Lake and Peninsula County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Lake and Peninsula County

Place USGS Topo Map
Abbot Creek Chignik D-3
Abbott Creek Chignik D-2
Agripina River Ugashik A-2
Alagnak River Dillingham A-3
Albert Creek Karluk D-5
Albert Johnson Creek Sutwik Island D-6
Alec River Chignik B-3
Alfred Creek Chignik B-2
American Creek Mount Katmai D-5
Andrew Creek Ugashik C-4
Angle Creek Mount Katmai A-6
Aniakchak River Sutwik Island D-5
Ash Creek Chignik C-3
Barabara Creek Chignik D-2
Barbara Creek Ugashik C-1
Bear Creek Dillingham A-3
Bear Creek Ugashik C-1
Bear Creek Chignik C-1
Bear Creek Iliamna D-6
Bearskin Creek Chignik B-3
Becharof Creek Karluk D-6
Belinda Creek Iliamna B-7
Ben Courtny Creek Dillingham B-1
Big Bonanza Creek Lake Clark C-7
Big Creek Naknek B-5
Birthday Creek Chignik D-3
Bishop Creek Naknek A-5
Black Creek Sutwik Island C-5
Black Creek Ugashik B-3
Black Creek Chignik C-1
Black Creek Lake Clark B-6
Blue Creek Ugashik C-2
Blue Violet Creek Chignik C-1
Blueberry Creek Chignik C-4
Bluff Creek Chignik C-2
Bonanza Creek Lake Clark C-6
Boulevard Creek Chignik B-3
Braided Creek Chignik C-2
Broad Creek Chignik B-3
Brooks Creek Lake Clark A-3
Brooks River Mount Katmai C-6
Burls Creek Ugashik C-1
Camp Creek Ugashik C-1
Canyon Creek Iliamna D-4
Caribou Creek Lake Clark C-5
Cathedral Creek Chignik B-3
Chanuk Creek Lake Clark C-8
Chekok Creek Iliamna D-4
Chiaktuak Creek Chignik B-3
Chignik River Chignik B-2
Chilchitna River Lake Clark B-8
Chilikadrotna River Lake Clark C-7
Chinkelyes Creek Iliamna C-3
Chokotonk River Lake Clark B-2
Chulitna River Lake Clark A-5
Cinder River Bristol Bay B-1
Clark River Chignik A-3
Cleo Creek Karluk C-6
Coffee Creek Naknek D-3
College Creek Lake Clark B-3
Conglomerate Creek Chignik B-3
Contact Creek Naknek A-1
Copper River Iliamna C-5
Cota Creek Lake Clark C-5
Crater Creek Chignik B-4
Crooked Creek Ugashik C-2
Cub Creek Chignik C-1
Cucumber Creek Chignik B-3
Currant Creek Lake Clark B-3
Dago Creek Ugashik C-5
Dago Frank Creek Chignik B-2
Deer Creek Ugashik C-2
Dennis Creek Iliamna B-6
Dog Salmon River Ugashik B-5
Dream Creek Iliamna B-5
Dry Creek Chignik B-2
Duck Creek Naknek D-4
Dummy Creek Lake Clark C-7
Eagle Bay Creek Iliamna D-5
East Fork Kejulik River Karluk D-5
Egegik River Naknek A-5
Fan Creek Chignik B-3
Featherly Creek Ugashik D-1
Figure Eight Creek Ugashik B-3
Fireweed Creek Chignik C-4
Funnel Creek Iliamna A-6
Gas Creek Karluk D-5
Gertrude Creek Naknek A-1
Glacier Creek Ugashik A-2
Glacier Creek Lake Clark D-5
Goblet Creek Ugashik B-3
Gorge Creek Mount Katmai C-3
Granite Creek Naknek A-1
Groundhog Creek Lake Clark A-6
Hallersville Creek Dillingham A-3
Hardscrabble Creek Mount Katmai C-4
Hidden Creek Sutwik Island D-6
High Creek Ugashik A-6
Highland Creek Chignik D-2
Home Creek Chignik A-3
Home Creek Sutwik Island D-4
Hook Creek Chignik C-1
Hot Springs Creek Ugashik C-2
Humpback Creek Stepovak Bay D-5
Ikagluik Creek Mount Katmai C-4
Iliamna River Iliamna C-3
Indecision Creek Ugashik A-4
Ivanof River Stepovak Bay D-5
Kametolook River Stepovak Bay D-4
Kaskanak Creek Dillingham B-1
Kasna Creek Lake Clark A-3
Katrine Creek Karluk D-6
Kejulik River Karluk D-6
Kijik River Lake Clark B-4
Kilokak Creek Ugashik A-2
King Salmon Creek Naknek D-4
King Salmon River Ugashik B-5
King Salmon River Naknek A-4
Knife Creek Mount Katmai B-5
Knutson Creek Iliamna D-4
Kokhanok River Iliamna B-4
Koksetna River Lake Clark A-6
Kumliun Creek Sutwik Island C-6
Landlocked Creek Chignik C-2
Lava Creek Ugashik A-6
Levelock Creek Dillingham A-3
Little Bonanza Creek Lake Clark C-5
Little Mulchatna River Lake Clark C-5
Little Ugashik Creek Ugashik C-1
Lower Talarik Creek Iliamna C-7
Main Creek Sutwik Island D-5
Margaret Creek Karluk D-6
Margot Creek Mount Katmai B-5
Marie Creek Karluk D-6
Marshinlak Creek Chignik B-2
McKinley Creek Lake Clark D-7
McNally Creek Ugashik C-1
Meloy Creek Ugashik A-6
Meshik River Chignik D-2
Metrofania Creek Chignik B-2
Milk Creek Chignik B-3
Miller Creek Lake Clark B-4
Millett Creek Lake Clark D-5
Misery Creek Sutwik Island D-4
Moore Creek Ugashik C-2
Moraine Creek Iliamna A-6
Mountain Creek Sutwik Island D-5
Mud Creek Bristol Bay B-1
Mystery Creek Sutwik Island D-6
Nanuktuk Creek Iliamna A-7
Neketa Creek Chignik B-2
Newhalen River Iliamna C-6
Nikadavna Creek Lake Clark B-7
Nonvianuk River Iliamna A-8
North Fork Sutwik Island C-6
North Fork Aniakchak River Sutwik Island D-5
North Fork Yantarni Creek Sutwik Island D-4
Northeast Creek Sutwik Island D-5
Old Creek Ugashik B-6
Old Ladies Creek Chignik B-2
Ole Creek Dillingham B-1
Ospook Creek Lake Clark A-3
Otter Creek Ugashik C-1
Packers Creek Chignik B-2
Painter Creek Ugashik A-5
Parallel Creek Chignik B-2
Pass Creek Lake Clark D-5
Pearl Creek Ugashik C-1
Pecks Creek Iliamna B-8
Pete Andrews Creek Iliamna C-6
Pile River Iliamna D-3
Plenty Bear Creek Chignik C-2
Porcupine Creek Karluk C-6
Portage Creek Lake Clark B-3
Ptarmigan Creek Iliamna C-3
Ptarmigan Creek Lake Clark C-5
Pumice Creek Ugashik B-6
Rainbow Creek Chignik C-1
Rainbow River Mount Katmai C-3
Rapid Creek Chignik B-4
Ray Creek Ugashik A-6
Red Bluff Creek Stepovak Bay D-3
Red Bluff Creek Chignik C-3
Reindeer Creek Bristol Bay A-2 OE W
River Lethe Mount Katmai B-5
Roadhouse Creek Iliamna D-5
Rock Creek Lake Clark A-6
Rudy Creek Chignik C-1
Salmon Creek Ugashik C-1
Savonoski River Mount Katmai C-5
September Creek Lake Clark C-8
Shoe Creek Chignik C-1
Shosky Creek Naknek A-4
Silver Creek Iliamna C-3
Simeon Creek Ugashik C-1
Sixtyfour Creek Lake Clark C-8
Sleepy Creek Chignik C-1
South Currant Creek Lake Clark B-3
South Fork Burls Creek Ugashik C-1
Spoon Creek Chignik A-2
Springway Creek Lake Clark B-8
Squaw Creek Naknek D-4
Sulphur Creek Karluk C-6
Summit Creek Lake Clark C-6
Summit Creek Lake Clark D-4
Svoger Slough Naknek D-3
Swampy River Naknek A-4
Synneva Creek Lake Clark C-5
Takayofo Creek Naknek A-1
Takoka Creek Lake Clark A-4
Tanalian River Lake Clark A-4
Tazimina River Iliamna D-5
Thompson Creek Chignik B-2
Through Creek Chignik B-2
Tlikakila River Lake Clark B-3
Tom Creek Lake Clark C-5
Tom Killae Creek Lake Clark D-8
Tommy Creek Iliamna C-5
Tommy Creek Lake Clark A-4
Ugashik Creek Ugashik C-2
Ugashik River Ugashik B-5
Ukak River Mount Katmai C-5
Union Creek Dillingham A-3
Upper Talarik Creek Iliamna C-6
Victoria Creek Lake Clark C-5
Village Creek Sutwik Island C-5
Volcano Creek Ugashik A-4
Wandering Creek Ugashik B-4
Waterfall Creek Chignik C-1
Weasel Creek Lake Clark C-8
West Creek Sutwik Island D-5
West Fork Chignik River Chignik B-3
Whalers Creek Chignik B-2
Wiggly Creek Sutwik Island D-6
Wind Creek Chignik D-1
Windy Creek Mount Katmai B-5
Wolf Creek Chignik C-1
Wolverine Creek Sutwik Island C-5
Yantarni Creek Sutwik Island D-4
Yellow Bluff Creek Chignik D-3
Yellow Creek Dillingham A-3

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Lake and Peninsula County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Lake and Peninsula County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.