Coconino County Fishing Lakes

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Lakes in Coconino County

Place USGS Topo Map
A One Lake Flagstaff West
Alder Lake Porcupine Ridge
Allen Lake Squaw Mountain
Als Lake Ashurst Lake
Andys Pothole Happy Jack
Antelope Lake Kinnikinick Lake
Ashurst Lake Ashurst Lake
Aspen Lake O W Point
Atherton Lake Bellemont
Babbitt Lake Chapel Mountain
Baker Lake Pine
Barber Lake C.C. Cragin Reservoir
Bear Canyon Lake Knoll Lake
Bear Lake Kanabownits Spring
Beasley Lake S P Mountain
Bentonite Reservoir Buck Pasture Canyon
Big Fill Lake Flagstaff East
Big Reservoir Blue Moon Reservoir
Big Ridge Apron Jacob Lake
Bismarck Lake Humphreys Peak
Black Spot Reservoir Tatahatso Point
Blue Clay Reservoir Emmett Hill
Blue Lake Whirlwind Rock
Blue Moon Reservoir Blue Moon Reservoir
Boot Lake Kinnikinick Lake
Breezy Lake Mormon Lake
Buck Lake Warm Springs Canyon
Buck Wildlife Guzzler Davenport Hill
Burro Apron Cooper Ridge
C Lake Howard Spring
C.C. Cragin Reservoir C.C. Cragin Reservoir
Cable Guzzler Moritz Ridge
Calloway Lake Calloway Butte
Canyon Diablo Reservoir Meteor Crater
Carr Lake Woods Canyon
Castle Lake King Arthur Castle
Cataract Lake Williams North
Cedar Ridge Reservoir White Sage Flat
Chevelon Canyon Lake Weimer Point
City Reservoir Williams South
Clintons Pool Turkey Mountain
Coconino Lake Ashurst Lake
Coffee Lake Kanabownits Spring
Corbett Dam Reservoir Red Butte
Corner Lake Meteor Crater
Corner Lake Kinnikinick Lake
Corner Rock Reservoir Shinumo Altar
Corral Lake Big Springs
Cougar Lake De Motte Park
Cow Lake Kinnikinick Lake
Crane Lake Telephone Hill
Crater Lake Chavez Mountain West
Crater Lake Wing Mountain
Crater Lake Kendrick Peak
Crusher Sink Mountainaire
Curve Reservoir Blue Moon Reservoir
Cutler Pockets Wildlife Apron Le Fevre Ridge
Davenport Lake Sitgreaves Mountain
Daze Lake Hay Lake
Deep Lake Ashurst Lake
Deer Lake Porcupine Ridge
Deer Lake De Motte Park
Dog Knobs Lake Dog Knobs
Dog Lake Dog Point
Dogtown Reservoir Williams South
Dry Lake Flagstaff West
Dry Lake Long Valley
Dry Lake Moritz Ridge
Dry Lake Sitgreaves Mountain
Dry Park Lakes De Motte Park
Duck Lake Sitgreaves Mountain
Ducksnest Lake Mormon Lake
Dude Lake Dane Canyon
Dudley Lake Porcupine Ridge
Eagle Nest Reservoir Cedar Ridge
East Lake Telephone Hill
East Side Apron Toothpick Ridge
Ebert Guzzler Ebert Mountain
Elaine Lake Flagstaff East
Everett Guzzler Ebert Mountain
Fay Lake Moritz Ridge
Field Dam Mount Floyd
First Reservoir Cedar Ridge
Fish and Game Hay Lake
Fisher and Fry Lake Lower Lake Mary
Fivemile Lake Pine
Fivemile Lake Porcupine Ridge
Flagstaff City Reservoirs Flagstaff West
Foxboro Lake Munds Park
Fracas Lake Jacob Lake
Franks Lake Telephone Hill
Franks Reservoir Buck Pasture Canyon
Frog Pool Matterhorn
Frog Pool May Tank Pocket
Fry Lake Dutton Hill
Fulton Canyon Hutch Mountain
Glenn Lakes Telephone Hill
Gonzalez Lake Williams North
Government Hole Parks
Government Reservoir Cooper Ridge
Greenland Lake Walhalla Plateau
Hades Lake Little Park Lake
Hay Lake Hay Lake
Hidden Lake Le Fevre Ridge
Hidden Lake O W Point
Hidden Lake Apron Warm Springs Canyon
Holden Lake Williams North
Hole Reservoir Bodaway Mesa
Hopi Reservoir Moenkopi
Horse Hill Wildlife Guzzler Davenport Hill
Horse Lake Bishop Lake
Horse Lake Garland Prairie
Horse Lake Squaw Mountain
Horse Lake Ashurst Lake
Horse Reservoir Blue Moon Reservoir
Horse Trap Lake O W Point
Horse Trap Sink Dutton Hill
Horseshoe Lake Knoll Lake
Horseshoe Reservoir Tatahatso Point
Howard Lake Howard Lake
Huff Reservoir Red Butte
Humphrey Lake Flagstaff East
Ice Pond Williams South
Indian Lake Ashurst Lake
Indian Lake De Motte Park
Jacob Canyon Apron Warm Springs Canyon
Jacob Lake O W Point
Jacob Lake Jacob Lake
Jacob Reservoir Jacob Lake
Jacobs Pool Emmett Hill
JD Dam Lake White Horse Lake
Joes Mud Hole Telephone Hill
Joes Reservoir Cooper Ridge
Johnson Reservoir Muggins Flat
Kaibab Lake Williams North
Kinnikinick Lake Kinnikinick Lake
Klostermeyer Lake S P Mountain
Knoll Lake Knoll Lake
Ladder Reservoir Coyote Buttes
Laguna Lake Prospect Point
Lake Mary Bitter Springs
Lake Number Four Knoll Lake
Lake Number One Lower Lake Mary
Lake One Woods Canyon
Lake Powell Warm Creek Bay
Lake Three Woods Canyon
Lake Two O W Point
Lambs Lake Warm Springs Canyon
Leach Reservoir Coyote Buttes
Little Dry Lake Lower Lake Mary
Little Park Lake Little Park Lake
Little Red Lake Rose Well Camp East
Little Reservoir Shinarump Point
Lockett Lake Grandview Point
Lon Stringfield Iron Springs
Lone Tree Pothole Grandview Point NE
Lone Tree Reservoir Coyote Buttes
Lonesome Lake O W Point
Long Lake Kinnikinick Lake
Long Lake Chavez Mountain West
Long Tree Pothole Grandview Point NE
Lookout Lakes De Motte Park
Lost Lake Sycamore Point
Lost Lake Dane Canyon
Lower Lake Mary Lower Lake Mary
Lower Reservoir Wrather Arch
Lower Saginaw Reservoir Williams South
Maries Reservoir Coyote Buttes
Marshall Lake Lower Lake Mary
Masonry Number Two Reservoir Ash Fork
Maureen Lake Flagstaff East
McClure Lake Long Valley
McDermit Lake Kinnikinick Lake
McLellan Reservoir McLellan Reservoir
Middle Reservoir Wrather Arch
Middle Reservoir Coyote Buttes
Mile-and-a-half Lake Telephone Hill
Mineral Lake Davenport Hill
Montezuma Lake Bishop Lake
Moonlight Bay Reservoir Rock Station
Moritz Lake Moritz Ridge
Mormon Lake Mormon Lake
Morton Lake Kinnikinick Lake
Mosquito Lake O W Point
Moss Lake O W Point
Mud Lake Tucker Mesa SW
Mud Lake Kinnikinick Lake
Mud Lake Warm Springs Canyon
Muggins Reservoir Muggins Flat
Murrays Lake Jacob Lake
Myrtle Lake Dane Canyon
Nelson Lake O W Point
Oakie Hole Molly Ann Draw
Odell Lake Munds Park
Old Arizona Catchment Buck Pasture Canyon
Oquer Lake Telephone Hill
Ott Lake Sycamore Point
Palomino Lake Woods Canyon
Pasture Canyon Reservoir Tuba City
Patrick Pond O W Point
Paw Hole Coyote Buttes
Perry Lake Mormon Lake
Peterson Seepage Lower Lake Mary
Petes Water Haul Sedona
Pickett Lake Ashurst Lake
Pine Lake Kinnikinick Lake
Pine Reservoir Tanner Well
Pine Tree Reservoir Bodaway Mesa
Pinto Lake O W Point
Pocket Lake White Horse Lake
Post Lake Ashurst Lake
Potato Lake Ashurst Lake
Potato Lake Kehl Ridge
Potholes Red Butte
Potters Hole National Tank
Pratt Reservoir Shinarump Point
Prime Lake Lower Lake Mary
Prong Lake Kendrick Peak
Quarry Sink Mountainaire
Rabbit Lake Moritz Ridge
Raymond Lake Moritz Ridge
Red Dike Pond Little Harpo Canyon
Red Lake Rose Well Camp East
Red Lake Howard Mesa
Red Lake Chavez Mountain West
Red Mesa Reservoir Explosive Rock
Red Reservoir Nankoweap Mesa
Reservoir Number One Bellemont
Reservoir Number Three Bellemont
Reservoir Number Two Bellemont
Rock Canyon Reservoir Clear Water Spring
Rock Canyon Reservoir Buck Pasture Canyon
Rock Lake Pothole Grandview Point NE
Rogers Lake Bellemont
Saginaw Sink Mountainaire
Salmon Lake Buckhorn Mountain
Salt Reservoir Shinumo Altar
Santa Fe Reservoir Williams South
Scholz Lake Davenport Hill
Second Reservoir Shinumo Altar
Shearing Corral Reservoir Coyote Buttes
Shearing Shed Reservoir Buck Pasture Canyon
Slate Lakes Kendrick Peak
Smith Lake Williams North
Smoot Lake Squaw Mountain
Snipe Lake Telephone Hill
Soldier Annex Lake Chavez Mountain West
Soldier Lake Chavez Mountain West
South Oak Apron Warm Springs Canyon
Spooks Knoll Reservoir Clear Water Spring
Steel Crater Ash Fork
Steel Dam Reservoir Ash Fork
Stone Lake Mount Floyd
Stoneman Lake Stoneman Lake
Summit Valley Wildlife Apron Buck Pasture Canyon
Swamp Lake King Arthur Castle
Tanque Piedra Sitgreaves Mountain
Three Lakes Jacob Lake
Threemile Lake Williams North
Tillman Water Catchment Grama Draw
To Kla Daa Aakee Pond White Water Tank
Toh Ha Ha Clah Bat Spring
Tolani Lakes Newberry Mesa
Tremaine Lake Chavez Mountain West
Tub A Tin House
Tub B Rose Well Camp West
Tub Five East of S P Mountain
Tub Number One Rose Well Camp West
Tub Number One White Horse Hills
Tub Number Three Rose Well Camp West
Tub Number Three White Horse Hills
Tub Number Two Rose Well Camp West
Tub Number Two White Horse Hills
Tule Lake Bishop Lake
Twentynine Mile Lake Pine
Twentyseven Mile Lake Calloway Butte
Twin Lakes Grandview Point
Two Mile Reservoir House Rock Spring
Upper Lake Mary Ashurst Lake
Upper Saginaw Reservoir Williams South
V T Lake De Motte Park
Vail Lake Lower Lake Mary
Victory Lake S P Mountain
Walker Lake White Horse Hills
Wall Lake Kanabownits Spring
Wallace Lake Mormon Lake
Warm Springs Lake Warm Springs Canyon
Water under the Rock Pond Goldtooth
Watson Lake Howard Spring
Weed Reservoir Shinumo Altar
West Lake Sowats Spring
Wet Weather Seep Cooper Ridge
Wheat Tub Rose Well Camp West
White Horse Lake White Horse Lake
Wildlife Guzzler Moritz Ridge
Wildlife Guzzler Moritz Ridge
Willie Apron Big Springs
Willow Springs Lake O W Point
Willow Valley Lake Turkey Mountain
Winter Road Catchment Buck Pasture Canyon
Woods Canyon Lake Woods Canyon
Yaeger Lake Kinnikinick Lake
Youngs Lake Ashurst Lake

Above is a map and a list of the lakes in Coconino County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a lake name that is duplicated within Coconino County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.