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Apache County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Apache County

Place USGS Topo Map
Agua Sal Creek Fire Dance Mesa
Alamo Wash Salado
Auger Creek Nutrioso
Badger Creek Hawley Lake West
Bar H Creek Horseshoe Cienega
Battleground Creek Maverick
Bear Cienega Creek Horseshoe Cienega
Bear Creek Maverick
Beaver Dam Wash Potter Mesa Tank
Becker Creek Greens Peak
Benny Creek Greer
Benton Creek Eagar
Big Hollow Wash Zion Reservoir
Bill Riley Creek Greer
Bis Ii Ah Wash Beautiful Valley Well
Black Creek Houck
Black Soil Wash Oak Creek Mountain
Blackhorse Creek Boiling Over Well
Blackrock Wash Horse Mesa
Bluff Cienega Creek Maverick
Bob Thomas Creek Luna Lake
Bog Creek McNary
Boggy Creek Hoodoo Knoll
Boggy Creek Marshall Butte
Boneyard Creek Buffalo Crossing
Bonito Creek Window Rock
Brown Creek Horseshoe Cienega
Brown Wash Wild Cow Lake
Brown Wash Boundary Butte
Buell Wash Fort Defiance
Bull Creek Odart Mountain
Burnt Corral Creek West Poker Mountain
Burro Creek Big Lake North
Butterfly Creek Bonito Rock
Cane Valley Garnet Ridge
Canovas Creek Loco Knoll
Canyon Creek Alpine
Carnero Creek Lyman Lake
Carrizo Wash Zion Reservoir
Cedar Lake Wash Cedar Lake Wash
Centerfire Creek Hoodoo Knoll
Chimney Wash Salado
Cienega Creek Corn Creek
Cienega Creek Window Rock
Cienega Creek Hawley Lake West
Cienega Creek Alpine
Cienega Creek Escudilla Mountain
Cold Spring Wash Fort Defiance
Colter Creek Nutrioso
Concho Creek Stinking Springs
Coon Creek Hawley Lake West
Corn Creek Bonito Prairie
Cove Wash Horse Mesa
Coyote Creek Lyman Lake
Coyote Creek Hawley Lake West
Coyote Creek Buffalo Crossing
Coyote Wash White Clay
Crazy Creek Navajo South
Crooked Creek Marshall Butte
Crystal Creek White Clay
Davis Creek Nelson Reservoir
Dead Wash Adamana
Deep Creek Corn Creek Plateau
Deer Creek Buffalo Crossing
Deer Springs Creek Piney Hill
Dry Creek Maverick SW
Dry Farm Wash Cow Butte
Duke Creek Bonito Rock
E L C Creek Escudilla Mountain
Earl Creek Hawley Lake East
East Fork Black River Buffalo Crossing
East Fork Dry Creek Adamana
East Fork Little Colorado River Greer
Ess Creek Maverick
Fish Creek Greer
Flash Creek Marshall Butte
Gomez Creek McNary
Gooseberry Creek McNary
Grapevine Creek Eagar
Greasewood Wash Bad Bug Butte
Hall Creek Greer
Hardscrabble Wash Cedar Lake Wash
Hasbidito Creek Little Round Rock
Hay Creek Big Lake South
Home Creek Big Lake South
Horse Creek Buffalo Crossing
Horse Mesa Creek Horse Mesa
Horseshoe Creek Horseshoe Cienega
Hosteen Tso Wash Garnet Ridge
Hughey Creek Bonito Rock
Hulsey Creek Nutrioso
Hurricane Creek Bonito Rock
Jackson Creek Luna Lake
Jarvis Wash Kearn Lake
K L Creek Corn Creek
Kinlichee Creek Kinlichee
Kit Sili Wash Walker Butte
Laguna Creek Mexican Water
Lang Creek Greer
Lily Creek Escudilla Mountain
Little Bog Creek Horseshoe Cienega
Little Bonito Creek Corn Creek
Little Creek Luna Lake
Little Diamond Creek Hawley Lake West
Little Milky Wash Little Milky Wash
Lizard Wash Lukachukai
Lofer Cienega Creek Marshall Butte
Lone Pine Creek McNary
Lukachukai Creek Dancing Rocks
Mamie Creek Escudilla Mountain
McDonald Creek Freezeout Mountain
Meadow Wash Ceadro Spring SE
Milk Creek Maverick
Milk Creek Nutrioso
Milligan Creek Nelson Reservoir
Mineral Creek Concho Lake
Moon Creek Hawley Lake East
Morrison Creek Escudilla Mountain
Nazlini Creek Beautiful Valley Well
Ninemile Wash Adamana
No Name Creek McNary
North Fork Black River Big Lake North
North Fork Diamond Creek Hawley Lake East
North Fork East Fork Black River Buffalo Crossing
Nutrioso Creek Springerville
Oak Creek Oak Creek Mountain
Ord Creek Greens Peak
Pace Creek Maness Peak
Pacheta Creek Maverick
Paddy Creek Maverick SW
Paddy Creek Nutrioso
Palisade Creek Lower Wheatfields
Paradise Creek Horseshoe Cienega
Peasoup Creek Bonito Rock
Perry Creek Corn Creek
Picnic Creek Springerville
Pine Springs Wash Schnebly Well
Pine Wash Horse Mesa
Piney Hill Creek Fort Defiance
Pistol Creek Hawley Lake West
Poker Gap Creek West Poker Mountain
Porcupine Creek Hawley Lake East
Pulcifer Creek Boundary Butte
Reservation Creek Hoodoo Knoll
Riggs Creek Nelson Reservoir
Rock Creek Corn Creek Plateau
Rosey Creek Greer
Rudd Creek Nelson Reservoir
Ruin Wash Kinlichee
Ruins Wash Sunrise Springs
Sage House Wash Red Clay Wash
Sand Creek McNary
Scattered Willow Wash East of Kinlichee
Sepulveda Creek Vernon
Seven Springs Wash Potter Mesa Tank
Sharp Creek Maverick SW
Sheep Dip Creek Many Farms
Slide Creek McNary
Smith Creek Greens Peak
Snake Creek Greens Peak
Snow Stake Creek Hawley Lake East
Snowshoe Creek Hawley Lake East
Soldier Creek Horseshoe Cienega
South Fork Bonito Creek Fort Defiance
South Fork Little Colorado River Greer
Spud Creek Maverick
Squaw Creek Marshall Butte
Standing Redrock Creek Red Valley
Star Creek Hawley Lake East
Stone Creek Luna Lake
Sun Creek Hawley Lake East
Sweater Creek West Poker Mountain
Sweetwater Wash Walker Butte
Tah Chee Wash Blue Gap
Teds Wash Agate House
Ten of Diamonds Creek Maverick SW
Thompson Creek Big Lake North
Tiis Ndiitsooi Wash Mud Spring
Tohache Wash Yellow Rock Point East
Tohotso Creek Bad Bug Butte
Tonto Creek Corn Creek
Trout Creek McNary
Tsaile Creek Tsaile
Tse Deeshzhaai Wash Mud Spring
Turkey Creek Alpine
Turkey Creek Alpine
Tyende Creek Mexican Water SW
Vernon Creek Boundary Butte
Vigil Run Lyman Lake
Walker Creek Mexican Water
Walton Creek Hawley Lake West
Water Canyon Creek Eagar
Watts Creek Nelson Reservoir
West Fork Black Creek Uranium Spring
West Fork Black River Buffalo Crossing
West Fork Little Colorado River Greer
West Gypsum Creek Rooster Rock
West Turkey Creek Bonito Prairie
Wheatfields Creek Lower Wheatfields
Whiskey Creek White Clay
White Clay Spring Wash Fort Defiance
Wild Cow Wash Little Milky Wash
Wildcat Creek Cerro Hueco
Wildcat Creek Hoodoo Knoll
Williams Creek McNary
Willow Creek Elwood Canyon
Willow Spring Wash Walker Creek Reservoir
Woods Creek Nelson Reservoir
Zuni River Potter Mesa Tank

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Apache County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Apache County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.