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Kusilvak County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Kusilvak County

Place USGS Topo Map
Akanuklinuk Slough Kwiguk D-6
Aknokivik Slough Kwiguk D-6
Akogpak Slough Kwiguk C-5
Akularak Pass Kwiguk C-5
Akularak Pass Kwiguk B-6
Alakanuk Pass Kwiguk C-6
Allen Creek Kwiguk B-2
Anakshek Pass Kwiguk B-6
Andreafsky River Kwiguk A-3
Anerkochik River Hooper Bay A-1
Annokivik Slough Kwiguk D-6
Anuk River Kwiguk B-4
Anuzukanuk Pass Kwiguk D-6
Apakshau Slough Saint Michael A-4
Aphrewn River Hooper Bay A-1
Apoon Pass Saint Michael A-3
Aproka Pass Kwiguk D-5
Aprothluk River Hooper Bay A-1
Archuelinguk River Kwiguk A-4
Atchuelinguk River Marshall D-3
Azacharum Slough Kwiguk A-4
Azun River Hooper Bay A-1
Batto Creek Marshall D-1
Big River Marshall D-4
Black River Black B-1
Blind Slough Kwiguk C-6
Bobs Creek Russian Mission D-8
Brehnard Creek Russian Mission D-8
Bud Creek Marshall D-1
Bugomowik Pass Kwiguk D-6
Center Slough Marshall D-2
Chakaktolik Creek Marshall D-5
Chaniliut Slough Saint Michael A-3
Chapeluk Slough Kwiguk D-4
Charley Green Creek Saint Michael A-2
Chelunginik River Hooper Bay C-2
Chinikluk Slough Kwiguk D-5
Circle Slough Russian Mission D-7
Cross Slough Russian Mission C-8
Cross Slough Marshall C-7
Dads Creek Russian Mission D-8
Davis Creek Russian Mission D-8
Deep Creek Marshall D-1
Disappointment Creek Russian Mission D-8
Driftwood Slough Marshall D-4
Dunukchavuk Slough Saint Michael A-5
Ear River Hooper Bay D-2
East Fork Andreafsky River Kwiguk A-3
East Fork Kuyukutuk River Russian Mission D-8
East Fork Spruce Creek Russian Mission D-8
East Fork Willow Creek Russian Mission D-8
Edgar Creek Russian Mission D-8
Ekashluak Creek Hooper Bay D-3
Ekasluktuli River Hooper Bay C-3
Elephant Creek Russian Mission D-8
Elongozhik Slough Saint Michael A-5
Elongozhik Slough Kwiguk D-6
Elukozuk Slough Kwiguk C-6
Emmonak Slough Kwiguk D-6
Engineer Creek Russian Mission C-8
Etokek Slough Kwiguk D-4
Faith Creek Russian Mission D-8
First Chance Creek Marshall D-1
Five Day Slough Kwiguk A-1
Gukyuk Slough Kwiguk D-5
Happy Creek Russian Mission D-8
Hills Slough Marshall D-3
Home Creek Russian Mission D-8
Hungry Creek Marshall D-1
Hut Creek Marshall D-4
Iaslaktoli River Marshall D-8
Igokluk Slough Kwiguk B-6
Igrikchum Slough Kwiguk A-5
Issortulik Slough Hooper Bay B-3
Iumkrarak Slough Kwiguk C-5
Jackson Creek Holy Cross C-5
Jackson Creek Holy Cross D-5
Joe Wise Creek Russian Mission D-8
Johns Creek Russian Mission D-8
Kaelhuk Pass Saint Michael A-4
Kakahkituli Pass Kwiguk D-6
Kako Creek Russian Mission D-7
Kakuktahuk Pass Saint Michael A-4
Kaluchagun Slough Kwiguk C-6
Kamerchiluk Slough Kwiguk D-4
Kamerchluk Slough Kwiguk D-4
Kangokakli Pass Kwiguk D-6
Kanunuk Slough Saint Michael A-4
Kanyak River Kwiguk C-6
Kaoledoly Slough Kwiguk D-5
Kashunuk River Hooper Bay B-2
Kashunuk Slough Marshall D-3
Kawanak Pass Saint Michael A-6
Kaweehnali Slough Saint Michael A-4
Kawiakpak Creek Hooper Bay D-3
Kawokhawik Slough Kwiguk D-6
Kealavik River Marshall A-8
Keoklevik River Hooper Bay B-3
Kiangolevik Pass Black B-1
Kikneak River Hooper Bay D-1
King Creek Russian Mission D-8
Kipniarak River Marshall D-7
Kipniyagok River Black B-1
Kipungolak River Marshall D-7
Kochluk Pass Saint Michael A-6
Kokechik River Hooper Bay C-3
Kolomak River Hooper Bay C-3
Komoiarak Slough Hooper Bay C-2
Kotlik River Saint Michael A-4
Kuiukpak Slough Kwiguk C-6
Kulmogon Slough Saint Michael A-3
Kun River Hooper Bay D-2
Kuttak River Hooper Bay C-2
Kuyukutuk River Kwiguk A-1
Kuyungsik River Marshall B-7
Kuyungsik River Hooper Bay B-1
Kvichvauk Pass Saint Michael A-4
Kvichvauk Pass Saint Michael A-3
Kwecharak River Hooper Bay C-2
Kwemeluk Pass Kwiguk B-6
Kwichlowak Pass Saint Michael A-4
Kwiguk Pass Kwiguk D-6
Kwikpak Pass Saint Michael A-6
Kwikpakak Slough Kwiguk D-5
Kwimlilthia Slough Kwiguk C-5
Kwimlilthla Slough Kwiguk C-5
Lamont Slough Kwiguk C-5
Lithkealik River Hooper Bay C-3
Little Apoon Pass Kwiguk D-5
Little Kotlik River Saint Michael A-4
Little Lockwood Creek Holy Cross B-5
Mahtkwingak Slough Saint Michael A-5
Manayagavik Slough Hooper Bay C-4
Maninglik River Marshall D-5
Mankakvik Creek Marshall D-4
Manokinak River Hooper Bay A-1
Margaret Slough Kwiguk A-3
McNeill Creek Russian Mission D-8
Melatolik Creek Black A-2
Middle Slough Marshall C-1
Monarch Slough Marshall D-1
Nageethluk River Kwiguk B-1
Nagosakchowik Slough Kwiguk C-6
Nankahkwik Creek Marshall D-4
Nantok River Marshall D-5
Nanvaranak Slough Kwiguk C-4
Napareayak Slough Hooper Bay C-3
Naringolapak Slough Kwiguk D-5
Naringolapak Slough Kwiguk C-5
Nariyauck River Hooper Bay B-1
Narokachik River Marshall A-8
Nelutahalik Creek Saint Michael A-3
Nilumat Creek Hooper Bay D-3
Ninglikfak River Hooper Bay B-3
Number 1 Creek Russian Mission D-8
Number One Creek Russian Mission D-8
Nunabiklu Slough Kwiguk D-4
Nunachik Pass Kwiguk D-4
Nungatak River Marshall C-8
Nuzukanuk Pass Kwiguk D-6
Okfauchavuk Slough Kwiguk C-4
Okshokwewhik Pass Saint Michael A-4
Okwega Pass Saint Michael A-4
Opagyarak River Hooper Bay A-2
Our Creek Marshall D-1
Owl Creek Marshall D-1
Owl Creek Russian Mission D-8
Painorouyun Slough Hooper Bay B-3
Pastoliak River Saint Michael A-3
Pastolik River Saint Michael A-3
Patsys Slough Kwiguk A-4
Pektotolik Slough Kwiguk B-5
Pektotolik Slough Kwiguk C-5
Pieneluk Slough Saint Michael A-4
Pikmiktalik River Saint Michael B-2
Pilcher Mountain Creek Marshall D-1
Pitmik River Marshall D-5
Piyukenuk River Hooper Bay C-1
Poltes Slough Marshall D-2
Poltes Slough Marshall D-1
Ponglevik River Kwiguk B-6
Popes River Black A-2
Portage Slough Russian Mission C-6
Portage Slough Russian Mission C-7
Punok Creek Marshall A-7
Putmik Slough Kwiguk C-6
Reindeer River Marshall D-2
Saint Amand Creek Russian Mission D-8
Slope Creek Russian Mission D-8
South Fork Kuyukutuk River Russian Mission D-8
Spruce Creek Marshall D-1
Steamboat Slough Kwiguk A-3
Stella Creek Russian Mission D-8
Surprise Creek Russian Mission D-8
Takonak Creek Marshall D-4
Taksakwivik Slough Kwiguk D-5
Takwaklanuk Slough Kwiguk D-5
Talbiksok River Russian Mission C-6
Talik River Marshall B-7
Taranovokchovik Pass Kwiguk C-6
Tatlalinguk Pass Saint Michael A-3
Tee-at-iokwik River Black C-1
Thirtytwo Kazyga Slough Russian Mission C-7
Tom Gray Creek Holy Cross A-5
Towak Creek Hooper Bay D-3
Tuckers Slough Russian Mission D-6
Tungaluk Slough Hooper Bay B-1
Tungaluk Slough Hooper Bay A-1
Tungpuk River Hooper Bay D-1
Tunuigak Slough Kwiguk C-6
Tunurokpak Channel Kwiguk B-4
Tutakoke River Hooper Bay B-2
Ukalikchik River Hooper Bay B-1
Utakaht Slough Kwiguk C-5
Uwik Slough Saint Michael A-5
Wahpoo Creek Russian Mission D-8
Waklarok Slough Kwiguk C-6
Washburn Slough Russian Mission C-8
West Fork Kuyukutuk River Russian Mission D-8
Whiskey Creek Russian Mission D-8
Willow Creek Russian Mission D-8
Wilson Creek Marshall D-1
Wilson Creek Slough Marshall D-1
Wolf Creek Holy Cross A-5
Wrong Creek Marshall C-7
Yukon River Kwiguk C-6
Zone Creek Russian Mission D-8

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Kusilvak County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Kusilvak County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.