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Gila County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Gila County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Creek Cassadore Spring
Alder Creek Mazatzal Peak
Alpine Creek Bronco Gulch
Amos Wash Forks Butte
Ash Creek Tonto Basin
Ash Creek Picacho Colorado
Ash Creek McFadden Peak
Ash Creek Payson North
Ash Spring Wash Globe
Ashurst Creek Gentry Mountain
Banning Wash Sombrero Peak
Banty Creek Georges Butte
Barnes Wash Salt River Peak
Bear Creek Gisela
Bear Creek Sontag Mesa
Bear Creek Aztec Peak
Beaver Creek Beckers Butte
Big Cherry Creek Armer Mountain
Billy Lawrence Creek McFadden Peak
Black Mountain Wash Gisela
Black River Forks Butte
Blackjack Wash Haystack Butte
Blevens Wash Salt River Peak
Bonita Creek Diamond Point
Boone Moore Wash Gisela
Braddock Creek Meddler Wash
Bray Creek Kehl Ridge
Brody Creek Payson North
Bronco Creek Pinyon Mountain
Buckhorn Creek Theodore Roosevelt Dam
Buena Vista Creek Kayler Butte
Bumblebee Creek Greenback Creek
Butcher Creek Payson North
Butte Creek Picacho Colorado
Calf Creek Forks Butte
Callahan Creek North Peak
Cammerman Wash Cammerman Wash
Campbell Creek Rock House
Canyon Creek Wet Bottom Mesa
Canyon Creek Picacho Colorado
Carrizo Creek Carrizo SE
Cassadore Creek Natural Corral
Cave Creek Cone Butte
Cedar Creek Carrizo SE
Cellar Creek Armer Mountain
Center Creek Mazatzal Peak
Chalk Creek Dagger Peak
Champion Creek Dourine Canyon
Chase Creek Kehl Ridge
Cherry Creek Dagger Peak
Cherry Creek Payson North
China Spring Creek McFadden Peak
Christopher Creek Promontory Butte
Chukar Wash Pinyon Mountain
Cibecue Creek Mule Hoof Bend
Cienega Creek Mule Hoof Bend
City Creek North Peak
Clover Creek Wet Bottom Mesa
Clover Wash Gisela
Connor Wash Windy Hill
Coon Creek Dagger Peak
Cooper Forks Sombrero Peak
Corduroy Creek Carrizo
Corral Creek Reno Pass
Corral Creek Sevenmile Mountains
Cottonwood Creek Wet Bottom Mesa
Cottonwood Creek Tonto Basin
Cottonwood Creek Kayler Butte
Cottonwood Wash Windy Hill
Cow Creek Parallel Canyon
Crouch Creek Young
Dagger Wash Windy Hill
Deep Creek Sombrero Peak
Deep Creek McFadden Peak
Deer Creek Gisela
Deer Creek Forks Butte
Deer Creek Georges Butte
Deer Creek Aztec Peak
Deer Spring Creek Round Top Mountain
Del Shay Creek Gisela
Delaware Wash North Peak
Dennis Creek North Peak
DeVore Wash Salt River Peak
Dick Spring Creek Coolidge Dam
Dick Williams Creek Promontory Butte
Dinner Creek Buzzard Roost Mesa
Dripping Spring Wash Christmas
Dry Creek Dagger Peak
Dry Creek Oxbow Mountain
Dry Dude Creek Kehl Ridge
Dry Pocket Wash McDonald Mountain
Dry Wash Mineral Creek Pinal Ranch
Dude Creek Kehl Ridge
Eads Wash Salt River Peak
East Bray Creek Kehl Ridge
East Cedar Creek Cedar Creek
East Fork Horton Creek Promontory Butte
East Spear Creek McFadden Peak
East Verde River Verde Hot Springs
Ellison Creek Oak Creek Ranch
Ellison Creek Payson North
Fossil Creek Verde Hot Springs
Fox Gulch Sycamore Creek Theodore Roosevelt Dam
Fuller Creek Diamond Point
G Wash Cone Butte
Gentry Creek Gentry Mountain
Georges Basin Creek Velasquez Butte
Gerald Wash Globe
Gibson Creek Payson South
Gilson Wash San Carlos
Goat Camp Creek Wet Bottom Mesa
Gold Creek Kayler Butte
Gold Creek McFadden Peak
Gordon Canyon Creek Oxbow Mountain
Green Valley Creek McDonald Mountain
Greenback Creek Tonto Basin
Griffin Wash Meddler Wash
Gun Creek Kayler Butte
H-Z Wash Salt River Peak
Hackberry Creek Theodore Roosevelt Dam
Haigler Creek Diamond Butte
Hardt Creek Kayler Butte
Haufer Wash Kayler Butte
Hess Creek Haystack Butte
Hicks Wash Rockinstraw Mountain
Hill Creek North Peak
Hinton Creek Sombrero Peak
Honey Creek Aztec Peak
Horse Camp Creek Aztec Peak
Horse Tank Creek McFadden Peak
Horseshoe Bend Wash Rockinstraw Mountain
Horton Creek Promontory Butte
House Creek North Peak
Houston Creek Payson South
Houston Creek Cypress Butte
Hunter Creek Promontory Butte
Indian Creek Velasquez Butte
Lambing Creek Tonto Basin
Lawrence Creek Dagger Peak
Lewis Creek Diamond Point
Little Campaign Creek Salt River Peak
Little Cherry Creek Armer Mountain
Little Trough Creek Carrizo SE
Little Turkey Creek Copper Mountain
Lost Mule Creek Georges Butte
Mail Creek Kehl Ridge
Marsh Creek Diamond Butte
McCormick Wash Globe
McFadden Creek Aztec Peak
McMillen Wash Globe
Meddler Wash Meddler Wash
Medicine Creek Picacho Colorado
Mescal Creek Mescal Warm Spring
Methodist Creek Theodore Roosevelt Dam
Miami Wash Globe
Middle Cedar Creek Cedar Creek
Mineral Creek North Peak
Moore Creek Diamond Point
Moore Wash North Peak
Mud Springs Wash Dagger Peak
Mule Creek O W Point
Murphy Wash Inspiration
Murray Wash Rockinstraw Mountain
Nail Creek Meddler Wash
Nash Creek Velasquez Butte
Natural Corral Creek Natural Corral
Needle Creek Pinal Ranch
Negro Wash Rockinstraw Mountain
New Creek Cassadore Spring
North Alder Creek Cassadore Spring
North Fork Cooper Forks Sombrero Peak
North Fork Parker Creek Aztec Peak
North Sycamore Creek Kehl Ridge
Nugget Wash Globe
Oak Creek Tonto Basin
Oak Creek Meddler Wash
Oak Creek Natural Corral
Oak Creek Double Buttes
P B Creek McFadden Peak
Packard Wash Kayler Butte
Packing Horse Creek Forks Butte
Park Creek Tonto Basin
Park Creek Copper Mountain
Parker Creek Windy Hill
Perley Creek Diamond Point
Pigeon Creek Sheep Basin Mountain
Pinal Creek Salt River Peak
Pine Creek North Peak
Pine Creek Oxbow Mountain
Pineasco Creek Forks Butte
Pinto Creek Meddler Wash
Pioneer Creek El Capitan Mountain
Pocket Creek Aztec Peak
Poison Springs Wash Salt River Peak
Priebe Creek Velasquez Butte
Pringle Wash Dagger Peak
Quail Springs Wash Salt River Peak
Ramboz Wash Cutter
Ranch Creek Cutter
Redmond Wash Dagger Peak
Reno Creek Tonto Basin
Reynolds Creek Armer Mountain
Rock Creek Theodore Roosevelt Dam
Rock Creek Cypress Butte
Rock Creek North Peak
Rock Creek Buzzard Roost Mesa
Rock House Creek Double Buttes
Rocky Creek Cassadore Spring
Rose Creek Aztec Peak
Rye Creek Gisela
Sag Creek Sontag Mesa
Saint Johns Creek North Peak
Salome Creek Copper Mountain
San Carlos River San Carlos Reservoir
Sand Wash Gisela
Sawmill Creek Beckers Butte
Scanlon Wash Inspiration
Schoolhouse Wash Windy Hill
Sevenmile Wash San Carlos
Sharp Creek Woods Canyon
Sheep Wash Sombrero Peak
Shute Springs Creek Salt River Peak
Silver Creek Hayden
Skunk Camp Wash Hot Tamale Peak
Slate Creek Kayler Butte
Sloan Creek Double Buttes
Soldier Camp Creek McDonald Mountain
Soldier Camp Wash Sombrero Peak
Soldier Creek Picacho Colorado
Sontag Creek Sontag Creek
South Fork Cooper Forks Sombrero Peak
South Fork Deer Creek Mazatzal Peak
South Fork Parker Creek Aztec Peak
Spring Branch Cutter
Spring Creek Two Bar Mountain
Spring Creek McDonald Mountain
Spring Creek Cibecue Peak
Spring Creek Promontory Butte
Stewart Creek McDonald Mountain
Stone Cabin Wash Hot Tamale Peak
Strawberry Creek Strawberry
Swamp Creek Parallel Canyon
Sycamore Creek Tonto Basin
Sycamore Creek Natural Corral
Sycamore Creek El Capitan Mountain
Sycamore Creek Payson North
Sycamore Wash Gisela
Tank Creek Windy Hill
Tinhorn Wash Globe
Tonto Creek Theodore Roosevelt Dam
Tulapai Creek Mescal Warm Spring
Turkey Creek Copper Mountain
Turkey Creek Young
Turkey Creek Chiricahua Butte
Turkey Creek Copper Mountain
Walnut Creek Meddler Wash
Walnut Creek Tonto Basin
Walnut Creek Buzzard Roost Mesa
Walnut Creek Young
Warm Creek Meddler Wash
Webber Creek Payson North
West Cedar Creek Cedar Creek
West Fork Oak Creek Sombrero Peak
West Prong Gentry Creek Gentry Mountain
West Webber Creek Kehl Ridge
Wet Bottom Creek Wet Bottom Mesa
White River Forks Butte
Wildcat Creek Salt River Peak
Willow Creek Double Buttes
Wilson Creek McFadden Peak
Wood Springs Wash Rockinstraw Mountain
Workman Creek Copper Mountain
Zulu Wash North Peak

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Gila County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Gila County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.