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Navajo County Fishing Streams

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Streams in Navajo County

Place USGS Topo Map
Bagnal Wash Aripine
Bear Creek Oak Creek Ranch
Bear Flat Creek Alchesay Flat
Beshbito Wash Tsin Naan Tee
Bidahochi Wash Five Buttes
Big Bonito Creek Elwood Canyon
Billy Creek Lakeside
Billy Wash Rotten Bananas Butte
Blairs Spring Wash Blairs Spring
Bluebird Canyon Wash Sun Altar
Brown Creek Silver Springs
Buckskin Wash Heber
Bull Cienega Creek Indian Pine
Bull Creek Alchesay Flat
Burnt Corn Wash Echo Canyon
C One Wash Cibecue
Canyon Creek Brookbank Point
Chevelon Creek Hibbard
Clear Creek Clear Creek Reservoir
Colbath Wash Pinedale
Concho Flat Wash Snowflake
Cottonwood Wash Winslow
Cottonwood Wash Hay Hollow
Cottonwood Wash Snowflake
Cutfoot Wash Segihatsosi Canyon
Day School Wash Cibecue
Day Wash Big Pug Tank
Decker Wash Zeniff
Diamond Creek Alchesay Flat
Digger Wash Hennessy Buttes
Dodson Wash Cactus Flat
Dry Creek Carrizo Butte
East Fork Cottonwood Wash Clay Springs
East Fork White River Whiteriver
East Twin Wash Carrizo Butte
East Washboard Wash Porter Canyon
El Capitan Wash Boot Mesa
Fern Feather Wash Rincon Ranch
Firebox Creek Corn Creek Plateau
Fivemile Wash Holbrook
Forestdale Creek Long Tom Canyon
Ha-whi-yalin Wash Egloffstein Butte
Hess Wash Outlaw Draw
Hog Wash Show Low North
Humpy Wash Humpy Camp Well
Jim Camp Wash Padilla Tank
Joseph City Wash Joseph City
Keams Canyon Wash Polacca
Leroux Wash Holbrook
Lithodendron Wash Carrizo Butte
Little Lithodendron Wash Carrizo Butte
Lukai Wash Egloffstein Butte
Manila Wash Apache Butte
Mesa Wash Joseph City
Mexican Hollow Wash Hay Hollow
Middle Fork Buckskin Wash Outlaw Draw
Middle Fork Bull Flat Canyon Brookbank Point
Milky Wash Little Milky Wash
Millet Swale Taylor
Morgan Wash Lakeside
Mud Creek Cibecue
North Fork White River Whiteriver
Parrish Creek Kayenta West
Petrified Creek Faught Ridge
Phoenix Park Wash Sheepskin Wash
Pierce Wash Red Knoll
Pine Creek Alchesay Flat
Pinedale Wash Pinedale
Porter Creek Lakeside
Potato Wash Twentymile Hill
Puerco River Sun Valley
Rock Creek Oak Creek Ranch
Rock Creek McCauley Sinks
Salt Creek Cibecue
Scott Wash Zeniff
Sheepskin Wash Sheepskin Wash
Show Low Creek Taylor
Silver Creek Tenmile Cedars
Squaw Wash Potato Wash NE
Stinson Wash Clay Springs
Talahogan Wash Snake Butte
Tanner Wash Joseph City
Tees Toh Wash Montezumas Chair
The Canal Snowflake
Thompson Creek Lakeside
Tse Chizzi Wash Echo Canyon
Turkey Creek Elwood Canyon
Twin Wash Carrizo Butte
V Eighteen Wash Cibecue
Walnut Creek Lakeside
Washboard Wash Woodruff
Wepo Wash Polacca
West Fork Bull Flat Canyon Chediski Peak
West Fork Cottonwood Wash Clay Springs
West Twin Wash Carrizo Butte
Wide Ruin Wash Chinde Mesa
Wildhorse Wash Kachina Point
Willow Creek Chediski Peak
Willow Wash Aripine
Winsor Wash Carrizo Butte

Above is a map and a list of the streams in Navajo County, . Many of these spots are open to public fishing. If you see a stream name that is duplicated within Navajo County, then try to narrow it down using the name of the USGS topo map which is usually a prominent place or city nearby.