Petersburg Borough County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Petersburg Borough County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aats Bay Craig D-7
Alikula Bay Craig D-7
Alvin Bay Petersburg B-6
Bains Cove Petersburg C-4
Band Cove Port Alexander D-2
Bay of Pillars Port Alexander C-1
Bear Harbor Port Alexander A-1
Big John Bay Petersburg D-6
Bock Bight Petersburg D-3
Brown Cove Petersburg D-3
Cape Strait Petersburg D-4
Cedar Bight Port Alexander D-1
China Cove Craig D-7
Christian Sound Craig D-8
Crowley Bight Port Alexander A-1
Dakaneek Bay Petersburg D-6
Davidson Bay Petersburg D-6
Devils Elbow Petersburg C-6
Douglas Bay Petersburg B-4
Dry Bay Sumdum A-4
Dry Cove Petersburg D-4
Egg Harbor Craig D-7
Elena Bay Port Alexander C-1
Explorer Basin Port Alexander B-1
Farragut Bay Sumdum A-4
Francis Anchorage Sumdum A-4
Frederick Sound Sumdum A-6
Gedney Harbor Port Alexander B-1
Gil Harbor Petersburg D-6
Gish Bay Craig D-7
Goose Cove Petersburg D-4
Halfmoon Anchorage Petersburg C-3
Halleck Harbor Port Alexander D-1
Hamilton Bay Petersburg D-6
Happy Cove Port Alexander B-1
Harris Cove Port Alexander B-1
Hoagies Hole Petersburg C-4
Howard Cove Port Alexander A-1
Icy Cove Petersburg D-3
Ideal Cove Petersburg C-2
Kadake Bay Petersburg D-6
Kah Sheets Bay Petersburg C-4
Kell Bay Port Alexander A-1
Krauses Hole Petersburg C-4
Le Conte Bay Petersburg D-2
Little Duncan Bay Petersburg C-4
Little Totem Bay Petersburg B-5
Long Pond Petersburg D-3
Louise Cove Petersburg A-6
McDonald Arm Petersburg D-4
Mud Bay Petersburg C-6
No Name Bay Petersburg C-6
No Name Bay Petersburg C-5
North Arm Sumdum A-4
North Arm Duncan Canal Petersburg D-4
Orel Anchorage Port Alexander B-1
Petrof Bay Port Alexander B-1
Piledriver Cove Port Alexander C-1
Port Beauclerc Petersburg B-6
Port Camden Petersburg C-6
Port Malmesbury Port Alexander B-1
Port McArthur Port Alexander A-1
Portage Bay Petersburg D-6
Portage Bay Petersburg D-4
Porter Cove Sumdum A-3
Reid Bay Petersburg B-6
Rowan Bay Port Alexander C-1
Saginaw Bay Port Alexander D-1
Scenery Cove Sumdum A-3
Scow Bay Petersburg D-3
Seclusion Harbor Petersburg C-6
Security Bay Port Alexander D-1
Shelter Cove Port Alexander B-1
South Arm Sumdum A-4
Stedman Cove Petersburg D-6
Table Bay Port Alexander A-1
Tebenkof Bay Port Alexander C-1
Thetis Bay Port Alexander B-1
Thomas Bay Sumdum A-3
Threemile Arm Petersburg C-6
Totem Bay Petersburg B-5
Towers Arm Petersburg D-5
Washington Bay Port Alexander C-2
Windy Bay Craig D-7
Woodpecker Cove Petersburg C-3

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Petersburg Borough County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Petersburg Borough County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.