Ketchikan Gateway County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Ketchikan Gateway County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alava Bay Ketchikan A-4
Badger Bay Ketchikan A-3
Bailey Bay Ketchikan D-5
Bakewell Arm Ketchikan B-2
Bald Headed Cove Ketchikan B-5
Bell Arm Ketchikan D-5
Black Sand Cove Ketchikan B-5
Blank Inlet Ketchikan B-6
Boat Harbor Prince Rupert D-3
Boca De Quadra Ketchikan A-3
Bond Bay Ketchikan C-6
Bostwick Inlet Ketchikan A-6
Bullhead Cove Ketchikan A-3
Burroughs Bay Bradfield Canal A-4
Bushy Point Cove Ketchikan C-6
Butlhead Cove Ketchikan A-3
California Cove Ketchikan B-5
Carroll Inlet Ketchikan B-4
Checats Cove Ketchikan B-3
Clam Cove Ketchikan B-5
Coho Cove Ketchikan B-5
Convenient Cove Ketchikan D-6
Coon Cove Ketchikan B-5
Customhouse Cove Ketchikan A-4
Dall Bay Ketchikan A-6
Dog Bay Prince Rupert D-5
Ella Bay Ketchikan C-3
Fire Cove Ketchikan D-5
Fitzgibbon Cove Ketchikan D-4
Foggy Bay Prince Rupert D-3
Francis Cove Ketchikan C-6
Gem Cove Ketchikan B-5
George Inlet Ketchikan B-5
Gnat Cove Ketchikan B-4
Grace Cove Ketchikan C-3
Grant Cove Ketchikan B-6
Gwent Cove Prince Rupert D-2
Halibut Bay Ketchikan A-1
Hall Cove Prince Rupert D-5
Harry Bay Prince Rupert D-3
Helm Bay Ketchikan C-6
Herring Bay Ketchikan B-5
Hidden Inlet Prince Rupert D-2
Judd Harbor Prince Rupert D-4
Kah Shakes Cove Ketchikan A-3
Kelp Island Anchorage Prince Rupert D-4
Klu Bay Ketchikan D-5
Knudson Cove Ketchikan B-6
Leask Cove Ketchikan C-5
Long Arm Ketchikan C-5
Lucky Cove Ketchikan A-4
Manzanita Bay Ketchikan C-3
Marten Arm Ketchikan A-3
Marten Arm Ketchikan A-2
Mary I Anchorage Ketchikan A-4
Mink Bay Ketchikan A-3
Morse Cove Prince Rupert D-4
Moser Bay Ketchikan C-5
Moth Bay Ketchikan B-5
Mud Bay Ketchikan B-6
Naha Bay Ketchikan C-5
Nakat Bay Prince Rupert D-3
Nakat Harbor Prince Rupert D-3
Nakat Inlet Prince Rupert D-3
Neets Bay Ketchikan D-6
Neets Bay Ketchikan D-5
Nehenta Bay Ketchikan A-6
Nelson Cove Ketchikan A-6
Niquette Harbor Prince Rupert D-5
Open Bay (not official) Ketchikan A-6
Phocena Bay Ketchikan A-6
Pond Bay Prince Rupert D-4
Port Stewart Ketchikan C-6
Portage Cove Ketchikan D-4
Princess Bay Ketchikan B-4
Punchbowl Cove Ketchikan C-3
Radenbough Cove Ketchikan B-5
Ray Anchorage Prince Rupert D-4
Raymond Cove Ketchikan C-6
Reef Harbor Prince Rupert D-4
Refuge Cove Ketchikan B-6
Regina Cove Prince Rupert D-2
Rockfish Cove Ketchikan D-5
Rudyerd Bay Ketchikan C-3
Ryus Bay Prince Rupert D-5
Saks Cove Ketchikan D-4
Sandfly Bay Ketchikan A-1
Sargent Bay Ketchikan C-3
Seal Cove Ketchikan A-6
Shelter Cove Ketchikan C-5
Shoal Cast Ketchikan B-4
Shoal Cove Ketchikan B-4
Short Bay Ketchikan D-5
Shrimp Bay Ketchikan D-5
Smeaton Bay Ketchikan B-3
Smugglers Cove Ketchikan C-6
Spacious Bay Ketchikan D-6
Sweaton Bay Ketchikan B-3
Sykes Cove Ketchikan A-4
Thorne Arm Ketchikan A-5
Thorne Arm Ketchikan B-4
Tombstone Bay Ketchikan B-1
Totem Bight Ketchikan B-6
Traitors Cove Ketchikan C-5
Tsa Cove Ketchikan B-5
Vallenar Bay Ketchikan B-6
Very Inlet Prince Rupert D-3
Vixen Bay Ketchikan A-3
Wadding Cove Ketchikan C-6
Walker Cove Ketchikan C-3
Ward Cove Ketchikan B-6
Wasp Cove Ketchikan B-3
Weasel Cove Ketchikan A-3
Whisky Cove Ketchikan B-5
Willard Inlet Prince Rupert D-2
Wilson Arm Ketchikan B-2
Yes Bay Ketchikan D-6

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Ketchikan Gateway County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Ketchikan Gateway County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.