Kenai Peninsula County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Kenai Peninsula County

Place USGS Topo Map
Agnes Cove Blying Sound D-7
Aialik Bay Blying Sound D-8
Aialik Bay Blying Sound D-8
Akjemguiga Cove Iliamna A-4
Akumwarvik Bay Iliamna A-4
Amakdedulia Cove Iliamna A-4
Anchor Cove Blying Sound D-6
Ariadne Cove Seldovia B-2
Aurora Lagoon Seldovia C-3
Bear Cove Seldovia C-3
Bear Cove Blying Sound D-8
Beauty Bay Seldovia C-2
Berger Bay Seldovia B-3
Beshta Bay Tyonek A-4
Big Bay Kenai A-3
Big Eddy Hole Kenai C-3
Black Bay Seldovia C-1
Blying Sound Blying Sound C-7
Bowen Anchorage Seward A-6
Bruin Bay Iliamna B-3
Bulldog Cove Blying Sound D-7
Cataract Cove Blying Sound C-8
Chance Cove Seldovia B-1
Chance Lagoon Seldovia B-1
Chat Cove Blying Sound C-7
Cheval Narrows Blying Sound D-7
Chickaloon Bay Kenai D-1
China Poot Bay Seldovia C-4
Chrome Bay Seldovia A-5
Chugach Bay Seldovia A-5
Clam Cove Seldovia A-5
Clam Cove Seldovia D-8
Cliff Bay Blying Sound C-7
Coal Bay Seldovia C-4
Coal Cove Seldovia B-6
Cobbs Cove Kenai B-6
Coleman Bay Blying Sound D-8
Cook Inlet Afognak D-4
Cottonwood Bay Iliamna C-2
Crater Bay Blying Sound C-8
Crescent River Kenai A-7
Cup Cove Blying Sound C-8
Day Harbor Seward A-6
Derby Cove Seward A-7
Devils Bay Kenai A-2
Dora Passage Blying Sound C-8
Doroshin Bay Kenai B-1
Driftwood Bay Blying Sound D-6
Dry Bay Iliamna C-1
Ducan Slough Seldovia B-5
East Glacier Creek Seldovia D-8
English Bay Seldovia B-6
Fire Cove Blying Sound C-8
Granite Passage Blying Sound C-8
Green Cove Iliamna C-1
Halibut Cove Seldovia C-4
Halibut Cove Lagoon Seldovia C-4
Harris Bay Blying Sound C-8
Herbs Lagoon Seldovia D-8
Holgate Arm Blying Sound D-8
Home Cove Seldovia B-2
Horseshoe Cove Iliamna A-4
Humpy Cove Blying Sound D-7
Hungryman Creek Kenai A-8
Iliamna Bay Iliamna C-2
Iniskin Bay Iliamna C-2
Jakolof Bay Seldovia B-5
Jakolof Bay Unknown
James Lagoon Seldovia C-2
Johnson River Kenai A-7
Johnson Slough Seldovia B-5
Johnstone Bay Blying Sound D-5
Kachemak Bay Seldovia C-4
Kamishak Bay Iliamna A-3
Kasitsna Bay Seldovia B-5
Killer Bay Blying Sound D-6
Koyuktolik Bay Seldovia A-6
Little Polly Creek Kenai B-7
Little Tutka Bay Seldovia B-4
Mallard Bay Seldovia C-3
Marys Bay Blying Sound D-7
McArthur Cove Seldovia B-1
McArthur Pass Seldovia B-1
McCarty Fiord Seldovia C-1
McCarty Lagoon Seldovia C-1
McMullen Cove Blying Sound D-8
McNeil Cove Iliamna A-4
Midnight Cove Seldovia C-1
Mikes Bay Seldovia B-2
Moonlight Bay Seldovia C-1
Morning Cove Seldovia B-1
Mud Bay Seldovia C-4
Neptune Bay Seldovia C-4
Nikiski Bay Kenai C-4
Nikolai Bay Kenai A-3
North Arm Nuka Bay Seldovia C-2
Northwestern Fiord Blying Sound C-8
Northwestern Lagoon Blying Sound C-8
Nuka Bay Seldovia B-2
Nuka Passage Seldovia B-2
Number Three Bay Kenai D-3
Oaring Cove Seldovia B-2
Oil Bay Iliamna C-1
Oldmans Bay Kenai B-6
Paguna Arm Seldovia C-1
Palisade Lagoon Seldovia C-2
Paradise Cove Blying Sound D-7
Peterson Bay Seldovia C-4
Picnic Harbor Seldovia B-4
Pilot Harbor Seldovia C-2
Pinkidulia Cove Iliamna A-4
Polly Creek Kenai B-7
Pony Cove Blying Sound D-7
Porcupine Cove Blying Sound D-7
Port Chatham Seldovia A-5
Port Dick Seldovia A-3
Port Graham Seldovia B-5
Qikutulig Bay Seldovia A-4
Quartz Bay Seldovia C-2
Quicksand Cove Blying Sound D-8
Red River Seldovia D-8
Redoubt Bay Kenai C-6
Resolute Cove Seward A-6
Resurrection Bay Blying Sound D-7
Right Arm Iniskin Bay Iliamna C-1
Ripple Cove Blying Sound C-8
Roaring Cove Seldovia B-2
Rocky Bay Seldovia A-4
Rocky Cove Iliamna B-2
Rosies Bight Seldovia C-4
Rustys Lagoon Seldovia C-4
Sadie Cove Seldovia C-4
Safety Cove Blying Sound D-6
San Juan Cove Seldovia B-4
Sandy Bay Blying Sound C-8
Seldovia Bay Seldovia B-5
Shelter Cove Seldovia C-2
Shelter Cove Seldovia D-8
Shelter Creek Seldovia D-8
Silver Creek Seldovia C-4
Snug Harbor Kenai A-8
Squarehead Cove Kenai A-8
Sukoi Bay Afognak D-4
Sunday Harbor Seldovia B-3
Sunny Cove Blying Sound D-7
Surprise Bay Seldovia B-2
Takoma Cove Seldovia B-3
Talus Bay Blying Sound D-6
Taroka Arm Seldovia C-1
Taylor Bay Seldovia B-3
Taz Basin Blying Sound C-8
Three Hole Bay Blying Sound D-7
Thumb Cove Seward A-7
Thumder Bay Seldovia C-1
Thunder Bay Seldovia C-1
Tonsina Bay Seldovia B-3
Tooth Cove Blying Sound D-8
Touglaalek Bay Seldovia A-4
Trading Bay Kenai D-5
Tulcan Slough Seldovia B-5
Turnagain Arm Seward D-8
Tutka Bay Seldovia B-4
Tutka Bay Lagoon Seldovia B-4
Tuxedni Bay Kenai A-8
Tuxedni Channel Kenai A-8
Two Arm Bay Seldovia C-1
Ursus Cove Iliamna C-2
West Arm Nuka Bay Seldovia B-2
Westdahl Cove Seldovia B-3
Whidbey Bay Blying Sound D-6
Wildcat Cove Seldovia B-1
Windy Bay Seldovia A-4
Yalik Bay Seldovia B-2

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Kenai Peninsula County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Kenai Peninsula County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.