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Lakes in Lake and Peninsula County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alexcy Lake Iliamna D-5
Battle Lake Iliamna A-6
Beaver Lake Iliamna B-5
Becharof Lake Ugashik D-2
Black Lake Chignik B-3
Boot Lake Iliamna C-3
Chekok Lake Iliamna D-4
Chignik Lake Chignik B-3
Dumbbell Lake Iliamna D-3
Elizabeth Lake Ugashik B-3
Emerald Lake Iliamna B-5
Fishtrap Lake Lake Clark B-4
Fog Lake Iliamna C-4
Gibraltar Lake Iliamna B-5
Goldfish Lake Chignik D-3
Grants Lagoon Iliamna B-8
Half Cabin Lake Lake Clark D-5
Hammersly Lake Mount Katmai D-4
Hendrickson Lake Chignik D-2
Hook Lagoon Bristol Bay A-2
Idavain Lake Mount Katmai D-6
Iliamna Lake Iliamna C-6
Iliuk Arm Naknek Lake Mount Katmai C-5
Iron Springs Lake Iliamna A-5
Joe Nort Lake Lake Clark A-6
Kanatak Lake Ugashik C-1
Kijik Lake Lake Clark B-4
Kokhanok Lake Iliamna B-4
Kontrashibuna Lake Lake Clark A-3
Kukaklek Lake Iliamna A-7
Kulik Lake Mount Katmai D-3
Lachbuna Lake Lake Clark B-3
Lake Brooks Mount Katmai C-6
Lake Clark Lake Clark A-4
Lake Coville Mount Katmai D-5
Lake Grosvenor Mount Katmai C-5
Lake September Lake Clark C-8
Lenora Lake Ugashik B-3
Little Lake Clark Lake Clark B-2
Long Lake Iliamna D-3
Long Lake Lake Clark A-6
Lower Copper Lake Iliamna C-4
Lower Tazimina Lake Iliamna D-4
Lower Ugashik Lake Ugashik C-3
Meadow Lake Iliamna C-3
Meshik Lake Sutwik Island D-6
Mirror Lake Iliamna A-5
Moose Lake Iliamna C-3
Mother Goose Lake Ugashik A-4
Murray Lake Mount Katmai D-4
Naknek Lake Mount Katmai C-6
Needle Lake Ugashik A-4
Negro Lake Iliamna D-5
Nikabuna Lake Clark A-7
Nikabuna Lakes Lake Clark A-7
Nonvianuk Lake Mount Katmai D-5
North Arm Naknek Lake Mount Katmai C-6
Old Roadhouse Lake Iliamna D-5
Otter Lake Lake Clark B-3
Pickerel Lakes Iliamna D-5
Pike Lake Ugashik C-5
Pike Lake Iliamna D-6
Pike Lakes Iliamna C-5
Pirate Lake Iliamna A-5
Portage Lake Lake Clark C-3
Purple Lake Chignik C-3
Reindeer Lake Iliamna A-8
Ruth Lake Ugashik C-1
Schoolhouse Lake Iliamna C-5
Silver Salmon Lake Ugashik C-5
Sixmile Lake Iliamna D-5
Snipe Lake Lake Clark C-4
Spectacle Lake Iliamna A-5
Stonehouse Lake Iliamna D-5
Surprise Lake Chignik D-1
Sven Lake Chignik D-2
Tazimina Lakes Lake Clark A-4
Turquoise Lake Lake Clark D-3
Tutna Lake Lake Clark B-7
Twin Lakes Lake Clark C-3
Upper Copper Lake Iliamna C-3
Upper Tazimina Lake Lake Clark A-4
Upper Ugashik Lake Ugashik C-3
Wildman Lake Chignik B-6

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Lake and Peninsula County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Lake and Peninsula County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.