Bethel County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Bethel County

Place USGS Topo Map
Ahkiwiksnuk Lake Nunivak Island A-4
Arhymot Lake Russian Mission C-4
Arolik Lake Goodnews Bay B-6
Aropuk Lake Marshall A-5
Arthur Dall Lake Bethel D-8
Awayak Lake Goodnews Bay C-5
Big Lake Sleetmute C-3
Bow Lake Kuskokwim Bay D-5
Canyon Lake Goodnews Bay B-6
Chineekluk Lake Sleetmute B-5
Dahloongamiut Lagoon Cape Mendenhall D-6
Dall Lake Baird Inlet A-5
Dooksook Lagoon Nunivak Island A-7
East Lime Lake Lime Hills B-7
Eek Lake Bethel B-8
Eek Lake Bethel A-4
Flahart Lake Lime Hills D-1
Goldeneye Lake Baird Inlet D-6
Goodnews Lake Goodnews Bay B-5
Hagen Lake McGrath A-1
Hangar Lake Bethel D-8
Hidden River Lake Lime Hills A-5
Ilanik Lakes Goodnews Bay A-7
Ithagsutlek Lake Goodnews Bay D-8
Jayalik Lake Cape Mendenhall D-5
Jimmy Lake Lime Hills C-1
Kagaluk Lake Baird Inlet D-4
Kagalurpak Lake Baird Inlet D-6
Kagan Lake Baird Inlet C-7
Kagati Lake Goodnews Bay D-3
Kaghasuk Lake Baird Inlet D-5
Kalasik Lake Marshall A-1
Kanuktik Lake Goodnews Bay C-4
Karon Lake Cape Mendenhall D-4
Kayigyalik Lake Baird Inlet D-2
Kegum Kagati Lake Baird Inlet B-7
Kinarak Lake Baird Inlet C-7
Klak Lake Goodnews Bay C-4
Kolekfikpuk Lake Baird Inlet A-3
Kolmakof Lake Sleetmute C-8
Kukaklik Lake Russian Mission C-5
Kulik Lake Russian Mission C-5
Kutokbuna Lake Lime Hills B-7
Lou Lake Baird Inlet D-6
Lukluksukwik Lake Nunivak Island A-6
Marsh Lake McGrath A-1
Middle Fork Lake Goodnews Bay B-5
Nagugun Lake Goodnews Bay C-4
Nanvakfak Lake Goodnews Bay A-8
Nanwaksthak Lake Nunivak Island B-4
Nimgun Lake Goodnews Bay C-5
Norseman Lake Hagemeister Island C-5
North Lime Lake Lime Hills B-7
Nunavakanukakslak Lake Baird Inlet D-1
Nunavakpak Lake Baird Inlet D-2
Pegati Lake Goodnews Bay D-3
Pingo Lake Baird Inlet D-7
Portage Lakes Russian Mission C-5
Puk Palik Lake Marshall A-4
Rainy Pass Lake McGrath A-1
Salmon Berry Lake Lime Hills A-6
Sheep Lake McGrath A-1
South Lime Lake Lime Hills B-7
Styx Lake Lime Hills D-1
Takslesluk Lake Marshall A-3
Telaquana Lake Lake Clark D-3
Tevyaraq Lake Sleetmute B-6
Tishimna Lake Sleetmute B-1
Trout Lake Lime Hills B-7
Tsingigkalik Lake Goodnews Bay C-8
Tundra Lake Lime Hills A-8
Two Lakes Lime Hills A-3
Unroojithok Lake Nunivak Island A-6
Whitefish Lake Russian Mission B-3
Whitefish Lake Lake Clark D-6
Widgeon Lake Baird Inlet D-7
Widgeon Lake McGrath A-1

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Bethel County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Bethel County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.