Greenlee County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Greenlee County

Place USGS Topo Map
Alder Creek Fritz Canyon
Antelope Creek Harden Cienega
Apache Creek Sheldon
Ash Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Auger Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Bear Creek Fritz Canyon
Beaver Creek Hannagan Meadow
Beeler Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Benton Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Bitter Creek Sheldon
Blue River Dix Creek
Buckelew Creek Beaverhead
Bull Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Burro Wash Duncan
Bush Creek Blue
C A Bar Creek York
Campbell Blue Creek Maness Peak
Castle Creek Beaverhead
Cat Creek Maness Peak
Cave Creek Mitchell Peak
Centerfire Creek Maness Peak
Chase Creek Clifton
Cienega Creek Fritz Canyon
Clear Creek Fritz Canyon
Coal Creek Dix Creek
Cold Creek York
Coleman Creek Beaverhead
Conklin Creek Hoodoo Knoll
Corduroy Creek Hannagan Meadow
Cottonwood Creek York
Coyote Wash Duncan
Crabtree Creek Robinson Mesa
Deerhead Creek Coronado Mountain
Dix Creek Dix Creek
Double Cienega Creek Hannagan Meadow
Dromedary Creek York
Dry Prong Creek Robinson Mesa
Dutch Blue Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Eagle Creek Gila Box
East Eagle Creek Robinson Mesa
Fall Creek Maness Peak
Fish Creek Hoodoo Knoll
Fishhook Creek Bear Mountain
Foote Creek Bear Mountain
Grant Creek Bear Mountain
Greaser Wash York
Hagen Creek Hannagan Meadow
Hannagan Creek Beaverhead
Hannah Springs Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Harden Cienega Creek Dix Creek
Harris Wash Sheldon
Heifer Branch Beaver Creek Hannagan Meadow
Horton Creek Hannagan Meadow
Indian Creek Harden Cienega
Juan Miller Creek Fritz Canyon
Kaywood Wash Sheldon
King Creek Clifton
Knight Creek Coronado Mountain
KP Creek Bear Mountain
Largo Creek Bear Mountain
Left Prong Dix Creek Dix Creek
Linden Creek York
Little Blue Creek Fritz Canyon
Little Sand Wash Sheldon
Little Strayhorse Creek Rose Peak
Lop Ear Creek York
Lyda Creek Rattlesnake Spring
McKittrick Creek Bear Mountain
Middle Prong Creek Robinson Mesa
Noland Creek Maness Peak
North Bull Creek Dutch Blue Creek
North Corral Creek Bee Canyon
North Fork Bear Wallow Creek Baldy Bill Point
Oak Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Owl Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Panther Creek Bear Mountain
Pat Creek Dix Creek
Pigeon Creek Fritz Canyon
Pipestem Creek Pipestem Mountain
Railroad Wash Duncan
Rainville Wash Duncan
Raspberry Creek Bear Mountain
Right Fork Foote Creek Beaverhead
Right Prong Dix Creek Dix Creek
Rousensock Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Salt House Creek Baldy Bill Point
San Francisco River Guthrie
Sand Wash Sheldon
Sanders Wash Sheldon
Sandia Wash Sheldon
Sardine Creek Dix Creek
Sheep Wash Bee Canyon
Silver Basin Creek Clifton
Silver Creek Mitchell Peak
Sixshooter Creek Harden Cienega
Skully Creek York
Snake Creek Hoodoo Knoll
South Fork Bear Wallow Creek Baldy Bill Point
Squaw Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Steeple Creek Bear Mountain
Stove Wash Sheldon
Strayhorse Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Thomas Creek Dutch Blue Creek
Thomas Creek Hannagan Meadow
Turkey Creek Maness Peak
Turkey Creek Pipestem Mountain
Tutt Creek Maness Peak
Wampoo Wash York
Waters Wash Sheldon
Wet Prong Creek Robinson Mesa
White Mule Creek Big Lue Mountains
Whitefield Wash Duncan
Whitewater Creek Coronado Mountain
Willow Creek York
Willow Creek Tillie Hall Peak
Willow Creek Hannagan Meadow

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Greenlee County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Greenlee County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.