Apache County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Apache County

Place USGS Topo Map
A One Lake Greens Peak
Anderson Lake Vernon
Antelope Lake Antelope Lake
Atcheson Reservoir Rudd Knoll
Baca Lake Ortega Mountain
Barth Lake Barth Well
Basin Lake Big Lake North
Be Akeghalchee Toadindaaska Mesa
Becker Lake Springerville
Bekihatso Toh De Niihe
Big Dam Reservoir Sunrise Springs
Big Lake Kearn Lake
Big Lake Lukachukai
Big Lake Big Lake North
Big Lake Big Lake North
Blue Lake McNary
Boney Lake Kearn Lake
Boynton Lake Whiting Knoll
Bunch Reservoir Greer
Butler Tak Boundary Butte
Carnero Lake Greens Peak
CC Lake Horseshoe Cienega
Cedar Lake Reservoir Cedar Lake Wash
Cheney Lake Springerville NW
Cheyney Lake Whiting Knoll
Christmas Tree Lake Hawley Lake East
Colter Reservoir Big Lake North
Concho Lake Concho Lake
Corner Lake Alpine
Coronado Evaporation Reservoir Saint Johns North
Cover Lake Hawley Lake West
Crescent Lake Big Lake North
Cyclone Lake Horseshoe Cienega
Damon Lake Window Rock
Deep Lake Deep Lake
Dipping Vat Reservoir Big Lake North
Drift Fence Lake Bonito Rock
Dry Lake Buffalo Crossing
Dry Lakes Nelson Reservoir
Duck Lake Big Lake South
Earl Park Lake Hawley Lake East
Elk Wallow Lake Alpine
Ellis Wiltbank Reservoir Greer
Firebox Lake Buffalo Crossing
Fish Pond Lake Lower Wheatfields
Flat Rock Reservoir Beautiful Valley Well
Fluted Rock Lake Sawmill
Francisco Lake Beacon Well
Ganado Lake Ganado
Geneva Reservoir Greens Peak
Glen Livet Reservoir Nelson Reservoir
Gooseberry Dam Lake McNary
Greer Lakes Greer
Gust Reservoir Boundary Butte
H-V Reservoir Loco Knoll
Halfmoon Lake Alpine
Harris Lake Boundary Butte
Hawley Lake Hawley Lake West
Hay Lake Greer
Hidden Lake Joe Woody Well
Hidden Lake Sponseller Mountain
Hidden Lake Greer
Hidden Lake Antelope Lake
Hog Wallow Lake Big Lake North
Hogan Lake Deep Lake
Horseshoe Cienega Lake Horseshoe Cienega
Hulsey Lake Nutrioso
Hunters Point Pond Hunters Point
Hurricane Lake Bonito Rock
Jarvis Lake Nutrioso
Jeff Lake Little Milky Wash
Judd Lake Alpine
Kearn Lake Kearn Lake
Laguna Salada Vernon
Lake Hole Vernon
Lake Sierra Blanca Buffalo Crossing
Lee Valley Reservoir Mount Baldy
Little George Reservoir Eagar
Little Ortega Lake Concho Lake
Little Reservoir Saint Johns South
Loggers Bog Buffalo Crossing
Long Lake Ortega Mountain
Long Lake Nelson Reservoir
Long Tree Lake Beacon Well
Luna Lake Luna Lake
Lyman Lake Lyman Lake
Many Farms Lake Many Farms
Maverick Lake Odart Mountain
McKay Reservoir Nelson Reservoir
Mexican Hay Lake Eagar
Michigan Lake Beacon Well
Nelson Reservoir Nelson Reservoir
Norton Reservoir Greens Peak
Nutrioso Reservoir Nutrioso
Ortega Lake Ortega Mountain
Pacheta Lake Bonito Rock
Pancho Spring Boundary Butte
Pine Lake Mesa Redonda
Pine Spring Boundary Butte
Pool Corral Lake Big Lake North
Porter Lake Boundary Butte
Pratt Lake Loco Knoll
Prime Lake Luna Lake
Quartzite Wash Reservoir Sawmill
Rabbit Water Del Muerto
Reagan Reservoir Nelson Reservoir
Red Lake Ninemile Seep
Red Lake Deep Lake
Reservation Lake Bonito Rock
Riggs Creek Reservoir Nutrioso
Rioso Reservoir Nutrioso
River Reservoir Greer
River Reservoir Greer
Rogers Lake Stinking Springs
Rogers Marsh Rudd Knoll
Rogers Reservoir Rudd Knoll
Round Rock Lake Fire Dance Mesa
Round Rock Reservoir Fire Dance Mesa
Rudd Reservoir Rudd Knoll
Russell Reservoir Rudd Knoll
Saint Josephs Reservoir Rudd Knoll
Saint Marys Lake Rudd Knoll
San Juan Lake Boundary Butte
San Salvador Reservoir Rudd Knoll
Shush Be Tou Horseshoe Cienega
Shush Bezahze Horseshoe Cienega
Sides Lake Ortega Mountain
Slade Reservoir Rudd Knoll
Soda Lake Stinking Springs
Sorenson Lake Saint Johns North
Spec Tnak Eagar
Sponseller Lake Sponseller Mountain
Squaw Lake Deep Lake
Stock Dam Number Two Eagar
Straddling Lake Lyman Lake SW
Sunnyside Reservoir Greens Peak
Sunrise Lake Greens Peak
Tenney Pond Luna Lake
Terry Lake Escudilla Mountain
Toh Ah Glau Sweetwater Mesa
Toh De Niihe Toh De Niihe
Toh Del Toshi Hydrant Big Willow Spring Canyon
Tolani Tolani
Tonto Lake Maverick
Trinity Reservoir Nelson Reservoir
Tsaile Lake Tsaile
Tse Notahs Pond Hunters Point
Tunnel Reservoir Greer
Turkey Reservoir Lower Wheatfields
Udall Pit Number Two Rudd Knoll
Walker Creek Reservoir Walker Creek Reservoir
Walls Lake Ortega Mountain
Water Canyon Reservoir Eagar
Wheatfields Lake Upper Wheatfields
Whiskey Reservoir White Clay
White Mountain Reservoir Greens Peak
White Water Reservoir Round Rock
Wild Cow Lake Wild Cow Lake
Wiregrass Lake Lyman Lake SW
Woods Lake Lyman Lake SW
Zion Reservoir Zion Reservoir

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Apache County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Apache County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.