Prince of Wales-Hyder County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Prince of Wales-Hyder County

Place USGS Topo Map
Aiken Lake Craig A-1
Angel Lake Craig C-2
Barnes Lake Petersburg A-3
Big Lake Craig D-2
Big Salt Lake Craig C-4
Black Bear Lake Craig C-3
Black Lake Craig C-3
Butterball Lake Craig D-5
Cascade Lakes Ketchikan A-5
Cavern Lake Petersburg A-4
Chester Lake Ketchikan A-5
Chuck Lake Craig D-5
Clover Lake Craig B-1
Control Lake Craig C-3
Copper Center Lake Craig C-2
Crater Lake Ketchikan A-5
Crooked Lake Craig D-5
Cutthroat Lakes Craig C-3
Devil Lake Craig A-4
Disappearing Lake Bradfield Canal A-1
Dora Lake Craig A-1
Edgecombe Lake Ketchikan A-5
Eek Lake Craig A-3
El Capitan Lake Petersburg A-5
Essowah Lakes Dixon Entrance D-3
Exchange Lake Petersburg A-4
Foot Lake Craig C-2
Gold and Galligan Lagoon Craig D-3
Grassy Lake Petersburg A-3
Hassler Lake Ketchikan A-5
Hassler Lake Ketchikan A-5
Helen Todd Lake Ketchikan A-5
Hessa Lake Dixon Entrance D-1
Hetta Lake Craig A-2
Hole-in-the-wall Petersburg B-5
Hook Lake Craig D-5
Island Lake Craig D-5
Ives Lake Craig B-2
James Lake Craig A-1
Jay Lake Craig D-5
Johnson Lake Dixon Entrance D-1
Karheen Lakes Craig D-4
Karta Lake Craig C-2
Kasook Lake Craig A-3
Kegan Lake Craig A-1
Kina Lake Craig B-2
Klakas Lake Craig A-2
Klawock Lake Craig B-3
Kugel Lake Craig A-1
Kwain Lake Ketchikan A-5
Lake Ellen Craig C-2
Lake Fortaleza Craig B-5
Lake Galea Craig D-3
Lake Gertrude Craig B-2
Lake Isabel Craig B-2
Lake Josephine Craig A-2
Lake Luelia Craig A-1
Lake Marge Craig A-2
Lake Mary Craig B-2
Lake Mellen Craig A-2
Lake Number Three Craig C-2
Lake Saint Nicholas Craig B-3
Lake Seclusion Dixon Entrance D-3
Lake Welcome Dixon Entrance D-4
Lake Williams Craig A-1
Lindeman Lake Craig C-2
Little Devil Lake Dixon Entrance D-4
Little Lake Craig D-3
Loon Lake Craig C-2
Luck Lake Craig D-3
Manhattan Lake Craig A-4
Marsh Lake Craig D-5
Melanson Lake Ketchikan A-5
Miller Lake Craig A-1
Mink Lake Craig D-5
Monie Lake Craig B-1
Myrtle Lake Craig A-1
Neck Lake Petersburg A-4
Niblack Lake Craig A-1
Nichols Lake Dixon Entrance D-1
No Name Lake Ketchikan D-1
North Lake Craig C-2
Nutkwa Lagoon Craig A-2
Old Franks Lake Craig B-2
Parrot Lake Dixon Entrance D-3
Paul Lake Craig A-1
Power Lake Craig C-2
Purple Lake Ketchikan A-5
Purple Lake Ketchikan A-5
Red Lake Petersburg A-4
Rock Lake Craig B-2
Salamander Lake Craig C-2
Salmon Bay Lake Petersburg A-4
Salmon Lake Craig C-3
Salt Water Lagoon Craig D-4
Sarkar Lake Craig D-4
Scott Lagoon Craig D-4
Setter Lake Craig C-2
Shipley Lake Petersburg A-5
Sink Hole Lake Petersburg A-4
Skaters Lake Ketchikan A-5
Sukkwan Lake Craig A-3
Summit Lake Craig A-2
Sutter Lake Petersburg A-5
Sweetwater Lake Craig D-3
Tamgas Lake Ketchikan A-5
Texas Lake Bradfield Canal A-1
Thorne Lake Craig D-3
Trout Lake Ketchikan A-5
Trumpeter Lake Craig D-2
Twin Island Lake Petersburg A-4
Water Lake Craig C-2
Waterfall Lake Dixon Entrance D-4
Waterfall Reservoir Craig B-4
Wolf Lake Craig C-2

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Prince of Wales-Hyder County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Prince of Wales-Hyder County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.