Lake and Peninsula County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Lake and Peninsula County

Place USGS Topo Map
Agripina Bay Ugashik A-2
Amber Bay Sutwik Island D-5
Anchor Bay Stepovak Bay D-3
Anchorage Bay Chignik B-2
Aniakchak Bay Sutwik Island C-5
Bay of Islands Mount Katmai C-5
Bellim Bay Ugashik C-1
Boomers Cove Chignik B-2
Castle Bay Chignik A-1
Chekok Bay Iliamna D-4
Chiachi Bay Stepovak Bay D-4
Chiginagak Bay Sutwik Island D-3
Chignik Bay Chignik B-1
Chignik Lagoon Chignik B-2
Chulitna Bay Lake Clark A-4
Copper River Bay Iliamna C-5
Devils Bay Chignik A-2
Durants Cove Iliamna C-3
Eagle Bay Iliamna D-5
Egegik Bay Naknek A-5
Fish Ranch Bay Stepovak Bay D-3
Fishhook Bay Chignik A-2
Fishrack Bay Stepovak Bay D-3
Fishrack Bay Chignik A-3
Foot Bay Chignik A-3
Fox Bay Iliamna D-4
Hardenburg Bay Lake Clark A-4
Hook Bay Chignik C-1
Humpback Bay Stepovak Bay D-5
Intricate Bay Iliamna C-5
Ivan Bay Chignik A-3
Ivanof Bay Stepovak Bay D-5
Jack Bay Chignik B-1
Knutson Bay Iliamna D-4
Kokhanok Bay Iliamna B-5
Kuiukta Bay Chignik A-2
Kujulik Bay Sutwik Island C-6
Kupreanof Harbor Stepovak Bay D-5
Lake Bay Chignik B-1
Leon Bay Iliamna C-5
Lonesome Bay Iliamna D-3
Lumber Bay Chignik B-1
Mallard Duck Bay Chignik B-2
Mitrofania Bay Stepovak Bay D-3
Mitrofania Harbor Stepovak Bay D-3
Mud Bay Chignik B-2
Mud Hole Chignik B-2
Nakalilok Bay Sutwik Island D-3
Narrow Cove Iliamna A-6
Necessity Cove Chignik A-2
Nikolai Cove Chignik A-1
Northeast Bay Iliamna D-5
Northwest Arm Castle Bay Chignik A-2
Pedro Bay Iliamna D-4
Pile Bay Iliamna C-3
Port Heiden Chignik D-3
Port Wrangell Ugashik A-2
Portage Bay Lake Clark A-5
Portage Bay Chignik A-2
Reindeer Bay Iliamna B-7
Roadhouse Bay Iliamna D-5
Ross Cove Chignik A-2
Schooner Bay Chignik B-2
Seal Bay Chignik A-2
Sid Larson Bay Iliamna B-5
Snug Harbor Iliamna C-5
Sosbee Bay Stepovak Bay D-3
Sweater Bay Chignik A-2
Turner Bay Lake Clark A-5
Ugashik Bay Ugashik C-5
Warner Bay Chignik A-2
Whistlewing Bay Iliamna D-5
Windy Bay Chignik A-2
Yantarni Bay Sutwik Island D-4

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Lake and Peninsula County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Lake and Peninsula County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.