry SE
Flatrock Branch Brookwood
Flint Branch Duncanville
Fourmile Creek Wiley
Gaffney Branch Woodstock
Gallant Branch Abernant
George Branch Elrod
Gin Branch Lake Tuscaloosa North
Gin Creek Gin Creek
Goree Coal Bed Branch Cottondale
Grant Creek Fosters
Hammer Creek Romulus
Hamner Creek Lake Tuscaloosa South
Hanna Mill Creek Brookwood
Hargrove Branch Pearson
Harrigan Branch Burchfield Store
Hogsick Creek Abernant
Horn Creek Lake Nicol
Horse Creek Duncanville
Horse Creek Elrod
Horse Creek Wiley
Hughes Mill Creek Lake Lurleen
Hurricane Creek Lake Nicol
Hurricane Creek Lake Nicol
Indian Creek Duncanville
Island Branch Burchfield Store
Jackson Branch Burchfield Store
Jay Creek Coker
Jemison Mill Creek Coaling
Jim Mack Branch Lake Nicol
Jimy Creek Coaling
Jock Creek Windham Springs
Johnson Branch Berry SE
Kates Creek Brownville
Keith Branch Wiley
Kennedy Creek Abernant
Kepple Creek Coaling
Kings Branch Englewood
Kizziah Spring Branch Lake Nicol
Laurel Branch Lake Nicol
Lick Branch Lake Nicol
Lick Creek Windham Springs
Little Bear Creek Windham Springs
Little Blue Creek Windham Springs
Little Branch Coker
Little Camp Creek Tutwiler School
Little Creek Lake Tuscaloosa North
Little Flint Branch Cottondale
Little Hurricane Creek Coaling
Little Indian Creek Duncanville
Little Indian Creek Burchfield Store
Little Indian Creek Tutwiler School
Little Sandy Creek Englewood
Little Tyro Creek Berry SE
Little Yellow Creek Lake Nicol
Little Yellow Creek Wiley
Long Branch Pearson
Long Creek Lake Tuscaloosa North
Lye Branch Duncanville
Malone Mill Creek Romulus
Marchant Branch Coaling
McCracken Creek Ralph
McDaniel Branch Brownville
McDuff Spring Branch Windham Springs
Meetinghouse Branch Lake Nicol
Mill Creek Tuscaloosa
Mill Creek Romulus
Mill Creek McCalla
Moccasin Branch Brownville
Moody Slough Coker
Moore Creek Windham Springs
Mothers Branch Cottondale
Mud Creek Elrod
Nathan Branch Burchfield Store
North Branch Fourmile Creek Wiley
North Fork Hurricane Creek Coaling
North River Tuscaloosa
Nubbin Creek Coker
Oswall Creek Brookwood
Panther Branch Windham Springs
Peques Creek Lake Nicol
Pewter Creek Windham Springs
Poe Branch Elrod
Pole Bridge Creek Lake Tuscaloosa North
Pond Branch Windham Springs
Potatoe Creek Coker
Prudes Creek Burchfield Store
Reeses Creek Wiley
Right Hand Fork Dunn Creek Brownville
Rock Creek New Lexington
Rockcastle Creek Abernant
Rockhouse Creek Brookwood
Rocky Branch Lake Nicol
Rosser Creek Englewood
Ruhama Church Branch Cottondale
Rum Creek Tuscaloosa
Sam Norris Branch Gin Creek
Sanders Mill Creek Coker
Sellers Creek Brookwood
Sexton Spring Branch Lake Nicol
Shanty Branch Coaling
Slaughter Creek Coker
Smith Branch Pearson
Smith Branch Wiley
Sniders Spring Branch Cottondale
South Branch Fourmile Creek Wiley
South Sandy Creek Englewood
Spencer Branch Gin Creek
Spring Branch Coaling
Spring Branch Coaling
Springer Slough Elrod
Steep Creek Burchfield Store
Suck Creek Burchfield Store
Tadpole Creek Duncanville
Tater Hill Creek Coker
Texas Creek Abernant
Thomas Branch Woodstock
Thomas Mill Branch Lake Tuscaloosa North
Thornton Creek Fosters
Thornton Creek Brownville
Tierce Creek Lake Tuscaloosa South
Tilly Branch Gin Creek
Toxeys Spring Branch Coaling
Turkey Creek Romulus
Turkey Creek Lake Tuscaloosa North
Turkey Pen Branch Burchfield Store
Twomile Creek Tuscaloosa
Tyro Creek Berry SE
University Branch Tuscaloosa
Venable Creek Coker
Wallace Branch Berry SE
Wards Mill Creek Elrod
Waterfalls Branch Lake Nicol
Watson Branch Burchfield Store
Weldon Creek Coaling
West Fork Clifty Creek Tutwiler School
Whetstone Branch Lake Tuscaloosa North
White Oak Creek Tutwiler School
Whiteoak Creek Burchfield Store
Willow Swamp Creek Cottondale
Wolf Creek Gin Creek
Woods Creek Fosters
Wright Branch Englewood
Wyatt Creek Tutwiler School
Yellow Creek Lake Nicol

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Tuscaloosa County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Tuscaloosa County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.