Prince of Wales-Hyder County Fishing Bays

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Bays in Prince of Wales-Hyder County

Place USGS Topo Map
Adrian Cove Craig B-4
Aguada Cove Craig B-5
Aguirre Bay Craig C-5
Aiken Cove Craig A-1
Alder Cove Craig A-2
American Bay Dixon Entrance D-3
Anchorage Cove Dixon Entrance D-3
Anguilla Bay Craig C-5
Annette Bay Ketchikan B-5
Arena Cove Craig A-5
Augustine Bay Dixon Entrance D-4
Baldy Bay Craig A-3
Baronovichs Bay Craig C-2
Big Bay Craig B-4
Biscuit Lagoon Dixon Entrance D-1
Bobs Bay Craig A-4
Bolles Inlet Dixon Entrance D-3
Breezy Bay Craig A-4
Brennan Bay Craig A-1
Brownson Bay Dixon Entrance C-1
Bucareli Bay Craig B-5
Buster Bay Petersburg B-5
Calder Bay Petersburg A-5
California Bay Petersburg B-4
Camp Cove Dixon Entrance D-4
Camp Cove Ketchikan A-4
Cannery Cove Craig A-1
Canoe Cove Ketchikan A-5
Cascade Inlet Ketchikan A-5
Chichagof Bay Ketchikan A-6
Chickwan Bight Dixon Entrance C-3
Cholmondeley Sound Craig A-1
Chusini Cove Craig D-4
Clam Cove Dixon Entrance D-2
Clam Cove Craig D-4
Clark Bay Craig B-2
Clarno Cove Craig A-1
Cleva Bay Dixon Entrance D-3
Clover Bay Craig B-1
Coal Bay Craig C-2
Coco Harbor Craig A-4
Coffman Cove Petersburg A-3
Coho Cove Ketchikan A-5
Cone Bay Craig D-6
Coning Inlet Dixon Entrance D-2
Copper Harbor Craig A-2
Cordova Bay Dixon Entrance D-2
Crab Bay Ketchikan A-5
Crab Bay Craig B-4
Crab Trap Cove Craig A-3
Cyrus Cove Craig D-5
Datzkoo Harbor Dixon Entrance C-3
Davidson Inlet Petersburg A-5
Deer Bay Craig A-3
Devilfish Bay Petersburg A-5
Dickman Bay Craig A-1
Diver Bay Craig A-4
Dolomi Bay Craig A-1
Dora Bay Craig A-1
Dova Bay Dixon Entrance D-3
Doyle Bay Craig B-4
Dunbar Inlet Craig A-3
Dutch Harbor Craig A-1
Eagle Harbor Dixon Entrance D-5
Edna Bay Craig D-5
Eek Inlet Craig A-2
Elbow Bay Dixon Entrance D-2
Essowah Harbor Dixon Entrance D-3
Exchange Cove Petersburg A-4
False Cove Craig D-6
Farallon Bay Craig A-4
Fisherman Cove Craig A-4
Fishermans Harbor Craig D-6
Forss Cove Craig C-2
Fortaleza Bay Craig B-5
Foul Bay Craig A-4
Frederick Cove Dixon Entrance D-1
French Harbor Craig A-1
Garcia Cove Craig C-5
Gardner Bay Prince Rupert D-6
Goat Mouth Inlet Craig A-3
Gold Harbor Dixon Entrance D-4
Goose Bay Craig B-2
Gooseneck Harbor Dixon Entrance D-4
Grace Harbor Dixon Entrance D-3
Green Inlet Craig A-4
Guhao Inlet Craig D-4
Gulf of Esquibel Craig C-5
Gutchi Cove Craig D-4
Halibut Harbor Craig D-6
Ham Cove Dixon Entrance D-3
Harris River Bay Craig B-3
Hassiah Inlet Craig A-2
Hassler Harbor Ketchikan A-5
Hemlock Bay Ketchikan A-5
Hessa Inlet Dixon Entrance D-1
Hetta Cove Craig A-2
Hetta Inlet Craig A-2
Hidden Bay Prince Rupert D-6
Hole-in-the-Wall Craig A-4
Hollis Anchorage Craig B-2
Hook Arm Craig A-4
Hunter Bay Dixon Entrance D-1
Indiada Cove Craig B-5
Indian Garden Bay Craig D-5
Ingraham Bay Prince Rupert D-6
Iphigenia Bay Craig D-6
Island Bay Craig A-3
Jinhi Bay Craig D-4
Johnson Cove Dixon Entrance D-1
Kaguk Cove Craig C-4
Kahli Cove Craig D-4
Kaigani Harbors Dixon Entrance D-3
Kaigao Cove Craig D-4
Kaikli Cove Craig D-4
Karheen Cove Craig D-4
Karta Bay Craig C-2
Kasaan Bay Craig B-1
Kasook Inlet Craig A-3
Kassa Inlet Dixon Entrance D-2
Keete Inlet Craig A-2
Kegan Cove Craig A-1
Kelly Cove Craig B-5
Kendrick Bay Dixon Entrance D-1
Kina Cove Craig C-2
Kitkun Bay Craig A-1
Klakas Inlet Dixon Entrance D-2
Klawock Inlet Craig C-4
Klinkwan Cove Dixon Entrance D-2
Kwain Bay Ketchikan A-5
Labouchere Bay Petersburg B-5
Lagoma Bay Craig C-6
Lake Bay Petersburg A-3
Lancaster Cove Craig A-1
Liscome Bay Dixon Entrance C-3
Little Brownson Bay Dixon Entrance C-1
Little Coal Bay Craig C-2
Little Daykoo Harbor Dixon Entrance C-3
Little Goose Bay Craig B-2
Little Naukati Bay Craig D-4
Little Ratz Harbor Craig D-2
Mabel Bay Dixon Entrance D-2
Mallard Bay Prince Rupert D-6
Manhattan Arm Craig A-4
Manhattan Arm Sea Otter Harbor Craig A-4
Max Cove Dixon Entrance D-2
McKenzie Inlet Craig B-2
McLean Arm Dixon Entrance D-1
McLeod Bay Dixon Entrance C-3
Menefee Anchorage Craig A-1
Merrifield Bay Petersburg B-5
Mills Bay Craig C-2
Minnie Bay Dixon Entrance C-1
Minnie Cutoff Dixon Entrance C-1
Mission Cove Dixon Entrance D-3
Moira Sound Craig A-1
Mud Bay Craig A-2
Nadzaheen Cove Ketchikan A-5
Nagasay Cove Craig C-5
Natoma Bay Dixon Entrance D-2
Natzuhini Bay Craig B-3
Naukati Bay Craig D-4
Niblack Anchorage Craig A-1
Nichin Cove Craig D-4
Nichols Bay Dixon Entrance C-1
Nina Cove Dixon Entrance D-3
North Arm Moira Sound Craig A-1
North Bay Craig A-4
North Kaigani Harbor Dixon Entrance D-3
Nossuk Bay Craig C-5
Nowiskay Cove Craig A-1
Nundei Cove Craig D-4
Nutkwa Inlet Craig A-2
Paul Bight Craig B-2
Pole Anchorage Craig D-6
Polk Inlet Craig B-2
Pond Bay Dixon Entrance D-3
Poor Man Bay Craig C-2
Port Alice Craig D-5
Port Asumcion Craig B-5
Port Bagial Craig B-4
Port Bazan Dixon Entrance D-3
Port Caldera Craig B-4
Port Chester Ketchikan A-5
Port Dolores Craig B-5
Port Estrella Craig B-4
Port Johnson Ketchikan A-6
Port Mayoral Craig B-5
Port Protection Petersburg B-5
Port Refugio Craig B-4
Port Saint Nicholas Craig B-4
Port San Antonio Craig B-5
Port San Antonio Craig B-5
Port Santa Cruz Craig B-5
Portage Bay Craig B-2
Ragged Cove Petersburg A-4
Ratz Harbor Craig D-2
Red Bay Petersburg B-4
Rocky Bay Petersburg A-4
Rocky Cove Craig D-4
Roller Bay Craig C-6
Rose Inlet Dixon Entrance D-3
Ruth Bay Dixon Entrance D-2
Sakie Bay Craig A-4
Salmon Bay Petersburg B-4
Salt Lake Bay Craig C-5
Saltery Cove Craig B-1
San Alberto Bay Craig C-4
Sandy Bight Petersburg B-4
Sarheen Cove Petersburg A-4
Sarkar Cove Craig D-4
Sea Otter Harbor Craig A-4
Sea Otter Sound Craig D-5
Security Cove Dixon Entrance C-3
Shakan Bay Petersburg A-5
Shelter Cove Craig B-4
Shinaku Inlet Craig C-4
Shipley Bay Petersburg A-5
Shoe Inlet Dixon Entrance D-3
Short Arm Kendrick Bay Dixon Entrance D-1
Siketi Sound Craig B-5
Skowl Arm Craig B-2
Smith Cove Craig B-2
Smith Lagoon Craig B-2
Smuggler Cove Ketchikan A-5
Soda Bay Craig B-3
Soda Bay Craig B-4
South Arm Cholmondeley Sound Craig A-2
South Arm Kendrick Bay Dixon Entrance D-1
South Arm Moira Sound Dixon Entrance D-1
South Kaigani Harbor Dixon Entrance D-3
Spiral Cove Craig B-1
Squam Bay Craig D-5
Steamboat Bay Craig C-5
Stone Rock Bay Dixon Entrance D-1
Sunny Cove Craig B-1
Surku Cove Craig D-4
Survey Cove Craig D-6
Sylburn Harbor Ketchikan A-5
Tah Bay Dixon Entrance D-1
Tamgas Harbor Ketchikan A-5
The Saitchuck Dixon Entrance D-1
Thimble Cove Craig B-5
Thorne Bay Craig C-2
Tokeen Bay Petersburg A-5
Tokeen Cove Craig D-5
Tolstoi Bay Craig C-2
Tonowek Bay Craig C-5
Touchit Cove Dixon Entrance D-3
Trocadero Bay Craig B-4
Trollers Cove Craig B-1
Tunga Inlet Craig D-4
Twelvemile Arm Craig B-2
Twelvemile Arm Kasaan Bay Craig C-2
Ulitka Bay Craig C-6
Van Sant Cove Craig D-5
Vesta Bay Dixon Entrance D-3
Veta Bay Craig B-5
View Cove Craig A-4
Warm Chuck Inlet Craig C-5
Warren Cove Craig D-6
Waterfall Bay Dixon Entrance D-4
Welcome Cove Dixon Entrance D-4
West Arm Cholmondeley Sound Craig B-2
West Arm Kendrick Bay Dixon Entrance D-1
West Arm Moira Sound Dixon Entrance D-1
West Arm Moira Sound Dixon Entrance D-1
Windfall Harbor Craig C-2
Windy Cove Craig A-4
Winter Bay Dixon Entrance D-2
Wolk Harbor Dixon Entrance C-3
Wood Cove Dixon Entrance D-5
Wooden Wheel Cove Petersburg B-5
Yahku Cove Craig D-4

Above is a map and a list of the bays in Prince of Wales-Hyder County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a bay name that is duplicated within Prince of Wales-Hyder County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.